Looking because that the finest brake pads for Dodge lamb 1500 & 2500? then you’ve pertained to the right place.

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We recognize how hard it can be to find the best pad for her vehicle. A Dodge lamb is not basic vehicle come maintain, even less therefore finding spare parts as soon as needed.



But it is no as difficult as friend think either. With the appropriate research and taking into consideration several factors, friend can constantly pick the perfect product for her vehicle’s need. And when it concerns brake pads – that is even easier.


A compare Table of finest Brake Pads because that Dodge lamb 1500 & 2500Top 10 best Brake Pads because that Dodge ram 1500 & 2500 ReviewsConsider before Buying The best Brake Pads because that Dodge lamb 1500 & 2500How to install Brake Pads in a evade RAMFrequently Asked concerns (FAQ) around Best Brake Pads for Dodge lamb 1500 & 2500
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Power stop Z36-1399 prior Z36 Truck and also Tow Brake Pads check on Amazon
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Wagner ThermoQuiet QC965 Ceramic bowl Brake Pad collection inspect on Amazon

Here, we want you to discover all around the highest-quality models accessible for your Dodge ram 1500 or 2500.

Then, you will learn an ext about them through depth, and possibly find out a couple of other exciting things.

Want to recognize what we’re talk about? climate head-first into this short article for more!

What ist The ideal Brake Pads because that Dodge ram 1500 & 2500?

Answer: Undoubtedly Power protect against K2164 is the finest brake pad for Dodge lamb 1500 and 2500 trucks.

The perfect brake pads would be those through quality construction that boosts stop performance, reduce noise, and keeps noise low.

Luckily, most of the models top top this list fit those requirements so friend may have actually it difficult when picking.

Yet, we deserve to say with complete certainty the the Power protect against K2164 Z23 evolution Sport Brake Kit is the ideal brake pad collection in the list.

They come with whatever you need for a an excellent experience – native the installation come the last minute of use.

Why Power stop K2164 is The finest Brake Pads for Dodge lamb 1500, 2500?

Answer: Power protect against K2164 comes with a parcel of brake pads and also rotors kit. The complete package is reasonable come budget, the most necessary fact for picking as the winner because that this kit is the brake pads last much longer than any type of other brand on the market.

People have good faith as result of the highest quality material and longer service life the the brake pads kits.

Top 10 best Brake Pads because that Dodge lamb 1500 & 2500 Reviews

We wanted to display as plenty of brake pads together we could. However we had actually to stick through 10 only. And sure enough, these are the ideal of their kind – so you won’t be disappointed.

Here’s what you need to know around them:

01. Power protect against K2164 Z23 advancement Sport Brake Kit


check Price

Highlighted Features

Drilled & slotted rotorsRubberized shimsLow-dust ceramicCarbon-fiber buildFront & behind kit

The K2164 kit native PowerStop comes directly from the Z23 advancement Sport array. These brake pads space super effective, quiet, and also produce tiny to no dust.

Apart native that, the brake pads come with every little thing you require to gain them top top a Dodge ram in small time. You obtain the drilled & slotted rotors, ready to be an installed in minutes.

And v the ceramic brake pads v carbon-fiber, you i will not ~ have any kind of problem setting the totality system up.

“While the installation can take a couple of minutes if you experienced, it frequently does not. Friend may end up wasting entire hours installation this kit because of the number of pieces & dimension of them.

Overall, the set is still simpler to install than countless others – but it could be better.”

With this construction, girlfriend can also expect superb durability. The rotors space designed to withstand super-high that temperature and also bring them under while working. This means less wear over time.

And through the Silver-Zinc Dichromate plating, climate you’re likely to never ever experience corrosion or rust through them.

Last however not least, you acquire high-temperature rubberized shims that avoid them indigenous making too much noise. Once you brake, you will certainly barely hear the wheels doing so.


The pre-slotted & driller rotors make the surroundings a item of cakeExcellent construct in both pads & rotors because that extra durabilityThe complete kit provides extr convenience and ease of useSilver Zinc Dichromate plating ensures less corrosion


Feels ultra-expensive in spite of the qualityInstallation might take a most time

5.7 hemi engine maintain tips and the major problem you should know.

02. Detroit Axle S-5300 Drilled and Slotted bowl Brake Kit Rotors


inspect Price

Highlighted Features

Drilled & slotted rotorsZinc DiChromate platingCeramic constructionAlloy rotor buildBrake cleaner spray

Then we fulfill the Detroit Axle Drilled & Slotted S-5300 set. Also both and rear brake rotors, castle offer an excellent performance and unsurpassed durability.

