Owners that Browning’s stop HP40 Hi-Power chambered in 40 S&W have an unusual but highly skilled pistol in your hands.

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The original Hi-Power obtained its name due to the fact that it held an ext 9mm cartridges in newspaper — 13 ring — than various other pistols the its time in 1935. If you parlez-vous ze French, it might also be called a “GP,” for “grande puissance.” Personally, Hi-Power sounds better to me.

Browning offered a 40 S&W variation of the Hi-Power platform beginning in 1994. I an initial noticed it while practical Shooting due to the fact that it allowed a competitor to fit much more rounds of forty-cal right into his pistol however still make significant power factor. Most civilization know the Hi-Power only as a well-mannered 9mm, but the 40 S&W boosted the gun’s slide velocity, make it feasible to fire successive rounds faster.


I saw an HP40 provided on ours auction partner GunAuction.com a few months back and looked about for others— rare as they might be — and also found samples in good to excellent problem listing for as high together $850, but most the them were in the $750 area. Is that too lot to pay for a gun it is no much longer being made? possibly so. But to assist you make the decision, here’s a tiny bit much more about the HP40 the you have to know prior to you buy.

Shooting the HP40

The Hi-Power, like plenty of other Browning designs, operates ~ above the short-recoil principle. In that design, the barrel and slide at first recoil together until the barrel is unlocked from the on slide by a video camer arrangement. Unequal the M1911 pistol, the HP barrel doesn’t relocate vertically by a toggling link. Instead, a hardened bar the cross the structure under the barrel and also contacts a slot under the chamber, in ~ the rearmost part of the barrel.

The slide and receiver were made of sleek steel with a blued finish. My an initial HP40 come with fixed sights, however a loaner gun I obtained from a friend recently had an adjustable rear sight. The Browning Hi-Power is single-action only with a hinged trigger. Part shooters don’t choose this since the cause angle in relationship to the pad the the finger constantly changes.

I supplied it come shoot multiple-target drills on three Millpark cardboard targets at a distance of 36 feet. From short ready, ns tried to do an A-zone head shoot on the three succeeding targets as quick as possible. I supplied Winchester 180-grain FMJ ammunition to test for sight acquisition, create response, recoil and also recovery time.

Over the course, i gauged the total to be a tiny muzzle-light, yet I felt the was highly competent. This simple model through black finish and also combat sights (windage flexible by drift only) shown a white “three-rectangle” (not three-dot) sight system. I believed this plan was straightforward to see, and also I preferred the slim front sight.

The slide featured behind serrations only, and it had an exterior extractor. The safety and security was ambidextrous, but the mag relax was because that the right-hand ignorance only, together was the slide release. Left-handed shooters would need to release the mag through the cause finger. The Hi-Power will not fire, nor will the hammer drop, there is no a magazine in place. The plastic grips are comfortable for either hand, due to the fact that the channel at the optimal of the grip will certainly accept one of two people the ignorance or the cause finger as needed.

This total featured a double-stack magazine with the ring in the fixed piling up in a staggered design. The newspaper can’t assist but shoot the end smartly ~ above release because a spring-loaded bar is built into the bottom the the magazine. The supplied 10-round 40 S&W mags to be made in Italy.


This gun was 100 percent dependable with numerous brands that ammo ns fired in it. Despite it had actually a 4.7-inch barrel, it was only a pair of ticks down in velocity from other full-size weapons I shot in addition to it. The trigger damaged cleanly and also consistently in ~ 8.5 pounds. The was too heavy for a single-action gun, and I feeling the pull did adversely influence my bench results.

Speer yellow Dot an individual Protection 165-grain hollowpoints 23970, $22.51, occurred average velocity at 10 ft. Of 1168 fps and muzzle energy of 500 ft.-lbs. The the smallest five-shot groups I shot with it at 25 yards measure up 3.1 in., and the largest groups went 3.2 in. For an average team size the 3.2 in.

Winchester USA 180-grain FMJs Q4238, $21.63, produced 978 fps average velocity and ME the 383 ft.-lbs. Smallest teams at 25 yards were 2.4 in., largest groups were 2.9 in., and average group size calculated to it is in 2.5 in.

Armscor’s 180-grain FMJs 50081, $15.49, occurred average velocity of 968 fps and muzzle energy of 375 ft.-lbs. The smallest team I shot v that ammo at 25 yards was 2.0 in., the largest 2.6 in., do an average group size of 2.2 in.


Firing from a standing position in a handy test, the consistency and short movement of the activity proved much more important than weight the pull. I tape-recorded a fast series of hits due to a great sight snapshot and handy pointing characteristics. Elapsed time for one shot on each target from low all set ranged indigenous 1.61 come 1.82 seconds. The other three runs were time at 1.70, 1.74, and also 1.79 secs respectively, with a full of 14 out of 15 feasible A-zone hits. The subsequent drill of 2 shots on each target gave in ETs the 2.4 to 2.7 seconds with a full of 25 out of 30 feasible A-zone hits.

Before girlfriend Buy

There weren’t a the majority of 40 S&W Hi-Powers made, and it appears that owners of the gun are pretty proud that them. I can see why — in spite of its short lifespan, the 40 HP is a satisfying gun come own. With its history, there are enough aftermarket parts and refinements to host its owner’s interest for years to come.

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