The 5.7 hemi is a Chrysler engine that comes in I6 and also V8 configurations, and has hemispherical burning chambers, thus the surname “Hemi.” There have been 3 generations of Hemi’s, the an initial appeared in 1951 until 1958, and was then changed by the second generation hem in 1964 which lasted it rotates 1971. The latest 3rd generation hemi was introduced in 2003.

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List the Top-Rated Cold waiting Intakes for Dodge lamb 1500 5.7 Hemi


K&N 71-153313.87 pounds22.2” x 14.2” x 12.5”View on Amazon
Airaid 302-125-19.35 pounds16” x 16” x 12”View ~ above Amazon
K&N 63-156115.05 pounds18.2” x 18.2” x 12.5”View top top Amazon
BBK 173313.95 pounds21” x 14.3” x 13.9”View on Amazon
AEM 21-8212DP14.4 pounds35” x 17” x 12.5”View top top Amazon

The ideal Cold wait Intakes because that Dodge ram 1500 5.7 hemi Reviews


The best Cold wait Intakes because that Dodge lamb 1500 5.7 hemi Reviews

K&N 71-1533 – performance Intake Kit


View ~ above Amazon
automobile Applications 2008 Dodge lamb 1500 5.7L V8 Fuel Injection all Models2007 Dodge ram 1500 5.7L V8 Fuel Injection every Models2006 Dodge lamb 1500 5.7L V8 Fuel Injection all Models2005 Dodge ram 1500 5.7L V8 Fuel Injection all Models2004 Dodge ram 1500 5.7L V8 Fuel Injection every Models2003 Dodge lamb 1500 5.7L V8 Fuel Injection every Models The k&n 71-1533 waiting Intake is designed to fit the Dodge ram 1500 5.7L hemi model.


This version is a free-flowing, mandrel-bent aluminum tube air intake system and comes to change the manufacturing facility air filter and air intake housing.

This k & n Blackhawk Induction air Intake mechanism is do of black components that incorporate the K&N high-flow wait filter and also heat shield.

The intake pipe is designed to sit flush v the manufacturing facility inlet air temperature sensor and crankcase vent hose.

This filter come in an oversized cone shape and also is made from an oil-free artificial filter media that only requires cleaning as soon as every 100,000 miles.

It will take around 90 minutes to replace the old filter unit v this kit fully.

features Guaranteed to boost horsepowerDesigned to enhance throttle an answer and engine soundWashable and reusable wait filterMade native all black color componentsLasts approximately 100,000 miles prior to maintenanceEasy to install, roughly 90 minutes recommendations

This is an all-black k & n filter model; the brings every the power of one aftermarket update kit.

Airaid 302-125-1 – QuickFit intake System


car Applications 2005 Dodge ram 1500 5.7L V8 F/I every Models2004 Dodge lamb 1500 5.7L V8 F/I all Models2003 Dodge lamb 1500 5.7L V8 F/I all Models The AIRAID 302-125-1 is designed because that Dodge ram 1500 5.7L hemi engine applications.


The AIRAID wait Box system is a share replacement component the delivers boosted performance. This design comes v an enlarged open-element waiting inlet that is safeguarded by the AIRAID Cold waiting Dam panels. This panels help carry out a steady, free-flowing supply of external cooler air into your engine.

The panels store the filter isolated and protected from warm engine compartment air.This design connects come the manufacturing facility air entry tube.

The AIRAID waiting filter is synthetic and is washable and also reusable.

features Increases horsepower and also torqueReplaces share airbox and air filterCold waiting Dam panels block out warm engine only airEasy to installEasy to clean oil-free man-made air filterWashable and also reusable air filter media recommendations

This is a high-grade filter kit and also is offered for upgrading performance in your lamb 1500, take into consideration this superb unit for hefty polluted work. Simply remember to clean it an ext regularly 보다 100K miles because that a constant perfect performance.

K&N 63-1561 – performance Air intake Kit


auto Applications 2019 ram 1500 standard 5.7L V8 Fuel Injection every Models2019 evade 1500 classic 5.7L V8 Fuel Injection every Models2018 ram 1500 5.7L V8 Fuel Injection all Models2018 dodge 1500 5.7L V8 Fuel Injection every Models2017 ram 1500 5.7L V8 Fuel Injection all Models2017 dodge 1500 5.7L V8 Fuel Injection all Models2016 lamb 1500 5.7L V8 Fuel Injection every Models2016 evade 1500 5.7L V8 Fuel Injection all Models2015 lamb 1500 5.7L V8 Fuel Injection every Models2015 dodge 1500 5.7L V8 Fuel Injection all Models2014 lamb 1500 5.7L V8 Fuel Injection every Models2014 Dodge lamb 1500 5.7L V8 Fuel Injection every Models2013 ram 1500 5.7L V8 Fuel Injection all Models2013 Dodge lamb 1500 5.7L V8 Fuel Injection every Models2012 lamb 1500 5.7L V8 Fuel Injection all Models2012 Dodge ram 1500 5.7L V8 Fuel Injection every Models2011 ram 1500 5.7L V8 Fuel Injection all Models2011 Dodge ram 1500 5.7L V8 Fuel Injection all Models2010 Dodge lamb 1500 5.7L V8 Fuel Injection all Models2009 Dodge ram 1500 5.7L V8 Fuel Injection all Models The k & n 63-1561 waiting Intake Dodge lamb 1500 5.7L hem engine applications.


