In Hill climb Racing we have actually several vehicles and also several stages. Different vehicles have various performances on the very same stage, and also I"d favor to understand what are the finest combinations to maximize street in every stage.

Also, what is the best mix of a vehicle and also a phase to gain lots of coins?



Some clues for each stage, and also my 3 ideal vehicles below.

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As much as money, either take the fully upgraded van to highway and also take her time through it (can get millions per run this way if you room careful/patient, however the runs room slow), or take it something like Motocross Bike to the moon and just rack up the air/flips.


Most vehicles deserve to do yes here. As soon as you hit 2000m, there space a pair of hills the are really tricky, and one in specific that is very hard to no break your neck when you land.

Dune Buggy 2223mMonster truck 2156mJeep 2154m


The tree don"t really gain in the way here. I don"t have actually much fun with this stage, so ns haven"t put lot time into it. Gas i do not care the limiting factor.

Tank 3073mDune Buggy 2590mTruck 1921m


Traction is an essential for this one.

Monster van 3638mTank 3051mTruck 2872m


Again traction is the main concern. The hill at roughly 2340m stops most vehicles that get that far.

Dune Buggy 3219mSnow mobile 2563mQuad bike 2431m


This one"s all about gas. The distance between gas cans goes up about 50m each time you get to one, so watch your distance and shot to number out when the following one is coming up so that you don"t jump over it. Any kind of vehicle there is no a gas upgrade will should hit every gas after about 1400m.

Kiddie refer 18028mTruck 14678mSuper Diesel 4x4 9047mRacecar 32037m. Needs nigh perfect runs


Slower or much shorter vehicles perform well here since they are less complicated to store from flying end jumps. Ultimately traction and speed to gain up some hills come to be an issue, at which suggest you have actually to obtain real great at letting off the gas early and also cresting the hills.

Dune Buggy 2876mRally car 2431mJeep 2369m


This one is just really difficult to acquire distance top top - the second one wheel gets off the ground girlfriend are beginning to flip. Tank does consistently well because of that is tracks.

Tank 1253mMonster truck 1111mRally auto 1090m


A mix of cave and moon. Timing when you let off the gas becomes also more vital than in cave. Take her time.

Jeep 1586mTank 1562mQuad cycle 1446m

Alien Planet

The slick surface way that very early in the level you need a running start for many hills. If friend jump off a hill and land top top the up slope of another, you have to ago down and also start over. Far better to tenderness crest the hill, ride down the various other side and also pick up rate for the next. There"s a hill at approximately 1150m the stops many vehicles.

Snowmobile 2351mJeep 1313mRace car 1257m

Arctic Cave

Like a slicker variation of cave.

Dune Buggy 1910mHovercraft 1235mSnow mobile 1159m


It takes power and traction to push through the trees. Ns don"t gain this one very much so i haven"t placed in much time. The Hippie van is not affected by the trees, however it tho does no seem as reliable as the 3 below.

Tank 1727mDune Buggy 1602mMonster van 1563m


The hill stage works finest with vehicles that are an excellent at make short, steep climbs, and also are durable to flipping. The treads top top the tank likewise handle the big number of sharp points really well, when other vehicles obtain stuck through a tires on either next of the point.

Tank 2114mDune Buggy 1884mHovercraft 1434m


Performance seems to diminish together you get muddy in this one, so shot to run as lot mud as you can. Traction up hills i do not care the greatest issue. The hovercraft will certainly skim the surface of the liquid, i beg your pardon is handy.

Dune Buggy 2266mBig Finger 2142mTank 2023m


Jumping the fire becomes pretty essential when gas it s okay scarce. Again, the hovercraft will certainly skim the surface of the liquid, which means you will never ever have prolonged fires.

Tank 2958mRally automobile 2177mMonster van 2071m


This one"s actually really straightforward. The dunes provide nice traction heading increase the hills.

Truck 12338mTank 5694mDune Buggy 4357m

Roller Coaster

The an essential is a auto that can acquire up the an extremely steep inclines - vehicles v down pressure like the Dragster, race Car, or Rally automobile are all effective.

Dragster 3991mRace car 2652mRally vehicle 1562m

I have not put as much time right into the adhering to tracks.


The roll hills and scarcity the gas do this track comparable to Highway. However, traction is not as good.

Tank 4424mTractor 2877mMonster truck 2355m


The vital to this phase is no to hit all the ramps v speed. The really flat ones, favor the first couple of wooden ramps, space safe, as room the dark ones at the edge of the rooftops. Any other greater ramps room liable come land you in between rooftops if girlfriend hit them through speed. Regrettably you do not obtain lots of wait time because that falling under the holes!

Monster van 2763mJeep 2666mMotocross bike 2651m


There doesn"t seem to be lot of a trick to this one. Another "traction and also gas" track.

Tank 2746mSuper Diesel 4x4 2455m?


The swinging beams make this one tricky. The finest strategy is probably to travel progressively to see just how the beam is supported and work native there.

Big Finger 1964mTank 1584mQuad cycle 1564m


This is a tough course. Girlfriend just have to spend a great bit that time figuring the end which jumps to take it at i m sorry speeds.

Rally car 2776mTruck 1775mQuad bike 1507m


This to be a pretty boring course, I only went v it a pair of times.

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Tank 4684mSuper Diesel 4x4 2319mBig Finger 2316m


Also quite boring. The gift can gain annoying. Ns imagine tank and truck would fare well, possibly also snow mobile.Update: BF is great here. Deserve 10m+ coins going native level 45 to 62 in one go.