Radio continues to be a an effective force in the world of media. Though it lacks the star strength of various other mediums, prefer film and also TV, AM-FM radio stands as among the most obtainable forms of audio consumption out there and also retains untold millions of dedicated listeners, even in the age of apple Music and also Spotify — provided you have a radio. While many are swayed through the glamor of feature-rich Bluetooth speakers, the certainly feasible to have your cake and eat it too as soon as it involves finding a dedicated radio that is same comfortable serving together an ordinary Bluetooth speaker. 

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finest Bluetooth Speaker through Radio

Best Bluetooth Speaker through Radio

Below is our handpicked list of the best Bluetooth speakers v radio. Some featured on our list are vintage replicas, while others room FM-only, and at the very least one is an effective enough to organization a little concert, therefore there’s a great chance you’ll discover what you’re in search of somewhere ~ above this list. The said, if friend still haven’t found the right radio for you, feel complimentary to allow us understand in the comment the exact sort of specs and also features you’re looking for and also we’ll get back to you through a pair options. 

1. Xeneo X21 


Brand: XeneoPrice: $39.99Radio Type: FM

For those trying to find a mix that portability and durability, the Xeneo X21 is a sturdy yet an effective Bluetooth speaker through FM radio capabilities. In ~ 15W, the Xeneo offers surprising power for that is size and price point, with dual aluminum radiators on either end of the device, and impressive toughness — the Xeneo is IP6X splashproof, dustproof and also shockproof and also comes v a hard-shell take trip case. This coupled v its microSD support, Bluetooth connectivity, and FM radio makes it fantastic all-in-one choice for travelers and also adventurers who want to hear to your music top top the go. 

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2. Antimi Wireless Speaker


Brand: AntimiPrice: $32.97Radio Type: FM

The finest thing about the Antimi Wireless speak is its in its entirety usability — with a sleek, soft-edged all-metal body and a voice role that reads out feature-activation during use. The speaker isn’t together physically powerful as among the others on this list v its double 3W speakers however boasts a clear sound high quality backed by authentic user reports. It additionally sports one extended, 12-hour battery life top top a single charge because that long-lasting sound ~ above the walk or in ~ home. The major reason you can pick the Antimi over other Bluetooth FM radio alternatives is an ext the design and usability 보다 raw performance. 

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3. Prunus J-288


Brand: PrunusPrice: $23.99 Radio Type: AM/FM

The Prunus J-288 is maybe the speak of an option for those in search of a straight-up AM/FM radio top top the go much more than they are a hardcore Bluetooth speaker. Produced by self-identifying radio enthusiasts, the J-288 comes through an extra-long antenna for enhanced reception and a physics number pad to do keying in long frequencies also easier. Comparable to the Antimi, it won’t knock her socks off, sound-wise, through its pair that 3W speakers however is an ext than loud enough to to fill a room with your favorite radio stations. Every in all, the J-288 is Bluetooth- associated radio designed for radio-lovers by radio-lovers.

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4. Ion Audio Block Rocker Plus


Brand: IONPrice: $169.99Radio Type: AM/FM

By much the many expensive Bluetooth speaker v radio on this list, the ION Block Rocker Plus offers you a heck of a most power for her buck in ~ 100W. The thing is a legitimately an effective amplifier through an 8-inch woofer and also wide-dispersion tweeter, and also the fact that the comes through AM-FM radio is really simply the icing ~ above a well-rounded audio-system-cake. With easy-pair Bluetooth, bass-boost, microphone, and also a rugged exterior, the ION is perfect for pretty much any type of situation and location. Litter on height of that the reality that it comes v wheels and you’ve gained a highly portable speaker (for that size/power) in ~ a price that, reasonably speaking, supplies a the majority of value because that its features.

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5. Prunus J-160


Brand: PrunusPrice: $27.99Radio Type: AM/FM/SW

The second Prunus speak on this list, the J-160 is the radio for those looking to emulate vintage-era devices without sacrificing contemporary functionalities. Capable of tuning right into shortwave radio on height of AM-FM, the coolest thing about the J-160 has to be the old-school tuning dial. Anybody looking come LARP together a 1940’s radio enthusiast will have actually a the majority of fun v the speaker — while also able to connect to it via BlueTooth for once reality comes calling and they desire a speaker because that their various other media needs. 

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6. Sony Portable Digital Turner


Brand: SonyPrice: $85.99Radio Type: AM/FM

Unlike the vintage radios top top this list, the Sony Portable digital Turner machine transports individuals to the ’90s when CDs to be still a thing. The best thing around the Sony Digital Turner is definitely the strength it bring alongside old-school features. Great for hanging ~ above the deck or enjoy it an outdoor camping trip, not only does the Digital Turner assist justify her CD arsenal to your significant other, it support AM-FM radio through 30 preset buttons (20 FM, 10 AM) and also even lets your burn CDs turn off of USBs and also other media entry — if that’s something girlfriend still want to do.

7. Victrola Retro Bluetooth Radio


Brand: VictrolaPrice: $39.99Radio Type: AM/FM

As old-timey together it gets, the Victrola Retro Bluetooth Radio offers just the type of dead simplicity some will gravitate towards. With nothing an ext than a dial tuner, AM/FM/BlueTooth switch, volume and also bass/treble dials, the Victrola is a perfect unity because that those who simply want a radio that can, if needed, operate as a Bluetooth speaker. The warm design and walnut construction add authenticity to the retro-immersion and won’t disappoint anybody looking for a hard radio that feels choose it popped the end of a wormhole into the gold days of radio broadcasting.

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8. Sbode Portable Bluetooth Speaker 


Brand: SbodePrice: $39.99Radio Type: AM/FM

Essentially an alternate to the Xeneo, the Sbode offers similar features, through its main selling point being the significant durability and also portability the speak offers. The many notable difference for radio enthusiasts, however, will be the consists of am radio. Waterproof, dustproof, shockproof and fall resistant, the Sbode is ridiculously portable, even if the sound is nothing come write residence about. If you gain the cylindrical design and also portability the the Xeneo however are a pan of am stations, the SBode is pretty much your best option amongst Bluetooth speaker in the sub-50 dollar range.

9. Fuse Vintage Retro


Brand: Master TailgatersPrice: $79.99Radio Type: AM/FM

A little pricier than some other radios v the very same retro style, what provides the Fuse one-of-a-kind is that is design and also capabilities. It really does fit the bill together a vintage speaker however offers much far better power and clarity than comparable radios v a 5W speaker. The ash tree timber veneer adds come the tactile very nice one of the tastefully designed, artfully bare-bones radio together the ultra old-school sliding tuner. On height of the distinctive look, the Fuse maintains Bluetooth connection and also aux connectivity for once the convenience of contemporary features comes calling. 

10. Tenmiya A200


Brand: Tenmiya Price: $36.49Radio Type: FM Radio

The Tenmiya uses some nice ridiculous power for the price tag. V a 10W subwoofer packed within of a (relatively) tiny speaker, the tenure Rests attractively in ~ the intersection between affordability and also performance. Packed within of the wood casing is the abovementioned subwoofer alongside 2 tweeters and even a bass tube to carry out an expansive, richer sound than many other speakers at this price point. 

Still haven’t found the ideal radio because that you? let us understand what you’re looking for — we’d be happy to aid find the perfect Bluetooth radio come suit her needs!