Passing through airport protection doesn’t must be the long and also painful procedure that the made out to be. In fact, as long as the queues room short and you’ve excellent a little bit of preparation, you deserve to actually whizz through protection in no time.

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However, one thing that’s certain to sluggish you down is not understanding what airport scanners detect and the item you have to remove at airport security.

Annoyingly, the truth is that part airport scanners have higher sensitivity levels 보다 others. And, sometimes, what you need to remove in ~ airport security can be under to the discretion of each individual defense member.

But to help you out, we’ve do a perform of few of the items that cause the many confusion at airport security and what the general take is on even if it is they’re fine come wear or if they’re likely to set off the alarm on the human body scanners.

What perform airport scanners detect?



Belts with metal buckles will collection off the metal detectors at airport security and — at many airports — you’ll be asked come take her belt off and also put the in a tray for it to walk through protection separately.

If your belt is do from plastic, that won’t collection off the steel detectors and, technically, friend won’t have to remove it. However, the fact that her belt buckle is do from plastic can not instantly be evident to airplane security. And, if her belt is top top show, you’ll most most likely be asked to take it off anyway. It’s more than likely just easier to eliminate it rather than the hassle of walk back-and-forth with defense trying to explain the material the belt is made from.

Summary: ✖Remove in many cases.✔Keep it on if you have a plastic buckle and also it’s no on show.

Bobby pins

While one or 2 bobby pins won’t do a difference, if you have actually a head-full — or even hand-full — the bobby pins in your hair, that’ll be enough to collection off the steel detectors in ~ airport security.

Summary: ✖ eliminate bobby pins if you have more than 2 in your hair.

Rings (and various other jewellery)


Jewellery will certainly only collection off metal detectors if it’s make from magnetic metals. This method that girlfriend don’t have to remove good-quality rings, necklaces, bracelets and piercings if they’re make from silver, gold or platinum. However, if her jewellery is inexpensive and also made native cheaper materials, it’ll many likely set the detectors off.

Summary: ✖ Remove, if it’s do from cheap magnetic materials.✔ keep on if make from expensive materials (gold, silver, platinum).


Similar to jewellery, if your watch is make from cheap metals or is big and chunky, you must take the off. Otherwise, it’s okay to leaving on your wrist as it’s unlikely to collection off steel detectors. Part airports will certainly ask friend to remove the watch, nevertheless of the materials.

If her watch is expensive and you’re worried about leaving that in a tray unattended, placed it in the inside pocket of your jacket or pack it in your carry-on baggage.

Summary: ✖ remove if made from cheap metals, is huge or you"re request to.✔ store on otherwise.



Smartwatches, such together Apple watches and also other digital wristwear, consisting of FitBits, can regularly be worn with airport security. However, this can differ native airport come airport and you can be inquiry to remove your smartwatch.

We’ve never ever heard of any type of cases wherein smartwatches set off metal detectors in ~ airport security, so, uneven asked, you need to be okay to leave it on.

Summary: ✖ eliminate if inquiry to.✔ save on otherwise.

Underwire bra

Although some have claimed otherwise, there are thousands that wear underwire bras through airport defense each work without setup off the alarm. If friend really desire to avoid setup off the steel detectors at every costs, take into consideration wearing one underwire bra with plastic, a strapless bra or a sporting activities bra.

Summary: ✔ Underwire bras space fine come wear v airport security.

Hearing aid

You’ll no be inquiry to remove your hearing help at airplane security and also hearing aids will certainly not set off the steel detectors. If you’re tho concerned, you have the right to notify a member of airport security about your hearing aid, but, together mentioned, they space unlikely come ask friend to remove it.

Summary:Hearing aids are fine to wear with airport security.

Wallet and purse


As long as her wallet doesn’t organize something metallic, she fine come leave her wallet in your pocket and also won’t have to remove it at airport security.

