Homes have numerous components and also many homeowners pay a most attention come the interior, exterior, paint color, and doors. However, your roof is one of the major parts that your residence that requirements ample attention. 

Extending the lifespan of her roofing is the utmost importance. Though this may depend top top the materials used and the environment, maintenance have the right to also influence the roof’s durability. End time, her roof will certainly deteriorate because of wear and tear. This is when roof fix or replacement come in handy. 

Some master look right into less expensive methods to solve roofing problems. One of these is a half-roof replacement. The inquiry is, can you change only half of the roof? 

Is the a an excellent Idea come Replace half a Roof?

While you can replace only fifty percent a roof, it is not recommended through roofing experts. Part homeowners could look at it as a cheaper choice–or think it conserves time. From an expert standpoint, fifty percent roof replacement frequently brings much more harm (or expenses) 보다 good. 

Why do experts disapprove of the idea the half-roof replacement? We’ve compiled four of the most typical reasons why it’s not a recommended choice.

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The way your roof watch is a significant consideration in why you need to not opt for a partial roof replacement. Also if you complement the other half of the roof through the currently roofing materials, it will certainly still display signs that one half is old and the various other is new. 

Furthermore, you can not copy the same color as the older fifty percent of the roof together it has gone v wear and tear already, and also it will certainly not be uniform in color.


Look at her roof together one entity. Instead of only fifty percent of the roof will have an result on the other half. Friend are placing the reliability of your whole roof in ~ risk. The assistance of your roof might currently be brittle, and also a fifty percent roof replacement could risk the truth of the entire roof.


Replacing only fifty percent of the roof deserve to lead to an uneven expectation of the roofing structure. If the new fifty percent has a long lifespan, the other fifty percent already has actually wear and tear. Save in mind, as soon as you perform a fifty percent roof replacement, friend will have to do this over and also over. Once the older fifty percent gets damaged or worn out, you will certainly again take it a half roof repair. 


If girlfriend think replacing half a roof is cheaper, girlfriend may finish up regretting the decision. Due to the fact that your roof is basically reduced in half, you might experience leaks and other issues. Also, if her roof caves or you have serious damage, her insurance firm will likely not cover a complete roof repair, so you’ll need to shoulder higher expenses to acquire your roof repaired.

Roof fix Versus Replacement


Some civilization insist on acquiring a roof repair once they require a replacement, often because budget is an issue. Choosing between roof repair and roof replacement need to depend on your unique situation. At, our roofing professionals aid you determine the risks and consider your options before make an educated decision.

People often get overwhelmed and also confused about which technique to usage for addressing their roofs. Some tell-tale indications that you should consider roof repair or replacement include: 

Consider roof fix when:

Shingles are cracked or curledShingles are wet, moist, and dark-coloredYou see indicators of shingle granules in the gutterSigns of loss on the roof parts and openingsPeeling of paint on the rooflineStains and also signs that water in the ceilingRoof leaks after a hefty rainfallA sagging roof deck

You require a roof instead of when:

The roof is exceptionally oldThere space visible lacking shinglesYou have actually damaged or absent flashingAnimals deserve to pass through your roof or ceilingThe roof is caving inThe roof came to be damaged due to accidents or harsh weather conditions

But expect you nothing fit in the category above. Have the right to you change a part of her roof? Yes, friend can, but it’s only recommended if you fall into among the instances below:

Lost Shingles


It is normal to lose a few shingles every now and also then, especially if there are strong winds and heavy storms. When a couple of missing shingles as result of wear and also tear and also damage is not a major cause for concern, friend still require to call a skilled roofing company to number out if there are more damages in other areas such as the decking or underlayment. 

It is reasonably easy come slot new shingles into the areas that need repairing. While that is a bit complicated to discover the precise same shingles together the remainder of your roof, law this can extend the life of her roof without spending a lot of money. Us can help you discover the best solution come replace lost shingles while keeping the integrity and also look of her roof. 

Minor Damages

Damages that do not covering a huge portion of your roof can regularly be addressed by patching and also using sealing products. However, you need to still speak to a experienced roofer so they can conduct a complete inspection and also determine the finest solution. 

Roof instead of Options

When you require a new roof, it should be done as soon as possible to protect against further damage to her home. But because replacing fifty percent a roof is not a dependable idea, right here are the alternatives you must explore. 

Complete Roof Replacement

A finish tear-off and replacement is highly recommended by countless roofing specialists. This gets rid of all the problems that you experience with a half roof replacement. Through this option, you gain a whole brand-new roof with new shingles, flashings, deck, and also underlayment. 

