The 5 best (& 5 Worst) episodes of The speed (According come IMDb) The flash is a collection on the CW that"s part of DC"s Arrowverse. Right here are the highs and lows that the superhero show, together voiced by the fans.

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The speed on CW
due to the fact that debuting in 2014, The Flash has come to be one of the most popular superhero reflects on television. Part of the CW"s Arrowverse, the DC Comics series focuses ~ above Barry Allen together the hero v super speed, and his other superpowered friends together they effort to safeguard their city and also the multi-verse.

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In the eye of many viewers, The Flash was at that peak during its an initial two or three seasons. Numerous feel the it has had its ups and downs because then. Yet which episodes space the best and which are considered the worst? We"ve looked at the ratings left through users on IMDb to watch what they picked for each category.

If you want a sense of just how strong The Flash is, look at no further than this entry. It might be included on the "worst" side of things, however a 7.1 rating is nice good. "Null and Annoyed" to be the seventeenth illustration of Season 4 and it mostly suffered indigenous being sort of silly.

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The key villain that the week was Null, who offered her capacity to manipulate heaviness to make Barry float approximately like a balloon animal. Not precisely imposing, is it? A disappointment too, considering just how cool the power is. The highlights of this episode were the guest illustration by Danny Trejo and the tidbit that Kevin smith directed it.

together noted, fans seemed to love the early on episodes of The Flash. "The Trap" was illustration 20 that the very first season. It worked to assist get the story come the season-ending climax. The fight against Harrison Wells to be ramping up and Team Flash come up v a catch to record him.

It associated putting Cisco"s life in danger, which offered the illustration the emotional main point that it needed. We watched v bated breath to see if this fan favorite would certainly survive. Over there was also a fair amount of drama bordering Iris and also Eddie, including to the currently high level the drama because that this remarkable hour the television.

gain it? The title is choose the movie Harry and the Hendersons. Anyway, this Season 4 episode was a huge victim of coming in ~ the not correct time. In "Harry and the Harrisons," us watched as Harrison Wells struggled through his dwindling intelligence because of overuse of the reasoning Cap.

In an effort to help him, Cisco presented Harrison to the council of Wells. As fun as it normally is to view Tom Cavanagh portray so numerous different execution of himself, this felt choose overkill. And it taken place at the tail end of the season. Rather of concentrating on the necessary storylines, we acquired this filler episode.

7 Best: The man In The Yellow fit (9.4)

This obtained the slim edge end "The Trap" due to having an ext reviews. Here we have actually the ninth episode the Season 1. "The guy in the Yellow Suit" acted as the autumn finale. It put the secret of the Reverse-Flash front and also center, which to be a storyline that blew away the audience.

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As an excellent and intriguing together that tale was, that wasn"t the only shining component of this episode. We obtained to check out Caitlin deal with the exploration that her fiancé Ronnie was still alive. That collection off the Firestorm arc, which came to be a an essential plot in the eventual DC Legends the Tomorrow series.

It may rank close to the bottom that the barrel on IMDb, but this is actually a extremely divisive episode. Lot of of fans out there take into consideration it to be a fun break in the action. Many of Season 3 to be gloomy and also dire, yet the seventeenth illustration "Duet" readjusted up the tone completely.

Barry (Grant Gustin) and Kara Danvers/Supergirl (Melissa Benoist) to be both in this episode. They were sent out to a human being where whatever was a music by the Music Meister (Darren Criss). It enabled them to show off their singing talents from their job-related on Glee alongside Criss. It was a weird hour that may have been too different for some fans.

5 Best: enter Zoom (9.5)

A vast number of fans seem come feel that Season 2 to be the ideal run of illustration in The Flash history. It"s hard to argue the statement through entries favor "Enter Zoom." early on into the season, the threat of the angry Zoom was currently a substantial problem for Barry and also his friends.

This episode had a small bit that everything. There to be a humor facet early on. Great supporting personalities like Patty Spivot (Shantel VanSanten) and Linda Park (Malese Jow) stepped up. Earth-2"s version of the environment-friendly Arrow. A depth backstory for Earth-2 Harrison Wells. And it was all topped by a showdown with Zoom the didn"t disappoint.

like the previously mentioned "Duet," this is a divisive episode. "Run, Iris, Run" was the sixteenth illustration of Season 4 and also it shined a irradiate on a various kind of speedster. One of the bus metas had the capacity to swap people"s DNA v someone else. Once they walk so, it gave Iris her husband"s powers.

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Though it happened on short notice, Iris was offered her own an individual costume. It to be cool for a most viewers to view her protect central City. Yet as empowering together it was for some, the may have actually been too various for others. They appeared to want to view the flash they knew and not who else play the hero.

3 Best: Fast enough (9.6)

good season finales are important. You must wrap increase a solid story with a bang and that"s just what "Fast Enough" did for Season 1 of The Flash. Barry went ago in time to the crucial night whereby his mom was murdered to conserve her. However, he ultimately decided against it in the final minutes.

That"s sufficient drama because that a finale but this illustration didn"t stop there. Barry had actually his huge battle with Eobard Thawne, only for Eddie come shoot self so Eobard is never ever born. That big twist changed everything. To top it every off, Barry chased down a wormhole threatening to destroy central City as the season ended with a cliffhanger.

In theory, "Girls Night Out" to be a an excellent idea. The women of the Arrowverse deserve all the possibilities to showcase their talent and also putting them in ~ the facility of this illustration should have actually worked. Iris, Felicity, and the ladies came with each other for one of the an ext fun adventures the Season 4.

But the episode acquired dragged down by the an additional storyline involving the guys. Barry, Cisco, Ralph, and others saw a piece club for a bachelor party and it just wasn"t nearly as enjoyable together it could have been. This illustration is a perfect example of a constant Season 4 problem, which to be an inconsistent tone.

1 Best: the end Of Time (9.7)

illustration 15 of Season 1 confirmed to it is in the finest of The Flash, according to IMDb. It was the an initial to truly display us what the aspect of time travel can do to this series. Cisco identified that Harrison Wells to be the Reverse-Flash, leading to a brutal scene where Wells murdered him.

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We likewise got to view the emotional minute where Barry and Iris declared their feelings because that one another. Except it all obtained wiped out together Barry coincidentally traveled ago in time when trying to stop a tidal wave brought about by the Weather Wizard. This had whatever that makes The Flash click.

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