Dancing with the Stars’ judge Carrie Ann Inaba called her romantic engagement to gibbs Robb Derringer “perfect,” and also after getting a closer look in ~ the ring, we’re calling that a real-life fairy tale. Her brand-new fiancé really pulled out all the stops! that popped the concern on the very same beach they invested their very first date, created her a romantic love letter and also proposed v a gorgeous 3.68-carat ring. And we have all the details ~ above the latter, below.

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The ring was designed through Jean Dousset and also features a 3.68-carat oval-cut diamond through an 18-karat increased gold band consisting the 120 round brilliant-cut diamonds.



Every ring Dousset makes includes a “Signature Stone” ~ above the within band, and also for Inaba, Dousset design an oval-cut ruby, while she husband-to-be collaborated v Dousset because that the various other two “Signature Stones,” a ruby for his name, a garnet for Inaba’s.

“Exhilarating is the best means to define Robb’s dedication and also thoughtfulness in producing the most perfect ring for Carrie Ann,” Dousset speak surfacetoairnewyork.comStyle. “True love is alive and well!”



Dousset placed that much detail into planning their engagement too. “We shared our desire to commit to one another for life by beginning that trip in a an extremely intimate and private way, just the 2 of us, alone on the beach v a bonfire, a party of Aubert Chardonnay and the majestic Pacific s that has constantly been one integral pressure in both our lives,” Inaba tells surfacetoairnewyork.com.

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And Derringer made that even an ext memorable by reading a love letter that penned to Inaba. “I’m a better writer 보다 a speaker so I chose to share my thoughts through Carrie in a letter expressing exactly how much she supposed to me, how much she had readjusted me, how much she had actually taught me in our time together for this reason far and what mine hopes and also dreams and intentions were for our future together,” he says.

“All alone on that beautiful beach, that was as if time stood still and we were the just two surfacetoairnewyork.com on earth. Ns will never ever forget it. It to be perfect,” she says. “Getting involved where we had actually that perfect very first date, was yes, really such poetic destiny.”

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