The very first thing you’ll an alert is the quality building and construction of the rotors, coming greatly from the great alloy actors build.

This fits perfectly with the Zinc Dichromate plating, offering the extra class of defense to stay rust-free for long.

But there’s a lot more to consider – consisting of the OE spec architecture that fits perfectly with Dodge Rams. And it still manages to mitigate vibration.

Along through the terrific ceramic construction, they’re designed to improve braking performance exponentially.

The collection still comes v the drilled & slotted rotors so you have the right to install them with ease. And also to make the kit also better, you deserve to use the brake cleaner spray. This will make that a piece of cake come clean prior to installing it.

Overall, this collection is designed come surpass expectations in every way. Despite that, that still manages to be well-priced because that the quality.


Effortless installation v slotted & drilled rotors designSuperb building with Zinc plating because that rust-free resultsOutstanding ceramic building improve braking performanceOE spec architecture from rotors mitigate vibration exponentiallyThe kit comes with all the installation hardware for quick setup


The pads may create a lot much more sound 보다 expectedNot as wear-resistance together expected

03. Power protect against Z36 van & Tow former Brake Pads


check Price

Highlighted Features

Carbon-infusedSlotted designStainless steel shimsCeramic constructionPowder-coated plates

Coming earlier to strength Stop, castle come with the Z36 model. This is a set of former brake pads because that trucks and towing vehicles. Therefore you deserve to guess they’re super durable.

With a carbon-fiber infused ceramic build, these brake pads are perfect for boosting durability and also overall results. You i will not ~ have any problem braking all of sudden or enjoy it a long-lasting set of pads.

Still, castle come through a unique infusion v the carbon-fiber, including a thermal-scorched surface ar that improves brake speed and also reduces noise.

You can brake suddenly and receive outstanding results while still enjoying little to no noise.

“The performance is amazing, however they won’t work-related too fine on Dodge ram 1500 models. This happens as result of the slightly larger & thicker design, particularly designed for the 2500 series.”

This it s okay even better with the chamfered & slotted design. Along with the stainless stole shims, you will barely hear the brakes as soon as stopping her vehicle.

And if all that wasn’t enough, you gain powder-coated backing plates. This improves braking performance and prevents rust & corrosion favor nothing else.


Superb carbon-fiber infused building and construction ensures maximum durabilityCeramic build improves performance and overall longevityStainless stole shims reduce noise exponentiallyUnique Z36 compound reduces total dust productionComes with vital hardware & grease


Could be daunting to download in part Dodge lamb modelsDon’t occupational too well through Dodge lamb 1500 – just 2500

04. Bosch BC1399 QuietCast Premium disc Brake Pad


examine Price

Highlighted Features

Chemical protective layerRubber shimsSemi-metallic buildSlotted & chamfered designCopper-free

Few brands are as trustworthy as Bosch is, and few offer the top quality in brake pads as the QuietCast series. The BC1399 model, for example, will go over all her expectations through ease.

One the the main determinants that collection this collection of pads except the compete is the unique collection of materials.

You acquire an aluminum-based alloy (semi-metallic) build that enhances durability and also overall performance. Braking with these pads is a total pleasure.

This go well through a chemistry formula the creates a protective great on the pads. It renders the entire collection much an ext durable than other sets the end there.

Still, you can expect the pads to function amazingly well without a solitary unwanted noise. Boasting rubber shims, you won’t have any kind of problem enjoying maximum brake power without cringing every time girlfriend stop.

And finally, you can not dismiss the whole hardware kit the comes with the set. This provides them super straightforward to download and way more practically in the long run.


Quality semi-metallic building ensures superb performanceExtra chemistry layer reduce wear and also prevents unwanted frictionExceptional rubber shims keep the brakes noise-freeBoasts a finish hardware kit for basic setupAdditional man-made lubricant for finish installation


Only compatible v Dodge lamb models from 2009 and 2010Not as sturdy as ceramic pads

05. Power avoid K2163 former Brake Kit


examine Price

Highlighted Features

1-Click installationZinc-plated rotorsDrilled & slotted rotor designRubberized shimsCarbon-fiber infused

We already went end the Z23 brake kit – yet we didn’t walk over the Daily-Driver version. This is a 1-click front pad that renders installation one extraordinarily easy deed.

