Borderlands 2 is a sequel to an currently vastly effective game. However, it managed to surpass that in virtually every way and came to be a game that endured two different generations that gaming. Starting from the saturday generation the gaming and all the means to the existing one, it discovered its means on numerous different platforms.

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Not only that, however it remains among the best co-op shooter games in 2021 and you will find it as one of the peak suggestions because that the genre in every list. Naturally, when something is released on so numerous different platforms – human being want to recognize if cross-play because that the video clip game is possible or no so the they deserve to play with their friends v ease.

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Borderlands 2 Cross-Play Explained

If you’ve been hearing a lot around this word but don’t really know what the means, let’s give a brief explanation the what cross-play is all about before we move onto comment the main question.

Cross-play and also cross-progression are two separate terms that have been becoming more common with the nine generation of gaming consoles. The purpose of cross-play is to allow gamers on different platforms to play together, share the same servers and also game versions.

This is still no something the is extremely common however it is being added to an ext games v time because of how many choices gamers have in regards to platforms today.

Cross-play still has its limits though and differs for every game. Some games only have cross-play in between consoles, because that example, which way that someone on a game stations 4 and also Xbox One is able come play virtual together but not someone on a computer.

On the other hand, over there is the limitless kind of cross-play which allows people top top any an equipment to play together as lengthy as they have the latest variation of the games that they space playing. This way that computers, consoles, and also even phones have the right to play together at the exact same time.

Cross-progression, ~ above the various other hand, is a different thing which way that players deserve to have the very same save files and ranking progress between multiple platforms, the does no guarantee the you will be able to play multiplayer with everyone rather too.

So, now that we have actually this out of the way, stop answer the key question about Borderland 2’s cross-play!


Is Borderlands 2 Cross-Play?

Borderlands 2 is currently available on the playstations 3, game stations 4, PC, Xbox 360, Xbox One, Android (Nvidia Shield), Nintendo Switch, playstation Vita, OS X, and Linux platforms. V so many devices that the game runs on, you have to wonder if you can play the video game with her friends who use something other than what you play video games on.

Unfortunately, the price is no. Borderlands 2 go not support cross-play with any type of platform. Console players can only beat multiplayer v other people on the exact same console, you can not play with various generations either.

For example, a PS3 player cannot connect to a person playing on a PS4. And also a PS4 player can’t attach with anyone on an Xbox or pc either. So, the game lacks the much-needed function at the finish of the day.

The closest point it has to cross-play is top top the pc version v a great monitor attached, which kind of does no count because it’s the exact same device. But basically, the game has been released on two different game launchers, which room the steam and Epic game clients. Thankfully, whether you’re on vapor or ~ above the Epic game launcher, you can still play through your friends on the other client as well.

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The game likewise had cross-progression to an extent between the 7th gen console ports but it was eliminated with the relax of the eighth-gen versions.

So, there we have actually it. Borderlands 2 go not have cross-play or cross-gen multiplayer. Only the computer version have the right to play in between the two various game clients and also cross-progression has actually been removed with the PS4/XB1 releases. We hope you found this guide helpful, and while she around, nothing forget to inspect out several of our other gaming short articles too!