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General Hospital (GH) spoilers disclose Bryan Craig can be earlier on GH quickly as Morgan Corinthos if he gets his way. Yet is Morgan also around to get his fiancée earlier in his life? remember Bryan and also Kelly Thiebaud got involved in June 2015 while on vacation together in Bali on their second anniversary.

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Then top top an appearance of The speak in may 2016, Bryan announced he and Kelly would be married on march 18, 2017. That’s this Saturday however is the wedding off or back on? together 2016 closeup of the door down, Kelly Thiebaud and also Bryan Craig to be nowhere close to each other and also celebrated the holidays apart. Your last public photo was the one listed below 27 main past.


Kelly was last in LA in November however then watch relocated to brand-new York through her lovely pooch Whiskey and also was posting Instagram photos of herself and her new life. The critical time Kelly common a photo of Bryan in her social media timeline was earlier in August yet recent photos display her through no engagement ring.

At the exact same time, Kelly was partying through pals in brand-new York City, Bryan was with friends partying in warmer climates under South. It sure seemed choose Bryan and Kelly break-up up because she wasn’t wearing she engagement ring, they to be living across the nation from every other, and shared photos stopped.


But now, Kelly Thiebaud is back in LA and also just prior to their planned wedding date. Go this typical Bryan and Kelly are back together? Or maybe that they never really separation up? will certainly Bryan and Kelly gain married this weekend together they planned?

Kelly Thiebaud last posted a photograph of it s her a week ago in new York City. Climate last weekend, Kelly post an Instagram pic of it s her in Santa Monica on the beach and captioned it, “I’m baaaaaaaaaaaaaccccccckkkkkkkkkkkk”.


Then yesterday, Kelly posted a picture of it s her enjoying a cocktail in Malibu v the comment “Such a beautiful day.” due to the fact that Bryan renders his home in LA near Malibu, does that way the couple is reunited? walk time away assist Kelly and Bryan establish they’re supposed to be together?

Perhaps Kelly had actually work reserved in new York City and she only relocated there temporarily. Kelly did share the she was working through an improv group and taking improv classes and also had part performances in brand-new York City. Was this a planned short-term separation?


With simply two days come go until Bryan Craig and also Kelly Thiebaud’s scheduled wedding date, will certainly there it is in a expose that the two staged a fake break up so the no one tries come stalk your wedding venue? If that’s the case, possibly Bryan is overestimating his star power.

Paparazzi only stake the end weddings of height celebs like Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt, etc. It would seem a long shot the a wedding of two previous soap stars would draw unwanted fist on their large day. The bottom line is Bryan and also Kelly are ago on the West Coast and also it’s simply two days indigenous their large day.

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Will over there be a “just married” announcement soon on among their Instagram accounts? Neither have actually acknowledged the rest up news so perhaps it was every for show and also they have constantly been together. Share your comments below on whether you think Bryan and also Kelly are obtaining married or getting farther apart. Be certain to tune right into CDL regularly for the latest general Hospital spoilers, news and also updates.