Just fully cleared the key story on an essential mode, and want to start preparing because that the garden of assemblage and also lingering will.

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I currently have valor, wisdom, and final type at max level. And also just require to obtain master and also limit type maxed out. I'm mostly having actually trouble finding a reliable method to conveniently level master type since girlfriend can't really level it turn off killing enemies and NEED those journey orbs. As for border form, it just seems to take it a long time overall to level up...


For Master, equip drive Converter and go to Yen Sid's Tower and find the Gamblers. Don't hurt them. Simply keep play their games. You'll level it increase very fast.

For Limit, you can do it just about anywhere. Just expectations Sonic Blade. Ideal place is in the cavern of marvels treasure room. Keep doing the limits against the Mushroom.

Master form

You likewise could use the cavern that remembrance an initial 2 rooms. The spheres the drop the drive orbs.

I would certainly go gain the 3 spheres in the 2 rooms. And leave room and then die. The fatality would respawn the spheres orbs and also rinse and also repeat. I think you gain 100+ every pair mins

If you still require limit, the mushroom in cavern of wonders. Enter the room, active the mini game, get in limit and also run towards the exit yet don't leave. Just cast sonic blade(I think.. That the dash ability) over and also over again till you can't. Operation out, touch save point and open the food selection to soon replenish mp. Run earlier into the room. Rinse and repeat. Be certain to leaving the world before your limit gauge runs out to to fill it up.

Master: If you're playing final Mix or 2.5, the Drive ball orbs in the Cavern the Remembrance provide lots of orbs every runthrough. If you're playing regular KH2, the red men in land of the dragons (and many other opponents there) give lots of journey Orbs.

Final: civilization that never Was & Twilight Town. Again, if you're act KH2FM or 2.5, the Cavern the Remembrance has actually the move to Remembrance section which is every Nobodies.

I not know about limit form, but i checked out that cave in mulan's civilization next to the save suggest and destroyed the red crate things they provided a many drive orbs

Mulan's stage works because that me come level up understand Form.

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Spam Thundaga and kill every the enemies in Corridor beside Emperor's room. Leave world prior to drive wears turn off so you have the right to refill.


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