Blake Shelton might be a Grammy nominee, however that doesn’t typical he’s seen it all.

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The 39-year-old nation music star and The Voice host went to Nobu through Tonight Show hold Jimmy Fallon wherein he make the efforts raw episode for the very first As might be expected, the outcomes were hilarious.

Shelton tried a dizzying selection of Nobu’s best offerings, indigenous tuna nigiri, whose texture he contrasted to “Play-Doh, however I will certainly say this to you ideal now, man-to-man, I favor that,” to sea urchin, which obtained a decidedly less favorable review.

While Shelton can have been less than enthusiastic about salmon sashimi and also uni shots, the definitely emerged a taste because that sake, or “rice wine” together he dubbed it.

Shelton’s efforts to broaden his horizons weren’t lost on Fallon however, who rewarded him v a big Mac at the finish of decidedly raw meal.

Watch the full clip below.

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