Dr. Nassif helps a woman through a nose stuck at a "7 o"clock" angle; Dr. Dubrow help a patience feel better about her chest size; a mrs wants aid with she J-sized breasts.

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Everyone necessary surgery tonight. I m so sad the woman v those basketballs because that breasts must have acquired the surgery.

Small boob lady could"ve used bigger implants, and the nipples to be still too high. They also jutted out too much so most likely should have used consistent implants and also not those projecting ones Terry was raving about. Yet she obviously looked much much better and she seemed happy. 

The new nose made that woman look prefer an entirely various person. 


New sleep lady doesn"t miss out on an chance to twist that knife on her mom, walk she? ns don"t watch that resentment going away. I also don"t obtain why she waited 21 yrs because that a deformity the obvious. Top top a vault season there to be a woman that lived through a disastrous nosejob because that years because she to be terrified of an additional botching, and that"s understandable, however we didn"t acquire that through this lady, who appears to have had relationships and also kids also with the deformity.

New boob lady is happy, i m sorry is nice, and anything"s better than what she had, yet the naked before/after shots go not present a "great" after result the way they were talk it up. Huge improvement, yes, however not what i was expecting.

Giant boob lady... It"s no a "career."

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I"m a horrible human being for speak this, however Dr. Dubrow was going on about the boob project lady being so fit and ripped, and also I didn"t see her looking like that on mine TV. I hate exercise, so i can"t talk, however did I miss something? and also yes, she needed wider-profile implants than higher.

I guess, sadly, ns was right a few weeks ago when i surmised the these plastic surgical procedure freakshows space "internet famous". Who is telling women the ass-length platinum hair, large fish lips, basketball tits and a metric ton that makeup are desirable?

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Nose project lady"s mother needed a botched nose fix also. She had the Michael Jackson sleep going on. Mom had nose issues!


I"m a horrible human being for speak this, however Dr. Dubrow to be going on about the boob task lady being so fit and ripped, and also I didn"t watch her looking choose that on mine TV


She appeared to be seriously overweight as early as her teenagers and lost 100-150 lbs -- the stretches her skin and no amount of practice will change it. She looked pretty tiny in clothing -- there"s yes, really nothing you deserve to do around the excess skin except have a super too much tummy tuck. If she"s health oriented she may figure she have the right to live through the ship wattle so long as her boobs are much more realistic.

Total pets peeve, those basketball breasts were not Js, no by a lengthy shot. I have actually natural size J breasts and they are much smaller 보다 those things.

That mrs that gained the boob task still had tiny flaps on the sides, the nipples were also high and also they didn"t fit her framework well at all. Otherwise, great job! i guess the present won"t let her come back in a few years to fix them again.

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The nose task was excellent. That did still look rather swollen, but that will certainly go under over time. I wish I could afford to have actually Dr. Nassif fix my nose. No willing to it is in on botched though. I"m not willing to spin some tale of just how it is ruining my life and also I didn"t walk to Mexico because that the very first surgery. 

I don"t know why Terry claimed "I can"t take the nipples, pick them up, and also move lock down" -- that sort of nipple repositioning is very common and also happens in tons of breast reductions and also surgeries. It has actually its pitfalls -- friend may finish up v no or lower sensation in her nipples, you might not have the ability to breastfeed, and also in rare instances the nipples can just refuse to graft come their new location and also die. But I guarantee you surgeons carry out nipple lowering/repositioning on a really regular basis. This lady ended up with her nipples still incredibly high. Possibly there was some other reason that wouldn"t job-related on her?

I also agree that some of the rest of her surgery results were not so pleasing. She quiet looked kind of creasy and also baggy follow me the bottom & sides. A big improvement though, and she go seem happy.