Netflix"sBlood & Water returns for a 2nd season top top 24 September.

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Season 2 guarantees that "nothing is ever as it seems and also nobody will certainly be left unscathed by the truth".Most the the season 1 cast return and also some brand-new faces, consisting of a brand-new school therapist and also "a hunk".

Netflix announced on Monday that Blood & Water season 2 will certainly premiere on the streaming communication on 24 September 2021.

The extremely anticipated 2nd season promises the very same riveting drama us all fell in love with, i can not qualify alliances, and also twists and also turns as the Parkhurst clan increase the ante top top their search for the truth.

Season 2 will pick up appropriate where us left off together viewers will certainly get every one of the answer they have actually been wait for and also then some. If you thought the collection couldn"t acquire away with adding more drama, you room sorely mistaken, as the situation of Puleng"s absent sister i do not care the pointer of the iceberg the runs deep.

Parkhurst High returns through a rocky start in between Puleng and also Fikile adhering to the revelation that the DNA results. The drama ensures to test old partnerships and forging brand-new and unlikely friendships. A new school therapist join the staff, and a brand-new hunk, Sam, joins the Parkhurst gang, with both bringing a few secrets of their own… One point that we deserve to all be certain of is nothing is ever before as the seems and also nobody will be left unscathed by the truth.

Blood & Water season 2 is full of entanglements, lies and also a constant source that breakups, makeups and also drug deals. Plus, you can be assured that all of the brand brand-new characters are showing up with a spoon, prepared to row the pot.

Season 2 left us through too countless burning questions, however the wait is comes to an end on 24 September, just on Netflix.

Here"s a recap of her season one fan-favourites: Ama Qamata (Puleng Khumalo), Khosi Ngema (Fikile Bhele), Thabang Molaba (Karabo "KB" Molapo), Dillon Windvogel (Wade Daniels), Natasha Thahane (Wendy Dlamini), Gail Mabalane (Thandeka Khumalo), Cindy Mahlangu (Zama Bolton) Arno Greeff (Chris Ackerman), Mekaila Mathys (Tahira Kahn) and also Greteli Fincham (Reece van Rensburg).

The brand-new kids ~ above the block are Leroy Siyafa (Sam Nkosana), Katishcka Chanderal (Pauline) and Alzavia Abrahams (Zyd), who are sure to include some spice right into the mix.

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Sello Maake ka Ncube (Matla Molapo)Xolile Tshabalala (Nwabisa Bele)Getmore Sithole (Julius Khumalo)Odwa Gwanya (Siya Khumalo)Sandi Schultz (Principal Daniels)Patrick Mofokeng (Brian Bhele)Zikhona Sodlaka (Janet Nkosana)Sonia Mbele (Lisbeth Molapo)Duane Williams (Mark Tedder)Khathishka Chanderlal (Pauline)
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