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Amazon element - PO crate addresses now eligible for Two-Day Shipipng? (shipping, delivery)
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We freshly ordered things for a friend who has a PO crate address, and it looks choose we were given the Two-Day Shipping option when we ordered, and also after ordering it reflects a delivery day of this Wednesday. I wonder, is Amazon currently offering Two-Day shipping come PO crate addresses? ns don"t check out what impede them native this in the first place, considering Amazon has its presorting plan with the USPS where Amazon"s linehaul network drops turn off packages come a local post office and also the USPS it is intended the last mile. However, ns think there room a couple of post workplaces out there the don"t get Amazon drop-offs. Probably Amazon"s shipping algorithms got smart and is maybe to identify which ZIP password can gain two-day shipment to PO box addresses. I will think it if that gets ceded this Wednesday.
"Free standard shipping" or "Free release-day shipping for Prime and PO Boxes. I"m sure the 2 day option can be obtainable on details items and also PO boxes but according to this link it"s no a standard advantage that you deserve to expect v every prime order.https://www.amazon.com/gp/help/custo...deId=202075470
Looks prefer it was shipped today and also Amazon still expects a Wednesday delivery. It will be dropped off by Amazon"s linehaul network in ~ a local post office and the USPS will deliver it right into the PO Box.

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Looks favor that package won"t be yielded this Wednesday after ~ all, due to the fact that it has actually been claimed that it will certainly be a nationwide day that mourning for George H.W. Bush. I"m guessing for some overnight deliveries inserted today Amazon most likely won"t be making use of the USPS (although Amazon doesn"t use USPS lot for overnight).
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