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Dateline: 1977 - v punk top top the increase in the united Kingdom, rock ‘n’ roll skilled a tectonic shift the world over.

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Rockford, Illinois’ Cheap cheat rode that shake-up, touring relentlessly in assistance of your self-titled debut album. In June of that year, bursting through kinetic power while recording follow-up In Color, the group spontaneously booked a grasp of club reflects at The Whisky a go Go in Los Angeles, knocking out audiences with an onslaught that down-‘n’-dirty absent righteousness – including favorite songs that wouldn’t appear on albums for years. Released because that the an initial time ever and newly combined by two-time Grammy compensation winner guy Massey (The Beatles, ray Davies, The Jayhawks), out To get You! showcases a tape taking determined steps toward civilization domination.


“Hello There”“Come On, Come On”“Oh Candy”“Speak now Or Forever hold Your Peace”“Elo Kiddies”“Hot Love”“Southern Girls”“Cry, Cry”“Big Eyes”“High Roller”“He’s A Whore”“Daddy Should have Stayed In High School”“Can’t host On”“Clock Strikes Ten”“Loser”“Taxman, Mr. Thief”“Ain’t that A Shame”“Oh Caroline”“Oh Boy”You’re all Talk”“Auf Wiedersehen”“Goodnight”
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