The k & n AirCharger 63-1561 waiting intake device is a share replacement part and is design to develop a smoother performance through its chrome topped k&n high-flow wait filter and a warm shield. It comes through an overlapping air filter that can last up come 100,000 miles before maintenance.


functions Guaranteed speech gainImproves throttle response and engine soundFree-Flowing High-Density Polyethylene TubeReplaces entire factory air intake systemLasts up to 100,000 miles before maintenanceEasy come install, typically in 90 minute or much less Recommendations

This is the budget-friendly K&N version air filter because that the ram 1500 5.7L hem engine, and you save 30% when compared to the k&n all black model.

BBK 1733 – Cold waiting Intake System

automobile Applications 2005 Dodge lamb 1500 V8 5.7L/345 hemi SPORT2003 Dodge lamb 1500 V8 5.7L/345 LARAMIE2005 Dodge ram 1500 V8 5.7L/345 LARAMIE2005 Dodge ram 1500 V8 5.7L/345 RUMBLE BEE2005 Dodge lamb 1500 V8 5.7L/345 SLT2003 Dodge ram 1500 V8 5.7L/345 SLT2004 Dodge ram 1500 V8 5.7L/345 SLT2006 Dodge lamb 1500 V8 5.7L/345 SPORT2003 Dodge ram 1500 V8 5.7L/345 ST2004 Dodge ram 1500 V8 5.7L/345 ST2008 Dodge ram 1500 V8 5.7L/345 SXT2006 Dodge lamb 1500 V8 5.7L/345 TRX4 This is the BBK 1733 Cold air Intake system for 2003-2008 Dodge ram 5.7L Hemi


This is the chrome BBK performance cold air intake kit that provides you through an aftermarket update to boost horsepower and also torque. The added chrome plate complete is because that the show but does not take far from the performance.This model comes v a high circulation washable conical noodle filter and also is simple to download without any type of special devices or equipment. The kit comes with stainless stole clamps and silicone couplers.

features 15-20 horsepower GainIncrease Fuel EconomyImproved accelerator ResponseReusable High circulation FilterDirect Bolt-On for basic InstallationShiny Chrome Plated end up Recommendations

If you require the show, then this is the one you want. Chrome key pipes will constantly attract attention. Top top the power side, you gain a proven 15-20HP acquire over stock air intake, which is specifically what girlfriend want.

AEM 21-8212DP – refined Brute force Intake System

vehicle Applications 2008 Dodge lamb 1500 5.7L V8 F/I every Models2007 Dodge ram 1500 5.7L V8 F/I all Models2006 Dodge lamb 1500 5.7L V8 F/I every Models The AEM 21-8212DP is design for ram 1500 5.7L hem applications.


The AEM 21-8212DP Brute pressure Air Intake system is designed, tuned and also dyno-tested because that each particular application, including Dodge lamb 1500 Pickup models.

This waiting intake model comes through an extra-large AEM Dryflow synthetic washable air filter and a shiny chrome-like plated air flow pipe the adds a show with a performance.

The intake tubing is make from mandrel-bent aluminum and finished with a durable chrome-like finish. This version is draft to accept the engine’s manufacturing facility emissions regulate devices, these devices in the IAT sensor and PCV breather hose.

The AEM Dryflow wait filter is a tapered cylinder made from one oil-free, man-made filter media. This media deserve to last up 100K miles prior to maintenance.

attributes Increased horsepowerTuned and dyno-tested for boosted acceleration and engine soundLow border aluminum tubingEasy come installAir filter lasts as much as 100,000 miles prior to cleaningWashable and also reusable oil-free filter media referrals

This is a high-grade aftermarket design that comes with a most exceptional attributes to improve your ram 1500 performance and also looks.

5.7 hemi Cold wait Intake FAQ

The 1st generation Hemi ceded 350 horsepower at 5,600 rpm and also 375 lb-ft of torque (4,400 rpm). The second generation model delivered 390 horsepower and 407 lb-ft of talk in the dodge Ram, and also the third generation Hemi reached 375 speech in the 2009 evade Challenger with a hand-operated transmission. However, the power generated by each hemi is different in between different models of vehicle.

third Generation hem Engines

The Hemi uses a cast-iron block with a chunky deep skirt design. 4 bolts per main bearing organize up the crankshaft, the manifold is actors aluminum alloy, and the entry manifold is plastic. This engine is cheaper and easier to develop than the LA-series 360 V8 4.7-liter V8. It additionally produced much more power and torque than the LA collection models.

The 5.7L hem hit the market during 2003 and was uncovered in every Dodge lamb 1500, 2500, and also 3500 pickup trucks to compliment the Magnum 5.9 engine. During 2004 just gasoline engines were available in the Ram heavy Duty series. 2014 5.7 Liter Hemi has actually MDS with 395HP, and also the model was mounted in evade Ram, and also Dodge Durango.

