BreezeLite is a portable ceiling fan and also light mix that screws into any type of standard irradiate socket. Does it work? check out our BreezeLite review.

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About BreezeLite

BreezeLite is a an unified ceiling fan and also light that have the right to be conveniently transported to any type of room by screwing it right into an existing light socket. The product website is, i m sorry was very first registered in December 2015. The display shot below shows exactly how the product website looked in march 2017.


Claims & Features

Setup 2-in-1 ceiling fan & light in secondsInstalls into any kind of standard light socketSwitch between fan, light, or pan plus lightIncludes light socket extensionDoes not call for toolsEasily portable native room come room


BreezeLite expenses $29.95 + $9.95 P&H because that a full of $39.90. Over there is a obligated buy one obtain one free twin offer. Each unit likewise comes v a irradiate socket expansion for recessed lights.

As of this writing, this offer is not obtainable in stores.

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BreezeLite Review

If you’ve constantly wanted a ceiling fan in your room, however found you yourself staring at a light bulb instead, the machines of BreezeLite may have actually a solution. This product is a ceiling fan that plugs into any kind of ordinary irradiate socket.

I an initial noticed BreezeLite once it was featured on QVC a couple of years ago, yet I have not checked out it since then. Now in 2017, BreezeLite is earlier with a renewed proclaiming campaign.

BreezeLite looks a bit like a exhilaration detector with a irradiate socket protruding indigenous the center. As soon as you insert it into a light socket, you deserve to then insert a bulb right into the unit’s socket. At that point, you simply communicate the light switch to turn the unit top top or off. Over there is a move on the side which allows you to select fan only, light only, or fan and light together.

Although i wouldn’t say that BreezeLite might actually replace a full-sized ceiling fan, it is absolutely a viable choice for those who want some wait movement, but don’t want to pay to have actually a pan installed. It is appropriate for small spaces, especially those with little ventilation, such together an attic or closet.

Perhaps the biggest complaint I’ve heard about this product is the it is lot louder 보다 some people expect. The advertising doesn’t give any type of indication the there would certainly be together a concern, but the sound could be compared to that of a bathroom fan, i beg your pardon does no please some consumers who have actually purchased this item.

BreezeLite is not without that limitations, in the it doesn’t relocate as much air together a huge ceiling fan and it deserve to be a bit noisy. If, however, those concerns don’t outweigh her desire to have a pan in a certain area, BreezeLite could be suitable fit because that you.


I can’t speak I’ve watched anything prefer BreezeLite, return it can be argued that over there is still no substitute for an old fashioned ceiling fan.

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