If her students are anything choose mine, they’re obsessed v books about dogs. Whenever ns pull out a story through dogs, they space so engaged! I favor to use this as an opportunity to teach important an abilities because I know they will be concentrated on the story. Today, we are spotlighting the publication Can i Be your Dog? since it is such a good read aloud. Not just is the a good book because that social emotionally learning, yet the story is just so sweet! You’re going come love it just as much as your students will. - Jodi and the Starts v a Story Team

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The story Can i Be your Dog? follows a homeless dog named Arfy who is looking for a family. Arfy writes letters to a family, a butcher, the fire department, the junkyard, and also the scary last house on the road. Each time, Arfy gets a letter ago saying that he can’t be their dog. Arfy feeling discouraged every time, yet continues to compose letters.

After hear that even the last home on the roadway wouldn’t take him, Arfy is devastated and goes ago to the box that he resides in top top the street. Over there he receive a letter native the mail transport Mitzy. She wants to it is in his person! Arfy is overjoyed that he finally found his forever home, and goes to live v Mitzy.



USE THIS publication TO TEACH:

We love utilizing this book in the classroom since it lends itself to so many different lessons. Whether you room looking to teach reading comprehension, social emotionally skills, or a brand-new writing topic, Can ns Be her Dog? is a great mentor text.

Examine the author’s function for creating the story. How have the right to the function be identified?Practice summarizing and retelling the story. This have the right to be a difficult concept for numerous students so the is essential to practice.Teach students how to format and also write a letter.Integrate this story right into your informational writing.Explore why authors use interjections.Introduce students to the different varieties of sentences authors use.Discuss the prestige of perseverance.Share strategies students deserve to use to manage their feelings. Acquire THE PRINTABLE tasks

If girlfriend are trying to find “ready to go” tasks for the first day of school, be sure to check out the publication companion. With it you’ll receive every one of the following resourcesto align through this specific book:

understanding questions30writing prompts with themed papervocabulary activitiesword study print & walk activitiesideas for grammar lessons with focus sentenceprintablessocial emotionally learning discussion topicsgraphic organizers to target certain comprehension skills and strategies

Don’t reinvent the wheel if the is already rolling. We took the time to come up with thoughtful lesson ideas and activities related to the book Can i Be her Dog? therefore teachers can save time to plan their read alouds. We recognize you’re going come love just how much is contained in this resource!

acquire THE PRINTABLE activities



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