By now, everyone need to be totally acclimated through the iphone phone 8, iphone phone 8 Plus and the iphone X. While these 3 phones are a large departure point for Apple, prefer their precursors the iphone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus, all the three brand-new iPhones space dust and also water-resistant. To be specific, the brand-new iPhones have an IP67 rating. 

Perfect Underwater photos Starts with understanding Your iPhone 

What go an IP67 rating mean? 

The IP in "IP67" means Ingress Protection, and the 6 is the dust-proof rating, whereas the 7 is the waterproof rating of the phones, and signifies that the iphone phone 8, iphone 8 Plus and iPhone X are protected for as much as 30 minutes in a depth of up to 1 meter (39.4 inches). This way that when the brand-new iPhones are dust and also water resistant, they space not waterproof.

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Tips for acquisition Underwater photos on her iPhone 

Tip #1: acquire the right Waterproof iphone Case 

Enter the SHIELD metal iPhone Case... 

Sure, a few drops of water here and also there won"t pains your new purchase, however if you want to defend your phone indigenous water, drops, scratches etc without spanning it in bubble wrap, you should step your game up. The SHIELD is a metal iphone phone case that will keep your phone"s integrity, if being fully waterproof and also shockproof also in the toughest of circumstances. 


Shop the Shield NowOr try the Pro... 

If you"re ready to placed your iphone 8, iphone 8 Plus and also iPhone X through its paces, acquire yourself the Pro and get ready to throw away any kind of other action camera friend may have invested in prior. With its rigid, influence resistant ABS/Polycarbonate shell and rubberized surface, the agree is one tough iphone phone case that will expand your iPhone"s underwater ability from 1 meter, to 10 meter (30 feet). The alone will allow you to yes, really go on one adventure. 


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Tip #2: usage Your iPhone"s Volume switch to take it Underwater Pictures 

Before you hit the water, you still must remember that you can"t usage your touchscreen when you"re under. To take photos underwater on her iPhone, the volume an essential will it is in your new best friend — this is also called taking photographs in explode mode, which is what is required when shooting fast moving objects underwater. Shot this over and over to make sure that you"re comfortable through your shutter release and can easily navigate come the camera without making use of the screen. 

Tip #3: Make certain Your iphone is fully Charged before You Shoot 

Make certain your iphone phone is totally ready to take underwater pictures prior to you jump in the water. That means you’ll additionally want to make sure your iPhone has actually a completely charged battery before you head out for your day of shooting. Friend absolutely cannot charge your phone when it"s wet for this reason make sure you gain you perform this before you acquire to her shooting destination. If you immediately need the while she in the water, it"s much better to let it dried off very first or utilize wireless charging. The same thing uses when you want to transport photographs to your computer. 




Tip #4: get the best iPhone Photography Accessories 

In bespeak to take perfect underwater picture every solitary time, you"ll have to accessorize. Get yourself a lens — or lenses for your iPhone if you"re emotion adventurous. A wide-angle lens and a fish-eye lens for her iPhone will totally revolutionize exactly how you see underwater photographer. Even on one iPhone. 

Now the we"ve gained all the technical bits the end of the way, it"s time to take part pictures, and have fun with your brand-new underwater photography skills.

Discover the iphone phone Lenses

Tip #5: take it Underwater Pictures throughout the gold Hour(s) 

The finest time to shoot underwater is anywhere in between 10 AM and also 2 PM. There is absolute visibility underwater and the sunlight is in ~ its greatest point. To be honest, you might shoot also on a cloudy day, but you have to remember the the light will certainly be refracted once you"re underwater, and your photos will have actually a blue/green hue to them. 



Tip #6: be "Part of your World" 

The little mermaid wanted to walk on earth, so when she had actually the opportunity to to walk on dried land, she didn"t stay on part tragic barge taking images from a distance. If you want to it is in in the ocean, yes, really immerse yourself in the aquatic life. Obtain as close together you have the right to to your subjects in bespeak to preserve sharpness and also color. Purchase a filter for your external lens, but resist the temptation to only shoot native above. 



Tip #7: have Fun with Your Underwater Pictures! 

Finally, the only way to take it perfect photos every time is to store trying. Practice an initial in your swimming pool and also when you favor your results go progressed — go under the sea and create imagery that amazes people! 

Now the you’ve discovered how to take underwater pictures on your iPhone, watch for yourself just how you deserve to dominate iphone photography this year one of our favorite blog posts, 8 methods to start Succeeding at iphone Photography This Year.  

Ready to outfit her iPhone for its following underwater adventure? inspect out our waterproof iPhone case series to find the perfect waterproof casing for her iPhone model and also take epic photos whether she on floor or listed below sea!  




respectable 13, 2019

I simply tried it for the 1st time w/my iphone 8. Travelon plastic instance with lanyard. Galápagos, quiet inlet and also beach v surf.

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- plastic case doesn’t hurt photos- home switch doesn’t occupational in plastic case, so i turned on Assitive Touch in Accessibilty setups – puts a multifunction home switch in the screen- revolve the camera on prior to submerging. The next buttons work however not the touch screen.- when wet (above water), single touches work ok, yet swiping the lock screen to gain to the camera doesn’t. The Assist. Touch switch button saves you. Map among the Assist. Touch buttons to app Switcher. Unlock the phone, move to camera app, walk under and shoot. - in the calm water of the inlet around noon (good tip in the article that i hadn’t considered) pics came out well while snorkeling. - in the surf native 2-2:45, pics to be blurrier. Prob mix that less direct light and water stirred increase by the surf. Still rather clear, however the pics aren’t practically as good. – all the pics have serious blue green – no filter – and also the phone call can’t focus as well. Wondering if there’s a much better mode or any type of camera adjustment come help, or if quieter water and closer subjects are really the best.