On ""The impressive Race,"" married parents Chip and also Kim play tough in the final leg and also edge out the hotties and also the Goddies



First it was scarab and now vertigo? I just don’t understand. I really don’t. Ns can’t forgive the Blue Lagoon couple, Brandon and Nicole, for their complete lack of vocabulary skills. Wait, actually, i shouldn’t be surprised — this is the team that would certainly be shocked to uncover out the birds fly and that over there is to run water in Africa. Yet they didn’t victory anyway, so the doesn’t matter. Last night to be all about Chip and also Kim and more adrenaline than must be legally allowed in one’s system, namely, mine own.

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Ever the positive pressure this season, the matching-fashion Bowling Moms, Linda and Karen, lastly faltered. However was it really your fault? ns think not. I’m pointing my finger in ~ the producers. Why should they have actually the physically demanding jobs at the finish of the race? That’s simply not right. Eat an ostrich egg is no as difficult as making yourself ascend. Granted, I’ve never done either, yet I’m assuming. Last week we experienced Linda struggle up a ladder in nsurfacetoairnewyork.com Zealand, and also this main it to be Karen climb 150 feet. The is pure madness, however did those moms occupational it! and even together their minuscule lead end Colin and also Christie faded away, their ”go get ’em” mindset never waned. Once again us heard Linda yell, ”Your children are walking to it is in so proud that you!” Damn right they are. I’m proud the them together well, particularly for being the an initial female team to make it come the tenth foot of the race. What motivation for us all!

Some may additionally say the Godels were motivating for every their spiritual fervor. I, however, am not among those souls. I guess they’d damn me come hell. Yet it’s no my fault that God wasn’t on their side. I think He obtained annoyed with two naïve twits questioning for magnificent assistance every 5 seconds in their selfish quest to win a million bucks. Over there are more important points in life 보다 a million dollars, Nicole. And also she’s a model, so what does she have to problem about? concerned think of it, God might not have been pleased with her gratuitously sexy large while in search of the gigantic clam. That and also all the ill will certainly they wished ~ above the other teams. (”That’s what you get, Chip!”)

Colin and Christie really offered it your all on the final leg. And who might blame them? They to be insanely competitive, having previously finished an initial six times. You can see the fire in their eyes, wanting come win. Hell, Christie also cried a couple of times over it. One could argue that they lost the race when they headed toward the wrong flag, or probably it was flipping the kayak over, but as we saw, those setbacks didn’t yes, really matter. Maybe they lost because, as Colin said, they were ”ignorant Americans,” but I don’t think that’s that either, because they were, by far, the smartest team. What it every came down to was not double-checking their flight out that Calgary to check out if it to be delayed and then checking your luggage through on their backup flight. That surprised me, because Colin is together a perfectionist. How can both Colin and also Christie and also the Godels forget the FAA dominion that states you have to be on the same airplane as your bags? Ah well, at least we didn’t see any government regulation broken. A bit surprisingly, Colin and also Christie to be gracious runners-up, wishing the married pair well.

How Chip and also Kim managed to victory the whole thing is tho freaking me out. They did say they to be going to be vicious the last leg, and were lock ever! very first by lying to Brandon and also saying they were at the dorn flag and then hmm, well, ns guess that was it, however it was pretty vicious, no? and also look in ~ what occurred to the married duo as they got to Lookout mountain in Canada. Chip was gasping for air wade up the 1000-foot summit to the continent divide. Because that once, Kim was waiting for her man. And yes, Chip asked because that God’s aid getting up the mountain, yet at least they didn’t sector themselves together ”Married Christians.”

Where was i going there? I acquired sidetracked. God was speaking to me. Well, Chip and Kim lastly got their win, even after castle flipped over their luge, twice. Turns out that arriving last at the airport was a blessing, due to the fact that they discovered out that the flight the others to be on had been delayed. Proving your smarts, castle booked us on the following earliest trip and, at the hotel, pretended to the Godels and Colin and Christie that they would all be on the very same plane. Genius! Pure genius. Ns love exactly how they sneaked off to head back to the airport. Even though they later got stuck in the maze because that a bit, that tiny bit of plane sneakiness was enough to ensure their win.

As the teams ran for the finish, I was in hysterics. I was screaming because that the cops come pull over Colin and also Christie’s scofflaw town-car driver. Ns was screaming because that the Godels to uncover a church, traction in, and also pray. However I grasped mine hands and let the end a yelp, followed by a collection of ”Oh my God!”s, once I saw Chip and Kim’s minivan traction up! Then, as generally happens in my life, I started crying. How could I not? Chip and Kim ran an exceptional race, and also both that them to be crying. How an excellent was that? That, mine friends, is true love.

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My an unfavorable side makes me wonder: will the win — and the money — pains Chip and also Kim’s relationship? (Hey, last season’s winners, Chip and also Reichen, damaged up quickly after your victory.) and also I’m additionally nervous around how long CBS is going to make united state wait because that the following season. The impressive Race was scheduled to run on Saturdays beginning in October, but it’s to be indefinitely postponed. CBS should have learned indigenous tonight’s episode that a little delay can death you.