If you’re fortunate sufficient to have a pre-existing concrete slab in her yard, climate you are currently halfway to building extremely solid storage shed.

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Before you acquire started throwing increase a melted on your concrete slab, you’ll require to give it a thorough inspection. You don’t want to begin your shed only to discover that it no level or is listed below grade.

So exactly how to construct a shed on an existing concrete slab? below we’ll take it a look at the challenges of building on a pre-existing concrete slab and also detail exactly how to build on top of any kind of slab.
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How to construct a shed on Pre currently Concrete

Next, you’ll desire to install her sill gasket onto the underside of your bottom plate.

After you’ve built your wall, but prior to installing it, attach a piece of sill gasket to the entirety of the bottom next of the bottom plate. This will certainly act together a seal between inside and also outside, keeping exterior moisture and also air the end of her shed, in addition to smaller critters.

You can connect the gasket utilizing a couple of staples or even a pair of loose pieces the tape. When the wall is up, the push keeps the sill gasket steady in place. It is in sure, however, the the gasket operation the entire length of your bottom plate.

If you space installing double bottom plates, then her gasket goes under the plate that contacts the concrete slab.

Step 5: download Walls

Before friend lift your walls right into position, that bears pointing out that you shouldn’t be doing this alone. Even an 8’ wall, totally framed, no light, so you are ideal served gaining a girlfriend or 2 to help. If you are on the more powerful side, a friend have the right to still assist you easily line increase the wall surface while you hold it. A 3rd friend have the right to install the wedge anchors if you and another hold the wall, making because that a an ext accurate install.

Start through the back wall surface and occupational your way to the front. You’ll require a 2×4 bracing the first wall since it is standing all alone. Nail a 2×4 come a center stud that the back wall you just erected. Affix the other finish to a 2×4 staked into the ground numerous feet away. This will hold the rear wall surface until you’ve installed sidewalls, which will then support the rear wall surface without a brace.

When attaching the rear wall to the slab, watch this article here. You’ll usage concrete wedge anchors, i m sorry go ideal through the sill key of the walls. Be certain to install these prior to putting up your side walls, and also the front.

Once you’ve mounted your behind wall, download the side wall. Execute this in the exact same manner together your behind wall. You’ll nail your side wall to the end studs of your rear wall. Until you have actually both side wall surfaces up, you’ll should make another couple of braces to hold up the side wall, simply as girlfriend did for the behind wall.

Once you’ve set up all the walls, consider amasonry silicone sealant to put down between your sill plate and concrete slab.


I hope you’ve found this short article helpful in determining whether or not your concrete slab is worthy of your next melted project.

Again, be sure to conduct comprehensive inspection of your concrete slab prior to you start purchasing materials for a melted to go on optimal of it. When a concrete slab is the best structure for a shed, a damaged slab will compromise a brand-new shed.

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Best of luck with your pre-existing slab, and please feel free to comment or add suggestions come the write-up below.