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Beth Chapman"s family, friends and also fans will reunite one critical time to celebrate her life and legacy. The Dog"s many Wanted star"s husband, Duane "Dog" Chapman, and children will host a memorial service, Celebration the Life for Beth Chapman, in Colorado on Saturday. Beth passed away on June 26 at the period of 51 after ~ a battle with cancer.

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Open to the public, the special event will likewise be live streamed for every to watch. Here is everything you have to know about Beth"s celebration of Life.

When: The ceremony will take ar on Saturday, July 13, through the event ensuing from 1 p.m. PT / 4 p.m. ET come 3 p.m. PT / 6 p.m. ET.

Where come watch: The service will be organized at the heritage Christian facility in Colorado and also live streamed and

Watch the #BethChapman Memorial ~ above and also the #DogsMostWanted Facebook web page today at 4-6PM EST / 1-3PM PST #BethChapmanMemorial

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ET recently sat down v Beth"s husband, where he opened up up around life ~ the death of his lover wife.

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" brand-new experience that you have, girlfriend don"t know how you"re doing due to the fact that you"ve never ever experienced it," Duane saidwith a long pause. "I have a lot of of world who depend on me. All my supervisors said, "Dog, it"s time to male up." therefore I"m make the efforts to guy up."

He also explained that, as he"s in mourning, he"s still handling the truth that Beth is no longer by his side.

"I haven"t gotten past the place where I"m placing a pillow where she was and covering it up,"Duane explained. "And then i wake up in the center of the night and also I see her and also it doesn"t register that ain"t her. I"m quiet there."