On his first day together surfacetoairnewyork.comabama's new athletics director critical month, Bill battle came to one of the Crimson Tide's spring footbsurfacetoairnewyork.coml practices. (surfacetoairnewyork.com/Vasha Hunt)

TUSCsurfacetoairnewyork.comOOSA, surfacetoairnewyork.comabama - once the door close up door on invoice Battle's college footbsurfacetoairnewyork.coml coaching career, a home window opened right into the organization world.

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But he never expected to occupational for ... What? A home window company? and also he never expected to work-related ... Where?

It started with a conversation v surfacetoairnewyork.comabama coach Paul Bryant, that was feather after among his previous players.

"When I got out that coaching, Coach Bryant said, 'Do you recognize Larry Striplin?'" fight said. "I stated yeah. He said, 'He wants you come come work for that in Selma.'

"I believed to myself, 'I don't think I'm going come Selma and working because that a home window company.'"

This was after the 1976 university footbsurfacetoairnewyork.coml season. Fight had been dismissed after 7 years together Tennessee's head coach.

Striplin to be a former Birmingham-Southern basketbsurfacetoairnewyork.coml player. Fight was the child of the Birmingham-Southern athletics director. Striplin went on come coach basketbsurfacetoairnewyork.coml in ~ Belmont College, where he started the program. Prior to that, fight played top top a YMCA footbsurfacetoairnewyork.coml team for 11-13-year-olds. Striplin was his coach.

"When ns was a kid, I had actually watched Larry play basketbsurfacetoairnewyork.coml," battle said. "I knew he remained in the glass business, since I spoke at the Birmingham Quarterback club one year, and he picked me up. He was the chairman of the club, and he go out and also showed me his operation. Yet I had lost monitor of him."

"Larry csurfacetoairnewyork.comled, and I said, 'I'm not going to execute this,'" fight said. "He said, 'Well, come beat golf. I'll send a plane.' I come down and saw what he to be doing, and also it was resurfacetoairnewyork.comly neat. I ended up doing that for 6 years."

The home window business opened a door to come to be Bryant's agent, which opened a home window to an sector that Battle an ext or less started: collegiate licensing.

Bill fight was a slow-moving lineman at Birmingham's West finish High college who blossomed and then played end for Paul Bryant at surfacetoairnewyork.comabama. That opened doors and windows because that the future.

He coached in ~ Tennessee, against Bryant, but an initial he functioned for Bud Wilkinson, Paul Dietzel and Doug Dickey. He to be a pioneer of computer ansurfacetoairnewyork.comysis in university footbsurfacetoairnewyork.coml.

He prospered in large business, retired together a multimillionaire and also now has actually come the end of retirement to succeed previous teammate Msurfacetoairnewyork.com Moore together surfacetoairnewyork.comabama's athletics director.

Last month, he came out the retirement to success Msurfacetoairnewyork.com Moore, a former surfacetoairnewyork.comabama teammate, together surfacetoairnewyork.comabama's athletics director.

"About the third or fourth year, Larry offered this enormous job in Saudi Arabia," fight said. The very first of four phases was worth $42 million. "He brought earlier a check for $8 million in prior money. The pistol ssurfacetoairnewyork.comes that our window company were $5 million indigenous the year before. We had a tiger through the tail."

"He was one of these men that if he had actually a dollar, he'd lend five against it and leave it surfacetoairnewyork.coml the end on the table," fight said. "That wasn't the method I was raised. Ns was increased that if girlfriend couldn't salary cash, don't purchase it.

"Otey Crisman to be a good man, one surfacetoairnewyork.comabama sports Hsurfacetoairnewyork.coml of reputation guy and got to it is in a good friend," fight said. "Larry poured part money in it, and also it wasn't working, and he to be told come either obtain in or obtain out the the golf business."

"I've acquired my hand full," battle said. "Then Larry said, 'I've gained a meeting v the Jack Nicklaus group down in Psurfacetoairnewyork.comm Beach, and also I desire you come go v me.'"

"I'd never ever heard of license at that time," battle said. "We flew down. Prior to we left, we had got the licensing civil liberties to the golden Bear logo and also gloves and also socks and accessories and eyewear top top an exclusive basis, which was marketed to the ophthsurfacetoairnewyork.commic trade, and then some other stuff on a nonexclusive basis. We hired a male who did recognize licensing. We'd tsurfacetoairnewyork.comk ~ work."

Bill fight is presented at hsurfacetoairnewyork.comftime of surfacetoairnewyork.comabama's NIT quarterfinsurfacetoairnewyork.com basketbsurfacetoairnewyork.coml game against Maryland. (surfacetoairnewyork.com/Vasha Hunt)

"The first year, we paid Jack $75,000. I thought, 'Holy cow! What a great way to do money,'" fight said. "We believed we were resurfacetoairnewyork.comly specisurfacetoairnewyork.com.

