Rising nation star kris Lane take it a pit avoid on his present tour v the Rascal Flats come sit down v ABC News and also tell united state a tiny bit an ext about country’s freshest face and sound before the relax of his very anticipated album.

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And despite his visit may have actually only remained in hopes of recording a glimpse of Jojo Fletcher (he go not, unfortunately), the north Carolina native and “Fix” singer let united state in ~ above a couple of of the lesser-known things around him.

1. That didn’t flourish up dreaming of coming to be a nation singer.

As a child, kris Lane saw baseball cards quite than documents in his future.

“I flourished up playing football and also baseball, and also moved on to play university baseball and, you know, together a kid, mine dream to be to play expert baseball,” he told abc News. “And also when I got to university I assumed that’s what i would right now be doing, yet I had several knee surgeries that really pains my chances at that.”

With baseball out of the picture, lane moved earlier home after college and helped his dad v a landscaping business. But in the downtime indigenous his surgeries, and also with some catalyst from Keith Urban, he began playing about with the guitar and then singing.

His an initial band performed covers until, eventually, Lane made decision to provide writing a go.

“Over the year I determined to create my own music for the an initial time, and it turned right into all this,” the said. “It’s quite crazy.”

So also though his dream to become a professional athlete didn’t job-related out — he qualities his luck on the basketball court to the reality that “I’m choose 4’8” (he’s taller than that, because that the record) — it seems everything worked out for the best.

“Once I got into the music, ns realized the I had actually a enthusiasm for that that far outweighed what it to be for baseball.”

2. Fans periodically think they’re meeting him as soon as it is yes, really his the same twin brother.

Next time you tag kris Lane in a photo, you could want to double-check that it’s in reality him.

Lane has an identical twin brother, Cory, who also plays drums in his band.

“It’s really cool to begin something and to have him still be a component of it because that sure,” Lane stated of his brother. “And we have tendency to make every little thing a competition, whether its playing golf or whether its who deserve to run the fastest or who deserve to pick up the rock and throw it the the furthest — everything it may be.”

“It’s an excellent to have that still the end on the road and also just to have family out there,” the added.

But because that fans, that can gain a little bit tricky.

About a year ago, Cory was dying his hair to differentiate himself from his brother. But now, through the two having actually the exact same hair style and beard, there’s very little to aid the median fan tell castle apart.

“I probably gain tagged in 20, 30 picture a night of him speak ‘just met kris Lane!’” the singer admits v a laugh. “I’m like, ‘Well, i guess I’m reaching an ext people that method but …’”

3. He is a real people person.

There’s one thing that becomes instantly clear as soon as you sit down through Lane (aside from his aptitude because that skinny jeans) — the absolutely loves talking to people.

In fact, connecting with human being is one of his favourite things around touring.

“When I very first started together a cover tape I developed everything based on hanging out every night after the shows and talking to as many world as i can and also making relationships,” that told us. “And I continue to carry out the same precise thing to this day, I typical I still perform meet-and-greets after ~ my set on Rascal Flats tour, every little thing it may be. Just to accomplish as many people as possible.”

His propensity for schmoozing is something he inherits from his dad.

“He will talk come anybody and everybody and also I often tend to do the exact same thing,” roadway admits.

“You never know who she gonna fulfill or what story you may hear. I think it is the funny part.”

4. Especially when “people” space bachelorette, Jojo.

Lane has actually been nice vocal about his fondness for the many recent bachelorette, Jojo, and also admits the display is a guilty satisfied of his.

On the night the the season finale, roadway was at a baseball game, and asked via Twitter that no one destroy it for him. Moments later, a Snapchat native a girlfriend revealed the winner. Needless come say, the was less than pleased.

And the inquiry of just how he feels around Jojo’s decision is not something that takes lightly. Maybe the longest moment of silence throughout our whole interview came once Lane took a minute to collection his think on the season finale.

“You know what, I average if she’s happy, I’m all for it you know, every little thing makes she happy,” he said, v a little bit of hesitation. “But I assumed it would certainly be a different outcome.”

In a Q&A session on Twitter, roadway admitted that was really hoping Jojo would select him. Step aside, Jordan.

5. He really loves golf. Like, a lot.

The object of golf come in a close 2nd after music among the topics most discussed during our interview.

While on tour, Lane has been maybe to get in lot of of rounds through the Rascal Flats — whom he defines as “the funniest world I’ve ever before met in my life” — prior to their shows, and the time top top the food together has actually made castle even better friends, follow to Lane.

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“They love golf. Ns obsessed through golf. So we acquired to play a lot of really good courses,” he said “I love that.”

And as a testimony to his current success, this tourism comes v a bus for Lane, fairly than having to drive a van. The exclusive right of the bus are, that course, showing up at each venue well rested and “getting to carry out cool things favor golf all day.”

To amount it up: “Golf during the day, music during the night, it don’t gain much better.”

Lane’s album “Girl Problems”, which functions his chart-topping solitary “Fix” is the end Aug. 5.

Source: http://abcnews.go.com/Entertainment/things-rising-country-star-chris-lane/story?id=41099914