In 2005 the hem was inserted in Chrysler 300C, evade Magnum R/T, Jeep grand Cherokee.

In 2006 it appeared in the dodge Charger R/T, and in 2009 that was installed in the dodge Challenger R/T with a 6-speed version that go not attribute MDS.

The 5.7 together (345 cu in) hemi in the ram delivers 345 hp (257.3 kW) and 398 lb-ft (540 Nm).

The 5.7 together (345 cu in) hemi in the 300C and also Magnum R/T it is provided 340 hp (253.5 kW) and also 390 lb-ft (529 Nm).

This is the list of applications because that the 5.7L Hemi.

Chrysler 300, 300C2005–present
Dodge Challenger2009–present
Dodge Durango2004–2009, 2011–present
Dodge Magnum R/T2005–2008
Dodge Charger R/T2005–present
Chrysler Aspen2007–2009
Jeep Commander2006–2010
Jeep grand Cherokee2005–present
Ram Pickup2003–present
2009 Revisions

During 2009, Chrysler upgraded the 5.7L engine integrating variable Camshaft timing or VCT. This device uses one oil manage valve to regulate the circulation of oil to a distinctive camshaft sprocket that includes a phasing device. The valve either breakthroughs or retards camshaft timing based on the setting of operation.

The cylinder heads room revised for enhanced flow, and also the input manifolds are currently engine version specific. The heavy-duty trucks have actually a six-speed transmission v no Multi-Displacement mechanism (MDS), and also the latest models of hem come in five various camshaft file that will certainly all have VCT.

Cold air Intake filter

A very popular aftermarket product, Cold waiting intake filter are added to engines to enhance the filtration and cold wait intake for power upgrades. Air filter are provided to stop pollution from beginning the engine, radiator, and also fuel lines. Waiting filters are a really important component in an engine’s live performance. Therefore, once a filter is not performing, the engine will certainly deteriorate, and performance will falter.

These simple airflow and also filter units are usually made aluminum alloy with plastic and also are ergonomically designed to be changed within minutes. The modern-day air filter kits need to be cleaned or changed at the very least once a year, or as soon as every 12,000 miles, whichever comes first.

Filters perform age, and likewise cleaning them or replacing them is a issue of typical sense. If you journey in especially polluted locations such as construction sites, you have to consider an altering the filter after ~ 6,000 miles.

Cold air intake filters room kits that provide over stock performance by raising the circulation of clean cold air to your engine. Just so you understand the affect of a cold air intake filter when compared to a stock, it will enhance your acceleration by 11%, and a clean filter boosts performance by the exact same degree. As such, you are looking in ~ the development of as much as 22% from a clogged stock air filter, when adding an aftermarket cold waiting filter.

exactly how to install an aftermarket cold waiting intake filter come a ram 1500 5.7L Hemi?

First of all, remember that each kit could resemble every other, yet installation have the right to differ. The intended replacement time is approximately 1 hour.

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These space the standard tools needed for a replacement.

5/16” Socket;¾” Wrench;Extension;Flat tongue Screwdriver;4mm Allen Wrench;10mm Socket;13mm Socket;10mm Wrench;Ratchet. Replacement procedures Clean the area you occupational in and prepare every the tools and also parts for arm length access;Disconnect the an adverse battery cable. Disconnecting the Old Unit drown the inlet waiting temperature sensor electrical connection;Undo the hose clamp hold the manufacturing facility intake tube to the accelerator body;Remove the crankcase vent water tap from the top air filter housing;Remove the manufacturing facility intake pipe from the throttle body;Lift the entry assembly and also remove the from the vehicle;Lift the engine cover and remove that from the vehicle;Take the end the factory air crate assembly;Undo the crankcase vent hose assembly from the valve sheathe port. Prepare the Vent Hose measure 11” native the air filter end of the crankcase vent hose;Trim the vent hose;Install the vent hose onto the cut hose through the water tap clamps;Reinstall the crankcase vent water tap assembly ~ above the valve cover;Reinstall the engine cover and also route the crankcase vent hose v the manufacturing facility opening; installation the warmth Shield install the brand-new heat shield assembly;Install the cold air intake tube to the warmth shield adaptor and throttle body. Install the Hoses and Sensors Reinstall the breather hoses.Take the inlet waiting temperature sensor the end of the manufacturing facility intake tube.Install the inlet wait temperature sensor right into the grommetInsert the wait temperature sensor, mass wait sensors right into their grommets installation the brand-new Filter install the intake tube into the pump hoseAlign v the water tap on the throttle body.Align the hose, tube and also heat shield for ideal fit and also secure through the hardware.Connect the crankcase vent water tap to the fitting mounted into the entry tube and secure v the hose clamp.Choose the appropriate inlet air temperature sensor extension harness and then attach it to the inlet air temperature sensor and also vehicle harness.Install the new air filter and secure with the clamps Closing up Reconnect the an unfavorable battery cableClose her hood and also start her engine

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