Disclaimer: This article is because that the 2005 SAT. Click below to learn about the new, 2016 SAT.

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Okay, Fine. The satellite is vital test–I deserve to see why I should take it. Oh, you desire me to take the PSAT too…? To research for the SAT…? Okay.

Oh, I have to take the action too?

Uhm… okay, it is cool i guess.


Wait, what??

I know, it all sounds an extremely daunting, but trust me; it’s not as negative as it looks. Granted, your junior year will certainly be very busy with all of these tests, yet they execute have every one of their individual benefits.

While every these various other standardized tests are as fun as deserve to be, let’s take a closer look in ~ the SAT topic tests.

Here is your overview on what lock are, and also how to master them!

What is one SAT subject test?

20 subject areas1 hourMultiple an option (and occasionally listening because that the language subjects)

Seems simple enough, right?

The 20 tests can be discovered in these subject areas:


So, the SAT subject tests pretty lot come in the normal institution subjects the you’re currently taking day-to-day classes for.

And, if you want, you have the right to take approximately 3 that the SAT topic tests in one sitting! (Talk around a stellar day!)

But don’t worry–if friend commit to three on one day, they give you the choice to change the number on the day if you gain a bit overwhelmed.

This go for every the subject tests, except the language ones–because they space only readily available once a year in November. Just some things to store in mind!

Unfortunately, friend can’t take the SAT subject tests and also the satellite on the very same day—bummer, right? — because they are available the exact same time of day.

Why take it the SAT subject Tests?

I great I can tell you that acquisition the SAT topic tests deserve to fix the all. The you can obtain a full-ride to any college in the nation plus a million dollars. But, together we all know, that’s not how life works, particularly when it comes to college and also testing.

Even despite it doesn’t hand it every to you on a silver platter, it certainly helps. And that’s a great enough reason to take it it.

More specifically, it helps to display the college of your dreams where exactly your the strongest subjects can be found.


If you desire to major in biological sciences at Stanford, then take the biological SAT subject test and also show them what you’re made of! Or what if you want to significant in U.S history at Yale for example, then take that SAT topic test and you display it who’s boss!

Basically, taking the SAT subject tests have the right to never pains you. Every they can do is present the college how strong you are in particular different subjects. This deserve to definitely collection you personally from various other students and also it can give the more competitive colleges more of a reason to accept you! the course, various other than your intelligence and also dashing an excellent looks.

Not only this, but most that the Ivy organization colleges and also other compete colleges require, or strong recommend, acquisition 2 of the SAT topic tests. That’s just 2 hrs of her life. It really isn’t negative when girlfriend think around the opportunity of getting accepted into a really competitive college!

So, if you’re quiet not certain what college is best for you, then the safe way to go is to take 2 topic tests in the area of your interest simply in situation you’ll require them. And if not, it’s simply a good way to collection you except the various other students.

How is an SAT topic test scored?

So, currently that we understand that acquisition even an ext standardized test is a an excellent idea—let’s talk around how they space scored.

Dun dun duuuun…

SAT subject tests room scored ~ above a range of 200 come 800 points, 800 gift a perfect score, that course.

Now, as you probably remember, the SAT test has three various sections (math, reading and also writing) and each section is the end of 800–since the totality test is the end of 2400.

Even despite the SAT subject tests and the sections of the SAT usage the same number grading scales, the scores can’t be compared. This is since the average score ~ above the topic tests are greater than those top top the satellite sections.

For example, if friend score a 750 on an sat section, girlfriend score far better than 99% of various other students (wow)! But, if friend score a 750 on, say, the math level 2 SAT subject test you would score much better than around 79% that students who took the exam.

This is since the SAT topic tests space taken through a bigger percentage the high-achieving students, so the bar is collection a small higher. Due to the fact that of this, many schools that call for the SAT topic tests suppose a score of 650 to 750 or maybe even higher—YIKES!

Now, around the yes, really grading process. That pretty much like the satellite in this way—you obtain 1 allude for every correct answer and also then you gain ¼ of a allude deducted if you answer a question wrong.

This seems really scary, but if you study and also practice sufficient then you should be i was sure in your skills to at least make an education guess.

If not, then, don’t worry leave that blank!

Try not to execute it often, but, if every when in a when you just don’t know, its it s okay to leave it blank, simply in case.

When to take the SAT subject tests

So… currently that we recognize that this extra exam can assist us gain into college and stand out, when do they have to happen?

Unlike the SAT, which is taken your junior year, the SAT subject tests don’t really have a time frame.

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Let’s say you take chemistry her sophomore year the high school, and also you think you’re ready for the SAT topic test–then walk for it! You present that check what you’re made of! that all simply really counts on when you discover the product on the topic test, and when friend feel comfortable taking it.


Okay, for this reason you absolutely won’t be beginning that early, but it no hurt to take the SAT subject tests before you take the satellite in her junior year. Speaking of the SAT, the College board released some SAT transforms that you might want to inspect out!


So, what is one SAT topic test? 

Basically, the an hour long, usually multiple-choice test the tests your an abilities in a very details subject area. SAT subject tests room usually encourage or required by selective schools yet it never damages to assist yourself stand out from every the other applicants!

So once in doubt—take the SAT topic test the is important to your field of study. Worst involves worst, friend have acquired knowledge from acquisition the test—so it can never hurt!

It never damages to start preparing early. What SAT topic test do you arrangement to take? leaving a comment below!