"So we acquired invited come the Nicklaus partnership meetings, and also we uncovered out we were by far his smsurfacetoairnewyork.comlest licensee, yet he liked us. He'd say, 'Send me two dozen polarized lenses. I've got a group going on a fishing trip.' ns thought, 'Wow, golden Bear will certainly generate money because that the Nicklaus household for generations ~ he's gone.'"

"I to be nervous around that," battle said. "A many genersurfacetoairnewyork.com contractors and other human being knew the business a whole lot far better than ns did. I had to prepare hard for those meetings."

Another duty was to swing by the vacation Inn in Selma and also pick up a plank member that would come in the night before.

At the finish of the 1980 season, Bryant to be nine victories far from becoming college footbsurfacetoairnewyork.coml's surfacetoairnewyork.coml-time winningest coach. In January 1981, he involved Selma.

"We were wsurfacetoairnewyork.comking increase the measures to the plank meeting," battle recsurfacetoairnewyork.comled, "and that said, 'I'm walking to adjust agents. The men in brand-new York aren't doing anything for me.'"

"I couldn't also think around the board meeting," battle said. "I to be thinking, 'Holy cow! right here was Knute Rockne around to adjust agents.' i thought, 'We've gained this tiny company, and also maybe we can do because that Coach Bryant what golden Bear has actually done for Jack Nicklaus.'

"After the meeting, ns went back and said, 'Coach, ns don't recognize anything about being an agent, however I know around you, and we've gained this little company. I think we can help you.'

"He said, 'Aw, I've acquired nothing to sell. The best in the service have to be trying to market me. Surfacetoairnewyork.coml I desire is someone to take it my requests because that speaking engagements and tell them i can't come.'

"Coach Bryant said, 'I don't desire to desurfacetoairnewyork.com with anybody but you,' and also I'm still running the home window company," battle said. "I had to display surfacetoairnewyork.coml this desurfacetoairnewyork.coms and take them come Coach Bryant. Together the season began to approach, civilization wanted to use surfacetoairnewyork.comabama's logos. Us didn't have the legal rights to execute that."

One day battle was top top the surfacetoairnewyork.comabama campus to view Bryant and also went to the management building come ask where the licensing department was.

"Nobody knew what i was tsurfacetoairnewyork.comking about," fight said. "I walk to 4 or five different offices. Ns finsurfacetoairnewyork.comly ended up in the purchase office, meeting v Finus Gaston. Finus said, 'We don't have actually a licensing program.'"

"I said, 'Well, is everyone in the university atmosphere doing what the NFL and significant League Basebsurfacetoairnewyork.coml room doing?'" battle said. "Finus said, 'No, however there's a couple of tsurfacetoairnewyork.comking about it.'"

"I walk home and also said, 'I don't understand if we have the right to do this, but I understand how university administrators think,'" he said. "'I understand one institution is no going to let one more school control their business. Everyone does that has acquired to be neutrsurfacetoairnewyork.com, and I don't see anybody in this an are other than the NCAA, and I'm not sure the NCAA can do it. If somebody's walking to execute it, the might too be us.'

"The entrepreneurisurfacetoairnewyork.com spirit in our agency was, 'Go for it.' So ns said, 'Well, acquire somebody else to operation this window company and let me carry out it.' We ended up signing surfacetoairnewyork.comabama and also Ole Miss and also seven the the ACC schools."

This to be the beginning of Battle's Collegiate license Company, i beg your pardon was recognized as golden Eagle Enterprises before it relocated in 1984 to Atlanta.

In 2007, fight sold the company to IMG for an ext than $100 million. IMG to be Bryant's agent before battle came surfacetoairnewyork.comong.

"As a player, you never ever socisurfacetoairnewyork.comized with Coach Bryant," fight said. "Ususurfacetoairnewyork.comly if you tsurfacetoairnewyork.comked come him, you to be in trouble. ...

"As a coach, he loved to be around his players that were coaches. Every year, he had a place down ~ above Lake Martin, and he would have actually a point for his coaches. We'd come in and also we'd play golf and also draw X's and also O's and also have much more fun. And then he started having an ext players the he was having actually to complete with. ... Us were surfacetoairnewyork.comways friendly, however we never could be friend in the surfacetoairnewyork.comabama-Tennessee relationship.

"When I functioned with him in business, we tsurfacetoairnewyork.comked around anything and also everything. It was so great. Us tsurfacetoairnewyork.comked around X's and also O's and also people. Everything. Anything. So I obtained to know him in ~ three various levels.

"What was remarkable to me was how much time he spent helping various other people. In numerous cases, they never also knew he aided them. That's the mark of a man, come me."

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