After accurate digging his method out that the city pound (the canine indistinguishable of prison), Charlie (Burt Reynolds) and his long-suffering finest friend Itchy (Dom DeLuise) do their way back come the casino the Charlie offered to run with Carface (Charlie’s name is conspicuously scratched the end on every the signs). Every one of the dogs are shocked to watch Charlie, due to the fact that apparently he was meant to be “on death row” (scheduled to it is in euthanized if I had actually to take it a guess). Charlie doesn’t have actually a clue that it was Carface who set him up to be taken away in the an initial place, he’s also busy enjoy it his freedom. As Charlie defines (with Itchy’s help), naught is ever before going to keep this dog down!


Why clear up for a pair of bones as soon as you can have the totality bank?”Oh friend can’t save a great dog down (No sir)No friend can’t save a great dog downI’ve checked out pain and also hurt, I’ve consumed dirt (That’s true)It’s difficult to buy however even I have actually been jilted through a dress (He lies)But look at out, I’m quiet aroundCause girlfriend can’t store a great dog down

Ya can’t save a an excellent dog under (No you can’t)No no no no, girlfriend can’t store a great dog downI’ve been bought and soldHe’s to be warm and coldBut ten to one I’ll still be runnin’ rackets once I’m oldNot in some cage in the city poundCause friend can’t save a great dogCan’t keep a good, ns say you can’t keep a good dog down

In him’s the happy of the IrishThe proud of the GermanAnd also a little bit of SiamSiam? You see the come the the EnglishThe charm of the SpanishA pedigree absolutely ain’t what ns amSo contact me a mixed up pup(You’re a combined up pup)But the only method this pup knows is upYa can’t store a good dog downYa can’t save a good dog down

I must talk around this verse prior to we relocate on to the rest of the song. I nearly fell end in shock as soon as Itchy did the line “And even a little of Siam” complete with a key on his head and a faux asian face (granted it’s not as extreme as older oriental stereotypes, but still!) The recommendation to Siam is not a problem in and of itself together the movie takes place about 4 months prior to Siam ended up being Thailand (while only the year 1939 is given, Carface later on mentions Mardi Gras i beg your pardon takes place in February). No, my trouble is that in a movie made in the late 1980s, they assumed it was it s okay to encompass a racist, oriental stereotype. The is not okay!

This concludes my rant, now ago to the song:

He’s to be fat and thinI’ve to be out and also inHe tried a life that virtueBut favor a life of sinSo tonight as soon as we very own this townI’ve well-known hunger, I’ve recognized thirstLived the best and also seen the worstBut the only way I know to finish best to complete firstSo watch out once you hear this soundCause girlfriend can’t save a an excellent dog, no yaCan’t save a good, ns say you can’t store a great dog downYou can’t save a great dog down!

Burt Reynolds and also Dom DeLuise were friends for many years and you deserve to really feeling a solid dynamic between them as they perform this song. The song renders it clear that Charlie is popular, charismatic and a shown crook (the last verse even mentions “He do the efforts a life that virtue but prefer a life the sin” It’s not wonder Charlie is therefore nervous around judgement when he arrives in Heaven). I also noticed that despite being a dog, Charlie acts remarkably human during this scene (in the he stands and performs on 2 legs). Most of the moment Charlie gets roughly like a continuous dog, but this is a noticeable exception (sometimes ns wonder if Bluth initially meant to do the dogs more anthropomorphic and also then changed his mind).

The Siam minute aside (do let me understand what girlfriend think about that in the comments), “You Can’t store a good Dog Down” gives a rousing musical begin to the film.

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Which is great because the story just gets darker from here (at some point I’ll compose some short articles pointing out all the Nightmare Fuel facets of this film). In the meantime, allow me recognize what girlfriend think around “You Can’t keep a an excellent Dog Down” in the comments below and have a an excellent day! thanks for help the blog with 650 followers!