As purses often tend to be bigger than wallets, they’ll have to be removed and screened separately. If she worried about leaving her purse unattended, you can take any beneficial items out of her purse and carry lock in your pocket. Or, load your purse away in her carry-on package so that it’s out of sight.

Summary: ✔ Wallets comprise non-metallic items room fine to pass with security.✖ Purses must be removed from person and also screened separately.


Pacemakers will certainly not collection off body scanners and also metal detectors in ~ airport security will not be affected. However, the hand-held scanner that airport security provides after the early detector is collection off may impact pacemakers. As a result, it’s best to notify airport security that you have actually a pacemaker by mirroring them her pacemaker card.

Summary: ✔ Pacemakers room okay come go with the body scanners at airport security.✖ Pacemakers may be impacted by the hand-held scanners in ~ airport security.

Intrauterine an equipment (coil)

As the coil is tiny and deep inside your body, the airplane detectors will not pick it up and also you’re fine to pass through any kind of airport through an IUD.

Summary: ✔ an IUD/coil will not collection off the body scanners or metal detectors at airport security.

Metal key or screws

If you have metal in her body after an operation, it might set off airplane security. This is just one of the instances where it’ll depend on the sensitivity the the detector in ~ the airport, as well as the quantity of metal in your body. If you want to it is in cautious, you have the right to alert protection of the metal in your body prior to passing through. Or, alternatively, you have the right to tell if and also when the alarm sets off.

Summary: metal in the body might collection off the alarm in ~ airport security however it relies on the person and the airport.

What items deserve to I wear through airport security?



While shoes i will not ~ alarm any type of metal detectors (unless castle steel-toe cap), airport protection will ask girlfriend to take it off any boots, heels or high-top trainers. All other shoes space okay come wear and can be maintained on uneven told otherwise.

Summary: ✖ eliminate if they’re boots, heels or high-top.✔ store on all various other shoes.


Jeans space fine come wear through airport security. So, nothing worry, you won’t be request to remove them! Some human being might be came to that metal buttons and zips on jeans will set off the steel detectors at airport security yet these steels are so little that they’re unlikely to obtain picked up.

The just time the you have to be wary is if her jeans have a chain attached to it, in i beg your pardon case, you need to remove the to be screened separately.

Summary: ✔ Jeans space fine come wear with airport security.



Hats space not enabled to be worn v the scanners in ~ airport security. You will do it be inquiry to remove your hat before walking v the steel detectors and can placed it ago on once on the other side.

Summary: ✖ You must remove your hat at airport security.

Religious headscarf

Religious headscarves can be retained on during airport security. However, if the alarm is set off through a human being wearing a headscarf or a turban, a member of airport protection of the same sex may pat-down the headscarf. If the reason of what’s setting off the alarm deserve to not be figured out by a pat-down, you might be request to eliminate the headscarf in a personal area.

Summary: ✔ spiritual headscarves are okay come wear through airport security.


Babies have the right to be lugged through airport security and also don’t have to be removed if they’re brought in a infant carrier.

If her baby is in a stroller, you’ll need to remove the baby from the stroller and carry them with you with the metal detectors through hand.

Summary: ✔ Babies can and also must be carried/worn v airport security.

A wig

Airport protection will not make you remove your wig as soon as passing through. The metal clip top top a wig seldom sets off metal detectors.

Summary: ✔ Wigs have the right to be worn with airport security.

Outer layers

Outer layers, including hoodies, jackets and cardigans will certainly be request to be removed and screened separately when passing through airport security. Relying on the protection officer, you might likewise be required to remove loose-fitting sweatshirts

Summary: ✖ Remove external layers such together hoodies, jackets and also cardigans.✔ store on equipment sweatshirts.

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Glasses & sunglasses


Regular glasses will not have to be removed when passing with airport security. There’s no official rule stating the you can’t wear sunglasses v airport security. However, attract sunglasses through the airport may raise suspicion and you’ll most likely be inquiry to eliminate them at security.