In addition, your new roof will have a much longer lifespan, bringing protection and security to her home. Moreover, it makes your property look much more aesthetically satisfaction on the outside.

Added Roof Layer

Putting on a second layer is one more option roofing professionals recommend in certain situations. Here, an additional layer is included to her existing roofing. In situation your old roof provides in and gets damaged, a new roof is currently in place. 

Compared to other options, this method offers a less expensive roof replacement alternative. It likewise requires much less labor compared to a complete roof replacement. Furthermore, the doubles your security from heat and also other weather elements and helps prevent leaks.

Solar Tiles


Technologically advanced solar collectors deserve to be set up seamlessly into existing shingles. They deserve to generate around 1 kW of power for every 100 square feet. Solar tiles are right for sunny locations in areas where constant solar panels room not permitted. Lock are great for offsetting power costs. However, they are pricier than timeless roofing shingles.

Metal Roofing


This type of roofing material comes in vertical panels or shingles similar to slate. They commonly last as much as 60 years. Metal is fantastic at nine off hefty rain and snow. The is likewise fireproof and wind-proof. In addition, the is lightweight and also can be mounted over currently roofs. One downside to metal is the it produces noise throughout rainstorms. The may likewise acquire dents native hail. 

Stone-Coated stole Roofing


Interlocking stone-coated panels replicate slate and also can withstand the damage caused by hefty rainfall for approximately 8.8 inches/hour, winds for up to 120 mph, hail, and also other harsh weather conditions. They room a cost-effective choice for public or wet areas or wildfire-prone areas. 

Slate Roofing

Slate roofing can last for approximately 100 year or more. The is fireproof, waterproof, and also mold and fungus resistant. Slate is ideal in wet regions. However, the is costly, heavy, and can chap quickly when wade on. If girlfriend live in an area the experiences hail, slate may not it is in the best option.

Clay or Concrete Tiles

Clay or concrete roof tiles have the right to resist damages from hurricanes, tornadoes, or winds approximately 125 mph. It can also withstand earthquakes in numerous cases. They are ideal for hot, dried climates. However, they could need extra support due to the fact that they room heavy, and also they room prone to breaking as soon as walked on.

Built-Up Roofing

Built-up roofing consists of asphalt layers, tar, or adhesive applied underneath one aggregate. The is only applicable for level roofs. Gravel roofs and also tar roofs are compatible v rooftops with hefty foot traffic. The downside to the is the it can become sticky during hot seasons, and also it is more daunting to remove snow from these roofs than smooth surfaces. They can last for about 20-25 years.

Advantages of rental Roofing Professionals

While some homeowners try to carry out roof repair themselves, it’s generally not a an excellent idea, particularly if you’re not a roofing expert. You might create an ext damage come the roof and also yield an ext expenses. In ~, we sell emergency repairs and same-day or next-day roof inspections. We suggest repair or replacement choices based on your area’s weather conditions, budget, and also preferences. 

Below are some of the top benefits of hiring roofing professionals. 

Avoiding Accidents

Repairing her roof on your very own without the suitable tools and also knowledge roofing experts have deserve to lead to accidents. Our roofing experts are trained and equipped to handle any type of issues the arise. 

Cost & Time Savings

While hiring specialists requires safety money, their experience and skills are well worth it. Personal from acquiring to the concerns right away, friend will just spend ~ above the required repairs and also materials, quite than having to settle problems developed by attempting to execute it yourself. This will conserve you money and also time in the long run. 

Optimal Materials

Our roofing specialists suggest high-quality, compatible materials for your roof. Us make sure you gain the most suitable components so your roof will defend your home for as long as possible.

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High-Quality Service

When you partner with, girlfriend have accessibility to skilled roofing experts with the knowledge, skills, and also equipment to gain the task done well. Us offer free inspections, a Million dollar Guarantee, and financing choices for many species of projects. 

Our roofing specialists also provide expert solutions based on your unique situation. Before you make any kind of decisions, we conduct a thorough assessment of her roof and administer sound advice from an skilled standpoint.

The Bottom Line: Can girlfriend Replace just Half a Roof?

A fifty percent roof fix or replacement is an option that is no recommended. Personally from being time-consuming and risky, that poses worries on durability, looks, roof capabilities, costs, and also longevity. Due to the fact that you want a roof that’s constructed to last and also adds come the aesthetic illustration of her home, we strongly advise a finish roof replacement together the finest option. 

We offer totally free roof inspections and also guarantee professional business from begin to finish. Schedule a totally free inspection with us so we can check your roof, identify any concerns, and also offer the best approach to assist you accomplish your deed. If you have questions before scheduling one inspection, feel complimentary to call us. We’re happy come help!