The drilled & slotted rotor design makes it easy to gain a fast installation without taking too lot time or effort. Yet, this also helps v cooling and also keeping the pads wear-free because that long.

You will also find the rotors to it is in zinc-plated, ensuring a lifespan cost-free of rust. But it is the carbon-fiber infused building and construction of the ceramic pads the stand the end the many – preventing rust completely but additionally improve power overall.

“This construction and an extra layer of defense make the pads super expensive. If you are on a quick budget, you will discover it as well pricey for your demands.”

The pads are likewise low-dust, so friend won’t need to worry about it. And also with the dual-layer rubberized shims, you deserve to enjoy not only the low-dust performance but also a noise-free experience. Even in the strongest of stop – the brakes will certainly respond quietly.

Last however not least, you will get the extra hardware kit that makes the collection up even much more straightforward.


The carbon-fiber infusion provides the pads at sight long-lastingThe ceramic building and construction ensures maximum protect against performanceExcellent low-dust build prevents too lot wearRubberized shims keep noise greatly lowWell-made rotors improve installation & durability


Way an ext expensive than competitorsWon’t fit models newer than 2014

06. Callahan CDS02156


inspect Price

Highlighted Features

Ceramic constructionHeat-dissipation systemSlotted steel rotorsDust-free formulaComplete hardware kit

There are only a couple of models as practical and also well-made together the Callahan CDS02156 kit. It surpasses expectation in nearly every method – and also it still manages to come in ~ a premium cost.

The brakes are made of ceramic. That’s something you won’t regret having because ceramic offers the best performance.

It likewise delivers a quieter experience. And also if all that wasn’t enough, the reduces dust manufacturing exponentially.

Then, you can take into consideration the unique design of these brake pads. Castle come with superb heat-dissipation mechanism that reduces in its entirety wear. This provides the pads much more durable and increases their performance slightly.

There’s tho more, favor the superb stainless stole rotors friend get. They carry out amazingly well and also make environment effortless.

Along with the extra setup hardware and also all the quality you get with the kit – this is something friend don’t desire to dismiss.


Excellent ceramic building with a distinctive formula because that durabilityPrevents dust manufacturing which keeps castle clean for longHeat-dissipation system avoids wear and increases the lifespanStainless stole rotors fit perfectly with the padsEasy & fast installation through a complete hardware kit


Tend to develop a many dust if used with other rotorsInstallation deserve to be tricky through incompatible rotors

07. Bosch BC1084 QuietCast Premium key Brake Pad Set


inspect Price

Highlighted Features

Ceramic friction formulaSemi-metallic mixProtective carry layerSlots & chamfersRubber-core shims

Coming earlier to Bosch QuietCast, it is time for the BC1084 model to was standing out. Together a premium set, the delivers outstanding results – and even much better construction.

It every starts through a ceramic friction formula. This formula combines the ideal of ceramic pads through the best of semi-metallic pads.

You will obtain top-notch durability while still enjoying the as whole quietness and dust-free performance.

There’s other unique around this brake pad, though. The protective move layer, for example, is specially draft to administer an impressive lifespan.

You i will not ~ have any kind of problem enjoying numerous years of usage from this pad.

“Even though the kit is supervisor durable, it is not the most convenient. Doing not have the hardware because that installation – you may end up emotion disappointed by its lack of convenience.”

Still, you get rubber main point shim, ideal for avoiding noise once using. And also to make it even better, this shim additionally provides extra corrosion resistance, for this reason the pad big a lot more time than usual.

Apart from all that, the pads come with slots and chamfers. These architecture quirks boost the to trust & quality, however they assist to make the whole set even simpler to install.

And sure enough, the extra hardware and the lubricant – you won’t have any problem setup the pads up on her Dodge Ram.


Superb rubber-core shims for sure quietness & much less corrosionTop-notch ceramic pads with semi-metallic friction mix because that durabilityExtra lifespan with a protective deliver layerSlots & chamfers for easy installationAmazingly affordable because that the overall quality


Tend to develop a many dustDoes no come v installation kit

08. Power stop K2203 Z36 truck & Tow prior Brake Kit


examine Price

Highlighted Features

Carbon-fiber infusionCeramic formulaStainless steel shimsSlotted & drilled rotorsBolt-on design

As you may understand already, we love Power avoid models – and also it is not a mystery why. The K2203 collection of brake pads indigenous the Z36 series is a perfect instance of why this is together a an excellent brand.

