Pokémon Let's go Leaks Reveal reduced Content including Breeding, Storylines, & an ext Pokémon Let"s walk Pikachu & Eevee practically had much more content including breeding, extr storylines, and much more according to brand-new prototype leaks.

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pokemon lets go prototype leaks
A prototype for Pokémon Let"s GO was leaked virtual revealing tons of cut content consisting of breeding, extra storylines, and much more that didn"t do it into the final product. If the Pokémon Let"s GO games felt favor a bare-bones Pokémon experience, this leak shows that they might have to be so lot more.

Pokémon Let"s go Pikachu & Eevee to be released in 2018 as contemporary remakes of Pokémon Yellow which to be released in 1998. The remake differed considerably from the black color & white original consisting of updated 3D graphics, overworld Pokémon encounters, and also some additions from much more recent titles. Overall, these remakes were received well by the Pokémon community, however they quiet lacked few of the many iconic functions from the mainline games. The lack of additional content additionally made Pokémon Let"s go Pikachu & Eevee feel much shorter than that predecessors.

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This almost wasn"t the case according come an anonymous leak post to 4Chan. Pokémon YouTuber Lewtwo organized a subject on Twitter documenting the leaked information and outlining all the was cut from the final game. These discoveries had the potential for full camera control allowing players to move the camera angle together opposed come the fixed camera that appears in the game. Some eliminated NPCs likewise mention breeding and eggs which it seems ~ to indicate that this mechanics were planned yet then eliminated close come the game"s release. There to be seemingly a storyline including a "Fossil Chase" in mount Moon that was completely removed together well.

- making use of Co-Op in Docked Mode permits for full camera regulate for some reason, although Co-Op itself doesn't work. B button resets the camera, 100% a debugging tool early on- The video game runs traditionally docked through a Switch agree Controller similar to SwSh! pic.twitter.com/HCi6F8aSYF

— Lewtwo (

From further trial and error with the debug menu, it seems that there to be a cut event for the story involving the chase for the fossils in Mt. Moon appropriate after girlfriend met Blue (and Red) but that data has been wiped.Choosing Pt.3 fully crashes the game and 1/2/4 warp to Pew. Gym pic.twitter.com/bFM9358juC

— Lewtwo (

In addition to these bigger discoveries, a plethora the smaller transforms were likewise documented. Artwork, icons, animations, and also cutscenes were discovered that were either tweaked or changed altogether because that the last release of Pokémon Let"s GO.

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over there were likewise unused assets because that Mega Rayquaza indicating that this third-gen legendary practically made its method into a first-gen remake. However, lot of the prototype continued to be true come what players knowledgeable in the last product.

These explorations do leaving players questioning why these functions were eliminated from Pokémon Let"s GO. While that would have actually been nice come have full camera control and a little more content to play through, the removed of reproduction is the many puzzling discovery. While players couldn"t each other in the original Pokémon Yellow, the has end up being one of the most popular and useful features of modern-day Pokémon games. And also if GameFreak had all of the NPCs, dialogue, and also buildings in place, why walk it decide to reduced it critical minute?