Kristal Reisinger, a Colorado mother, allegedly told people she had actually been drugged and also raped at Catfish John’s house.

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Throughout his investigation into the 2016 disappearance of Kristal Reisinger, “Up and also Vanished" podcast organize Payne Lindsey retained coming across one name — john Keenan, a male who go by the moniker “Catfish John.”

Reisinger met Catfish, who has never to be charged in link with her case, when she relocated to the tiny town the Crestone, Colorado, trying to find spiritual enlightenment. Her boyfriend at the time, “Dready Brian,” presented her to Catfish and Nathan Peloquin, who she started dating in 2015 after breaking up with Brian.

In the weeks leading approximately her disappearance, both Peloquin and also Catfish reported seeing Reisinger, through Catfish informing investigators she came over to his house roughly his birthday, July 21, and also that the two smoked marijuana and drank wine.

While Reisinger was not reported missing until July 30, the last time love ones heard from her was ~ above July 14, a main earlier. Her previous boyfriend, Elijah Guana, said “Up and Vanished” the she called him virtually every day to speak your 4-year-old daughter, Kasha, and it was unnatural not to hear from her.

It was additionally reported that she was viewed at a full moon drum circle ceremony on July 18, but it has actually not to be confirmed.

“There’s some timelines the aren’t being matched up with it,” Saguache ar Sheriff Dan Warwick called “Up and Vanished,” airing Saturdays at 7/6c on “It renders it more tough to have the ability to track every action that she took throughout that time.”


Before she walk missing, Reisinger told multiple people, including Guana and Peloquin, that she had been drugged and also raped. She told Guana she knew 2 of the males who attacked her, yet she did not acknowledge other males who to be there. She additionally told Peloquin the it occurred at Catfish’s house.

In one interview with the podcast, Peloquin recounted picking Reisinger up after the alleged attack.

“She called me top top June 28 … and I took care of her for favor the following two weeks because I never ever seen her the scared. And I said her choose to go to the police,” Peloquin said. “She called me the he held her there. He i will not ~ let she leave. It to be a pair weeks prior to she went missing.”

Catfish denied any form of assault took place at his home, telling Lindsey, “Why would I hurt the girl? i barely knew her.”

Reisinger never reported the alleged rape to law enforcement, and also two mainly later, she vanished.

When family members came trying to find the 29-year-old at her apartment, they discovered she had left behind several personal items, consisting of her cabinet phone, computer, and clothing. The prior door to be locked, and also there to be no sign of a struggle.

“Our theory is that Kristal was going come report the rape come police or face the men around it, and also then she to be murdered on or about July 14, as soon as she went turn off the radar,” lindsey said.

While the podcast has reignited public attention in Reisinger’s case and also led to nationwide media attention, no arrests have been make in link to her disappearance.

In the years following, Catfish left Crestone, and also his house was apparently cleared out.

“According to the police, Catfish had gutted his house out and cleaned everything, bleached everything, gained rid of all of his computers, and also got rid of every kinds that stuff,” Guana said.

A search warrant was no issued because that his home, claimed the sheriff’s office.

During one interview with the podcast, Catfish claimed Brian sent him a message on on facebook admitting that he had killed Reisinger. Catfish claims he take it a screenshot of the conversation, which he has refused to share through the “Up and Vanished” team.

He additionally denied the he was protecting Brian, who has never been charged in Reisinger’s disappearance, from legit prosecution, telling Lindsey in an on-camera interview the he really hopes Reisinger is “alive and also well.”

Catfish went on to maintain that she had actually not to be drugged or shot inside his house. When asked why he assumed that Reisinger had actually told Peloquin she had actually been raped there, that responded, “First of all, i don’t understand this and because she was most likely cheating top top him together her boyfriend. And also that’s mine guess is she was more than likely scared of him ‘cause he is a creepy ass kid.”

Catfish continues to deny having anything to perform with she disappearance. Reisinger continues to be missing, and her family is still looking for answers.

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If girlfriend have any information in connection to the case, please speak to the sheriff"s office in ~ 719-655-2525.