Guinea pigs room vegetarians, yet can guinea pigs eat cabbage? We have all seen photos of rabbit munching on leafy greens. And cabbage is an excellent when used by an expert soup maker.

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But guinea pigs? yes! They have the right to eat cabbage, and little amounts will certainly not reason them any harm. However there space some caveats through this answer. Cabbage does have actually some valuable nutrients in it, however it might not be the best choice for her guinea pig to have actually at snack time. 

In this article, we cover every you require to understand if you desire to feed her guinea pig cabbage. Check out to the end to ensure you are maintaining your guinea pig safe and also healthy.

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3 can Guinea Pigs Eat Cabbage? (Cons)
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Can Guinea Pigs Eat Cabbage? (Well, Kinda)

If your guinea pig just snatched up part cabbage if you weren’t looking, execute not worry. Cabbage is much from harmful because that a guinea pig. 

In general, guinea pigs have the right to handle a tiny amount the cabbage without any an adverse side effects. Cabbage is, without a doubt, a rather clawless vegetable. One that seldom inspires neither fear nor love.

But if you room thinking the feeding her guinea pig cabbage together a snack, there are a few tips you must be mindful of. We won’t tell you even if it is you should or should not feeding cabbage to her guinea pig, but we will administer some pros and cons to help you do your own decision. 

Side Note about Cabbage

When wonder if guinea pigs deserve to eat cabbage, we need to remember there space several varieties of cabbage. And each kind has a various proportion that nutrients.

Some varieties of cabbage will certainly be better for cavies than other ones, so us will malfunction several various types.

Can Guinea Pigs Eat Cabbage? (Cons)


We will start with the an adverse side, since these facts space what owners have to know prior to feeding anything to a pet. 

Problem #1: Calcium

I to be sure many of us were told to drink milk together a child due to the fact that it had calcium, i m sorry would assist our bones. Regardless of whether or no this is true, we do understand that calcium can reason kidney difficulties for guinea pigs.

In tiny amounts, girlfriend should have actually no worries. But a guinea pig that routinely consumes high amounts of calcium could construct health problems. 

In enhancement to kidney problems, too much calcium have the right to lead come bloating and also digestive problems. 

Problem #2: Low quantities of beneficial Nutrients

Depending ~ above the type of cabbage, you can end up through varying amounts of Vitamin C. Now, this nutrient is actually quite beneficial for guinea pigs, and also one that they regularly need in your diet.

A much better alternative would certainly be a snack that has actually a greater proportion of advantageous nutrients compared to those the pose a risk. We highly recommend feeding her guinea pig oranges, for example.

CABBAGE CONCLUSION 1: prevent feeding your guinea pig eco-friendly cabbage. The has higher amounts that calcium and also lower quantities of Vitamin C.

What about Red Cabbage?

While conducting through research for this article, we found another website the recommended feeding red cabbage come guinea pigs. The writer said that red cabbage has less calcium than eco-friendly cabbage.

However, follow to the USDA, this seems a little iffy. Instead, the cabbage v the shortest amount the calcium shows up to be savoy cabbage. We break down the calcium content below. each measurement is every 100 grams of the cabbage.

Red cabbage, raw: 45 gramsSavoy cabbage, raw: 35 gramsGreen cabbage, raw: 40 grams

However, red cabbage does also have an ext vitamin C, which is a great thing. 

CABBAGE CONCLUSION 2: Instead, try feeding her guinea pig some red or savoy cabbage! This better alternative provides greater amounts that Vitamin C while also being lower in calcium.

Can Guinea Pigs Eat Cabbage? (Pros)


To get right come the point, cabbage’s key downside is that high quantity of calcium. Yet this need to not rotate you far from feeding this leafy treat to your guinea pig. 

Instead, the just method we should take a moment to ensure us feed the best kind the cabbage to our cavies.

Benefit #1: Vitamin C

We type of mentioned it above, yet cabbage does have actually some vitamin c. Red cabbage has around 30% more vitamin c than green, but it also has calcium in larger amounts. Savoy cabbage has much much less vitamin c 보다 red, yet it likewise has less calcium.

Benefit #2: Vitamin K

Cabbage is packed through vitamin k, i beg your pardon is crucial for healthy and balanced blood that effectively clots. If her guinea pig ever before gets scraped, that is necessary to have sufficient vitamin k in their bodies.

How to feeding Cabbage to her Guinea Pig


Now that you understand which kinds of cabbage your guinea pig deserve to eat, we have actually a couple of tips for how to store the whole process safe.


That’s right, together always, the an initial step in feeding any kind of plant-based food to her cavies is to offer it a thorough washing.

However, cabbage calls for some extra effort. Unlike ring treats because that guinea pigs prefer tomatoes or grapes, cabbage has tons of nooks and also crannies where dirt and also bacteria deserve to hide.

Since guinea pig mothers don’t teach your babies to to wash their food, it is increase to united state to do this for them.

Keep Serving size Small

Even because that cabbage with less calcium, it is a an excellent idea to feeding it to her guinea pig in little increments. Particularly the an initial time you present cabbage to your guinea pig, begin with simply a small slice that a leaf.

Check come see just how they react. any behavior or digestive changes? If not, good. If yes, no an ext cabbage for that piggy!

Even if your piggy enjoys cabbage, store the servings small. Every cabbage has calcium, and also even savoy cabbage can lead to problems in big enough amounts.

SERVING dimension TIP: we have discovered that starting with 1 square inch of cabbage is a an excellent amount. As you present more, you have the right to move up to feeding about fifty percent a leaf, cut up right into 1-square-inch pieces.

Toss Leftovers

Be certain not to leave any uneaten cabbage in your guinea pig’s enclosure. Wet cabbage is going to come to be a residence for harmful bacteria in no time at all.

Instead, feeding measured quantities to your cavies the you recognize they will end up in one snack session. Noþeles else, sadly, needs to go right into the trash.

Mix the Up

Even though her guinea pig can eat cabbage numerous times a week, they cannot rely just on it for snacks. Cabbage has actually some nutrients, but you will require to administer diverse snacks in stimulate for your guinea pig to have actually a ideal diet.

Try feeding them other fruits and also veggies that we cover in ours other short articles to store your guinea pig healthy and also happy.

Can a Guinea Pig Eat cook Cabbage?

The only way you will certainly see us eating cabbage is if it is cooked come perfection. But can guinea pigs eat this leafy green (and occasionally red) if it is cooked? What around if the is boiled?

While boil cabbage does mitigate the quantity of calcium in cabbage, it also breaks under other vital ingredients.

In general, we do not recommend feeding something cooked come guinea pigs. It just won’t advantage them in any type of way. Instead, be sure to carry out them with clean, washed, and fresh raw tree foods.

FUN FEEDING TIP: You could not have the ability to cook meals for your guinea pig, however you can certainly prepare some! A little tossed salad through edible fruits and also veggies would be sure to irradiate up their day. Simply avoid any dressing! They will certainly love it basic and bare as it is.

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Share your Experience

Have girlfriend tried feeding cabbage to your guinea pigs? If her guinea pigs can eat cabbage and love it, let united state know. Go you shot anything special and also what kinds of cabbage walk you feed them? did you operation into any health problems? us invite you come share your experience with us to help our ar knowledge flourish from much more first-hand experience.