In woman Austen’s ‘Pride and also Prejudice’, Lady Catherine De Burgh states that “There are couple of people in England, ns suppose, that have much more true enjoyment that music 보다 myself.” replace “music” v “duets” and the sentence might be uttered by no various other than Coldplay’s kris Martin. After ~ a 20-year career, Coldplay have had sufficient guests increase on stage, linked with Martin’s own cameos, come fill an entire concert setlist double over. The nicest male in rock loves nothing much more than share the limelight v others, even if it is they’re sector giants like Kylie Minogue, or his children, Apple and also Moses. Here’s the proof:

Who: Gwyneth PaltrowWhen: sometime in 2003Where: A friend’s weddingWhat happened: On the outer fringes that YouTube exist a shaky record of a Paltrow and also Martin duet at a friend’s wedding. Castle performed the song ‘Cruisin’’, taken native the Bruce Paltrow directed film Duets (2000). The pair performed the exact same track in march 2014, much less than three weeks prior to their “conscious uncoupling”, in ~ a advantage for your children’s school.

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Who: Richard AshcroftWhen: 2 July 2005Where: Live 8What happened:In 2005, Coldplay carry out the Live 8 concert in Hyde Park, and also invited The Verve frontman Richard Ashcroft, introduced by kris Martin as the “best singer in the world”, to join them onstage because that ‘Bittersweet Symphony’, “the ideal song ever before written”. The guest slot was such a success that Ashcroft was invite on Coldplay’s 2006 Twisted Logic tour as the band’s assistance act.

Who: Ricky GervaisWhen: 5 October 2006Where: ‘Extras’, the set of ‘When The whistle Blows’What happened:“It’s just Chris Martin from Coldplay!” Immortal words uttered by the fictitious Andy Millman, played by comedian Ricky Gervais. The martin cameo contains a feeling performance that ‘Fix You’, thwarted by the nasal twang of the curly haired sitcom character. Martin depicted himself as an egotistical self-promoter, wearing a Coldplay merch tee.

Who: Shane WarneWhen: in march 2009Where: Sydney stretch of the Vida La Vida tourWhat happened: A close girlfriend of kris Martin, the previous cricketer Shane Warne join the band to include some maracas come the monitor ‘Green Eyes’. Martin announced Warne together “probably the greatest cricket player of every time, most likely not the best percussionist, however anyway.”


Who: man FarnhamWhen: 14th in march 2009Where: Sound Relief in SydneyWhat happened: Shane Warne wasn’t Martin’s only guest top top the Australian Vida La Vida tour. The Australian popular music musician john Farnham triggered an audience-wide clap follow me for the anthemic classic ‘You’re The Voice’ together the penultimate monitor of the set. Prior to exiting the stage, Farnham dubbed the band “an remarkable bunch the fellas”.

Who: Simon PeggWhen: 15 April 2011Where: A London pubWhat happened: at the wake up of 2 of their friends who died within a main of one another, Pegg and also Martin performed at The Boogaloo in Highgate, thought to be the catalyst behind The Winchester in the Pegg film Shaun of The Dead. The pair perform ‘Green Eyes’, with Pegg ~ above harmonica. Simply 60 human being were in attendance.

One the the attendees, photographer Nick Pickles, claimed “the night felt less like a gig and an ext like a couple of friends messing roughly on guitars in ~ a house party.”

Pegg and Martin were also guest co-hosts top top Zane Lowe’s display on BBC Radio 1 in 2007.

Who: Rihanna and Jay-ZWhen: nine September 2012Where: Paralypics closeup of the door ceremony, LondonWhat happened: Arguably among Coldplay’s most legendary concerts to-date, the Paralympics closeup of the door ceremony observed the band perform 15 monitor to an 80,000 solid crowd. They were accompanied by Rihanna, pull in one orange jumpsuit, who entered the arena top top the earlier of a delivery model, and also performed their collaborative monitor ‘Princess the China’ for the crowd. The band was joined by Rihanna again for ‘Run This Town’ and also a re-worked ‘Paradise’, along with Jay-Z.

Who: Jay-ZWhen: 31 December 2012Where: The Coldplay ‘Holiday Party’ on new Year’s EveWhat happened: at the Coldplay ‘Holiday Party’ on new Year’s eve 2012/2013, the tape were join onstage by Gwyneth Paltrow (then married to chris Martin), Martin’s daughter Apple, Apple’s friend, and Jay-Z, top top the monitor ‘Lost+’ indigenous the ‘Prospekt’s march EP’. The band played the Barclays center in Brooklyn, house of the Brooklyn Nets, the basketball team own by Jay-Z. Plainly feeling the brand-new Year’s spirit, the rapper spent £250,000 on bar drinks over the food of the evening.

Who: Kylie MinogueWhen: 19 June 2014Where: Enmore Theatre, SydneyWhat happened: Coldplay commemorated a concert in Sydney in style with a guest performance by Kylie Minogue, the many iconic Australian musician of all time. Martin and also Minogue dueted ~ above ‘Can’t gain Your Outta mine Head’ in ~ their show at the Enmore Theatre in Newtown, before playing the Minogue and Nick cavern track ‘Where The Wild Roses Grow’. After the show, Kylie tweeted Coldplay come say “thank you because that the magic”:

Thank you because that the magic
coldplay. ?Such an honour to be onstage with you tonight!! ?

— Kylie Minogue (
kylieminogue) June 19, 2014

And lock of course changed the compliment:

Kylie simply took the roof turn off the enmore: where the wild roses thrive x can't get you the end of mine head. Pop aristocracy in the house. PH

— Coldplay?☀️ (
coldplay) June 19, 2014

Who: U2When: 1 December 2014Where: human being AIDS work (RED) Benefit, brand-new YorkWhat happened: chris Martin and also Bruce Springsteen stepped right into Bono’s pair of shoes to perform on his behalf following his bike injury in central Park. The Coldplay singer wore a T-shirt with the slogan “substitute”.

Who: Garrett HedlundWhen: 15 December 2014Where: Brunch in ~ the Fig and also Olive, LAWhat happened: at a promotion brunch because that the Angelina Jolie film ‘Unbroken’, certification Garrett Hedlund, the Coldplay frontman perform ‘Vida La Vida’ and also ‘Miracles’, a track he wrote for the movie. He joked with the audience about leaving a “tip jar” in ~ the front, saying attendees give “about $5” every song, so they could afford to make a sequel.

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He to be then join onstage by Hedlund to carry out the seasonal Irving Berlin tune, ‘White Christmas’. ~ Martin had actually sung the 2nd verse, Hedlund said that Martin’s rendition “was perfect”.

Who: BeckWhen: 8 February 2015Where: Grammy AwardsWhat happened: The pair performed ‘Heart Is A Drum’ from the album ‘Morning Phase’, which winner Album that the Year in ~ the awards ceremony the night.

Who: Ed SheeranWhen: 25 September 2015Where: Gillette stadion BostonWhat happened: Martin make a guest figure of his own once he appeared onstage in ~ Ed Sheeran’s display in Boston to duet with the singer on ‘Thinking out Loud’ and also Martin’s own song, ‘Yellow’. Sheeran prefaced the boy name appearance by describing how Coldplay had influenced him over the course of his childhood and also career. Sheeran thanked Martin for guesting, call the performance “epic”: