Tuesday night’s episode of James Corden’s Late Late present was a special one — it aired during primesurfacetoairnewyork.com, for starters, and centered ~ above Carpool Karaoke, the segment that has brought Corden massive fame an especially after his lay out with Adele went viral.

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Jennifer Lopez was the distinct guest in the passenger seat this week and the pair — now well-known as J. Lo and also J. Co — belted out few of her biggest hits, consisting of “Love Don’t cost A Thing,” “Booty” and “Jenny native The Block,” together they drove about L.A.

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During the ride, the singer-actress dismissed the old rumor that she’d had her butt insured because that $1 million, and also she told Corden that she’s to be proposed to five surfacetoairnewyork.coms. However the high suggest of the present was once Corden stole J. Lo’s phone and also went with her contacts list (she’s in touch through Demi Lovato and Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson) prior to prank-texting Leonardo DiCaprio.

“Hey baby, I’m sort of feeling prefer I require to reduced loose. Any suggestions? allow me know,” the host wrote from Lopez’s phone.

DiCaprio, supposedly none the wiser, got back to them. “You typical tonight, boo boo?” that replied. “Club-wise?”



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