Channing Tatum and Jenna Dewan may have “lovingly separated,” but they’ll always have a reminder of their vows come each other permanently etched on your bodies.

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After the couple wed in 2009, Tatum and also Dewan honeymooned in Bali, wherein the 2 Step Up stars commemorated their marital relationship with matching tattoos special a heat from their wedding vows.

“Jenna and I have twin tattoos we gained on ours honeymoon in Bali,” Tatum told in 2012 when he was named Sexiest man Alive. “It says, “Side by side.” Mine is below , yet hers is on she foot.”

Not long after their honeymoon, Tatum said around their decision to get corresponding tattoos ideal after their wedding. “It was a share decision,” Tatum said of the symbolic new ink. “We always wanted to acquire a tattoo of miscellaneous together.”



“We weren’t going to execute each other’s names,” Tatum continued, laughing. “We wanted to perform something symbolic. It to be in among our vows to every other. Us took it from that.”

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Tatum, 37, and also Dewan, 37, announced the after practically nine year of marriage, they determined to separate in a joint statement to and after that both of their Instagram accounts.



First off, the feels odd that we need to share this kind of thing with everyone, but it’s a an effect of the stays we’ve liked to lead, i m sorry we also happen to it is in deeply grateful for. We’re life in an incredible moment in time, however it’s likewise a time where truth can quickly get distorted into “alternative facts” 😉 for this reason we want to re-superstructure the truth so you recognize that if friend didn’t read it right here then it’s most definitely fiction.

We have actually lovingly liked to different as a couple. We dropped deeply in love so plenty of years back and have had actually a magical journey together. For sure nothing has changed around how much we love one another, yet love is a beautiful adventure the is taking united state on various paths because that now. There room no keys nor salacious occasions at the source of our decision — simply two best-friends realizing it’s time to take it some room and assist each various other live the most joyous, fulfilled resides as possible. We space still a family and will constantly be loving specialized parents come Everly. We won’t it is in commenting past this, and also we thank you all in breakthrough for respecting our family’s privacy. Sending many love come everyone, Chan&Jenna.”

Hours prior to the Tatum and Dewan’s split was announced to the public, Dewan to be spotted out in L.A. Attract her silver wedding band noticeably on her left ring finger.

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They an initial met top top the set of their 2006 movie Step Up and also have one child together—daughter Everly—who will rotate 5 in May.

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