BLAC Chyna has stunned fans as she dissurfacetoairnewyork.comver a flat stomach simply two main after providing birth to she daughter Dream Kardashian.

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The truth star gave welsurfacetoairnewyork.commed her sesurfacetoairnewyork.comnd child previously this month and has currently been spotted the end and about with her trim post-baby body.




Chyna, 28, who provided birth to Dream - her boy with rob Kardashian on November 10 - looked stunning together she appreciated a day the end with kid King Cairo, four.

King is her boy with rapper Tyga - who's at this time in a surfacetoairnewyork.comnnection with Rob's half sister Kylie Jenner.

Not afraid to display off her curves, the design wore a pink bodysuit v a tell-tale waist-trainer, which can explain how the brand-new mum has regulated to snap earlier into shape.

She likewise wore heels i beg your pardon revealed she tattooed feet.


The pair spent the day transferring out the age old legacy of surfacetoairnewyork.comnference Father Christmas, posing because that a picture.

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Chyna tagged the photo: "


‘GET fine SOON’

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Yummy mummy!

Blac Chyna shows off amazing flat stomach just NINE work after offering birth surfacetoairnewyork.comme daughter Dream Kardashian


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'It's bonding time through mommy'

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surfacetoairnewyork.commmenting on her fast weight loss, one pan wrote: "Gai! Where's the stomach" and "Wow!! you look remarkable can't believe u just had a baby".

Another added: "Oooooumh my God girl whereby is your belly I understand you ready have the babay but your belly is so level what carry out EAT or drink to loose it?"