Survivor contestants don’t gain to fly home to their families right ~ they leaving the game. Instead, they walk to Ponderosa, a jury hold area where they wait to vote for the show’s winner. Even castaways who room voted out very early, and also not on the jury, go to Ponderosa. Recently, CBS exit the Survivor: Winners in ~ War Ponderosa videos, i m sorry share everything you desire to know about what wake up after players space voted out. 


‘Survivor 40: Winners in ~ War’ Jury every cleaned increase after visiting Ponderosa | CBS Entertainment

‘Survivor 33: Millennials vs. Gen X’ shared a small bit around Ponderosa

“Those who acquire voted off too early on in the video game to sign up with the jury all gather in ~ Ponderosa before they are shipped away,” former player, Hannah Shapiro, described onMic. “Then, one by one, the jury heads to Ponderosa whereby they live, deliberate and drink. Each member of the jury it s okay a “Ponderosa video,” a quick clip around their first few days the end of the game.”

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Fans of the show love to clock the Ponderosa videos to watch snippets the life after ~ the show.

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“There was one large dining bungalow, finish with a bar and a buffet area,” Shapiro continued.

The former player described what a “fascinating place” Ponderosa is since the world who to be competing against each various other are currently “forced come live together.”

‘Survivor 40: Winners at War’ recently posted 6 chapters that Ponderosa footage

Previous seasons gave fans tidbits about life at Ponderosa. However, no other season common so lot footage the what happens at the will after castaways space voted out. The videos detail the watercraft ride indigenous the edge of Extinction come the arrival at Ponderosa. These players currently spent time with each other bonding ~ above the Edge, so the case is a bit various than in previous seasons.

The survivors space all weighed and also find out exactly how much they shed while competing. Because that Boston rob Mariano, it was 34 pounds. Ethan Zohn to be not far behind with a chuck 30 pounds lost because of being malnourished on the edge of Extinction. Next, the contestants deserve to stand in prior of a enormous mirror to see themselves for the first time.

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Later, they deserve to either feast on a large buffet or take a warm shower. While in ~ Ponderosa, the castaways remain together in bungalows. For many, the comfortable bed and a night that uninterrupted sleep is the ideal part. The is at a resort location, for this reason they have a pool through clear blue water come relax in and also even a basketball net to shoot part hoops.

The 6 chapters provide a peek inside the rooms, the feasts, the pool, and also a many ofSurvivorsilliness from many fan-favorite players.

Fans cannot prevent talking around ‘Survivor: Winners at War’ Ponderosa Videos

“I’m therefore happy we’re acquiring these Ponderosa videos,” wrote one pan in the comment of Ponderosa thing 3.

Many other fans agree that the 6 chapters’ contents was almost as enjoyable as the show itself.

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“If they might release several hours of Ponderosa footage, ns think it’d do everyone’s quarantine that much easier,” another fan added.