Cloud-based speak to recording company Call stems will currently let Skype individuals in the U.S. Document their voice calls and store them using its brand-new Dropbox integration, the agency revealed today.

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Call Trunk’s goal is to make it less complicated for businesses to record and store important phone call in the cloud. Many times, people may be more forthcoming through details or assures on a phone speak to rather than through e-mail. All speak to Trunk recordings can be accessed online via the web browser or with its cell phone apps. The audio can notably be stored and accessed utilizing Dropbox, Evernote, Box and SugarCRM apps.

The company debuted its organization last year in the U.K. Yet now is ramping up operations in the U.S. V the brand-new Skype recording because that U.S. Users. That Dropbox integration is brand-new and works globally.

“In the past, only big organizations can afford innovative call record technology,” co-founder and CEO Paul Murphy claimed in a statement. “Today, the beginning of our Dropbox integration and also U.S. Skype company are two much more steps towards producing a much more accessible and also disruptive modern technology that will certainly make the spoken word as tangible as composed words.”

Pricing because that the business varies in the U.S., depending on how much recording time girlfriend need. Top top the high end, as much as 5,000 minute of record a month operation $80 if its smallest package is $5 for 50 minutes a month. The company said its most popular plan is for 2,500 minutes a month for $50.

London-based contact Trunk is self-funded currently. External of London, the agency has offices in Dallas and Montreal. The company’s exec team is led Murphy, COO Tim Tokarsky, co-founder and also VP of operations Angela Clarke, co-founder and also chief scientist Darcy Brockbank and also VP of marketing Richard Newton.


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