Now the Fallout 4"s "Far Harbor" DLC is out, fans have been finding out all kinds of hiddensecrets.

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Did friend know, because that example, the the uselesscharge cardParker Quinn sell youcan now finally be used?

As you may remember, Parker Quinn reflects up in Fallout 4 and tries to sell you acard that have the right to be offered to pay for things in lieu that caps.

Unfortunately, however, nobody in the republic accepts the thing.

But follow to Kotaku, there"s a chap in Fallout 4"s "Far Harbor" DLC the is an ext than happy to accept charge card payment. Interestingly, Quinn"s brand-new England accent is the same as most individual from far Harbor, so possibly Bethesda to be planning this all along.

Check out Kotaku"s video clip for an ext onthis funny "Far Harbor" Easter egg...

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Transporting football player to a brand brand-new location turn off the shore of Maine, "Far Harbor" will certainly be even an ext dangerous 보다 the Commonwealth, as higher levels of radiation have developed a much more feral world.

Players will take ~ above a new case native Valentine"s Detective firm tosearch because that a young woman and also a secret colony that synths.

It includes a bunch of new faction quests, settlements, lethal creatures and also dungeons. There are even a couple of new weapons and pieces of armor to discover.

It marks the start of abusy fewmonths because that Bethesda.Official Xbox One mode are likewise launching in May, followed by PS4 mods in June.

Then there"s the company"s 2nd annual E3 showcase, i m sorry will feature thefirst gameplay clip ofDishonored 2and hopefully a few other surprises.

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