In the recent episode of "Between 2 Ferns," Zach Galifianakis sit down v Jerry Seinfeld and Cardi B.

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In the latest episode that Between two Ferns, Zach Galifianakis sits down through Jerry Seinfeld and also Cardi B.

“I had President Hillary Clinton on critical time. Currently I have actually this guy,” claims Galifianakis to producer offscreen together Seinfeld sits next to him. The hold then mouths, “Who cares?”

“It’s prefer I love the ’90s. I might too have Lorena Bobbitt as a guest,” the continues. “Get one Us Weekly or Teen People and also find a legit guest.”

Galifianakis introduces his guest as “Jerry Sandusk-uhh Seinfeld.” together the guest says he is yes, really thrilled to it is in on the show, his name appears onscreen together “Jerry Signfeld. Funny 1993-1997.”

“It seems choose everyone indigenous the Seinfeld cast went top top to carry out great, wonderful stuff,” states Galifianakis. “It’s to be a actual launching pad for whites.” Seinfeld responds, “OK.”

Galifianakis then goes top top to compare Seinfeld’s Comedians in Cars acquiring Coffee come James Corden’s “Carpool Karaoke.” “What’s next in lazy car-based noncomedy?” The guest move uncomfortably in his chair.

“You recognize that movie you made? Bee Movie? Don’t you think that should’ve been referred to as ‘D-minus movie’?” asks the host.

“It’s referred to as Bee Movie due to the fact that it’s around bees,” Seinfeld aggressively responds prior to taking on one of Galifianakis’ film credits. “Do friend think if they only made one Hangover and also didn’t make the other two it would certainly be taken into consideration a comedy classic? execute you think the you ruined what would have actually been a comedy classic by the cash seize of two and also three?”

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“Let me ask friend a question,” snaps Galifianakis. “Do you have relatives that require emergency surgical treatment all the time? Well, ns do! mine Aunt Debra essential a baboon love transplant. That’s why i did Hangover 2. My Uncle Dicky, his yacht club melted down. That’s why ns did Hangover 3 is to conserve my uncle’s yacht club,” he yells. “And come buy myself a large Hummer.”

After a fast comment around Galifianakis’ hairstylist, Sam, the organize brings out Wayne Knight.

“Hello, Jerry,” claims Knight, that played Seinfeld antagonist Newman.

“Hey, Wayne, an excellent to see you,” Seinfeld responds and also pleasantly shakes hands through his former co-star.

“You’re claimed to say, ‘Hello, Newman,’” says Galifianakis. Seinfeld responds, “That’s as soon as I’m play a character.”

After the hold points in ~ Knight and says, “It’s Newman,” article responds, “No, my surname is Wayne Knight.”

“Why would you have actually him come down and also use him that means in the cliche, you know, exploitative method of just having him execute his catchphrase indigenous the show?” asks Seinfeld.

After Knight explains that he assumed Seinfeld wanted him to show up in the interview, Galifianakis hands Knight a check and also he exit the room.

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After Seinfeld’s refuse to encourage the display by encouraging viewers to vote that the present is “funny” instead of “die,” Galifianakis learns that a “better” guest has arrived to the studio.

Cardi B beginning the room and Galifianakis tells she to take Seinfeld’s seat, forcing the comedian come sit on a milk crate. “Cardi B, Zachy G and also Jerry J,” says Galifianakis together he reintroduces the guests.

“What’s the J?” asks Seinfeld. “Jew,” responds Galifianakis.

The organize instantly exclusive right up and praises Cardi B for her career and also pregnancy. “We obtained you a gift due to the fact that that’s what you carry out in display business,” he states as that hands her a present. “See I obtain a gift,” the rapper tells Seinfeld.

After opened the gift and also showing off a pink onesie the reads “Rap Fan,” she speak Seinfeld, “I’m special.”

“You room special, yet the most necessary thing is the you’re relevant,” adds Galifianakis.

“Boy, this is a really various interview than the one i did. I’m no even between the ferns anymore,” notes Seinfeld. “I don’t even fit the description of the show.”

Galifianakis responds, “When i do an additional show referred to as To the ideal of a Fern, you’ll be the an initial guest.” that continues, ”Cardi, give thanks to you so much for comes by and saving the show.” She then hugs the hold goodbye and also leaves without acknowledging Seinfeld.

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“That to be the the opposite of what happened with Kesha,” Seinfeld says, introduce to the time the singer asked him because that a hug top top the red carpet however he declined.

After thanking his guest, Galifianakis turns on the Seinfeld design template song and walks to a microphone at the finish of the stage. “Do you ever before have a speak show and also on that talk display the guest is yes, really lame,” asks Galifianakis, mimicking the beginning of each Seinfeld episode. “One of mine guests, he had actually a display on when, friend know, the count Crows were popular, yet if you look at his face, it’s more like count crows feet.”