Coming native the Z36 models for Truck & Tow, this power kit will bring your avoiding power to a whole new level that results.

Thanks to a carbon-fiber infused ceramic formula, you have the right to expect top-notch results as soon as towing, lifting, and mountaineering v the van or simply hauling – with no drawbacks.

The brakes are simply made to administer exceptional performance v your dodge Ram, there is no a fault.

This gets far better when you think about how quiet castle are, particularly with the stainless steel shims that reduce warm exponentially, giving them extra power and also durability.

Finally, you get drilled & slotted rotors still. This ensures you have the right to mount the pads with no extra effort.

Yet, these slots and also drills actually aid to save the brakes fresh – i beg your pardon decreases wear and noise. And with the hardware kit, the installation becomes a item of cake.


Excellent preventing power v carbon-fiber ceramic formulaLow-dust & wear-resistant construction for durabilityQuiet design with stainless stole shimsHeat-dissipation device ensures a much longer lifespanSuperb slotted & drilled rotors because that extra results


Expensive for being just for the frontFit Dodge lamb 2500 much better than 1500 models

09. Detroit Axle prior Drilled and Slotted key Brake Kit


examine Price

Highlighted Features

Ceramic buildSlotted & drilled rotorsZinc DiChromate platingCoated & polishedComplete hardware kit

If you desire to obtain your Dodge ram 2500 set up v some terrific brake pads, climate this is your finest bet indigenous the article.

While you will only get front brake pads, that’s sufficient to gain maximum power from them. Castle come v a ceramic building and construction that improves all at once performance.

And through the durability they offer, you have the right to expect a genuinely lengthy lifespan that rises your enjoyment.

“You won’t have to replace these pads after a few months that use. But they might still begin squeaking, which might be discouraging. While they will still job-related well, you might feel choose they’re not.”

The pads come with drilled & slotted rotors. Castle ensure best convenience once installing.

Yet, it is the coated & polished architecture that stands out the most. Together with a Zinc DiChromate layer, you won’t ever experience rust through the piece.

Perfect because that Dodge ram 2500 models, this collection of pads is designed with the sole purpose of boosting your brake strength & convenience. And with the quiet yet low-dust power – climate they get even better.

You additionally get the entire selection of hardware items so you can collection the pads up v ease and little time.


Ceramic building ensures maximum preventing power v extra durabilityLow-dust performance delivers a maintenance-free suffer for longSlotted & drilled rotors carry out extra resilience & ease of useZinc DiChromate plating stays clear of rust & corrosionComes with a helpful hardware kit for simple installation


Only compatible with 2500 Dodge ram modelsMay begin squeaking after a couple of hundred miles

10. Wagner ThermoQuiet QC965 disc Pad Set


check Price

Highlighted Features

IMI TechnologyCeramic buildLow-copper constructionStainless stole hardwareHeat-dissipation design

There’s something around thermal-efficient brake pads the we just can’t ignore. And that’s specifically what the Wagner ThermoQuiet QC965 provides – a superb thermos resilient build.

Boasting a ceramic collection with a low-copper construction, lock designed come surpass expectation in terms of durability.

It dissipates warm like no other and reduces friction exponentially, keeping wear quite low.

The pads space still supervisor quiet. Friend won’t have to cringe everything you stop.

Instead, you will obtain them to perform quietly, but also producing tiny to no dust. Cleaning her wheels room using the auto will it is in a point of the past.

The surroundings is additionally a item of cake. You get stainless steel hardware for the setup. And also with the IMI technology, friend can set them up through ease even in the most daunting situations.

When it involves durability & performance, few models will certainly perform and this one. And it is still one of the most affordable friend can gain for your Dodge lamb 1500 & 2500.


Super quiet performance ensures more pleasant stopsStraightforward installation saves time & effortHigh-quality ceramic construct provides superb performanceEnsures year of lifespan with its thermos-resistant buildUnbeatable price because that the high quality you’re getting


Lacks shim plates which produce an ext wear & noiseDon’t fit most Dodge lamb models under 2010

Consider before Buying The ideal Brake Pads because that Dodge lamb 1500 & 2500


While checking the finest brake pads because that dodge lamb 2500, you’ll discover that there are countless different points to consider that you may not recognize about. If that’s the case, then you’ll more than likely get perplexed and/or neglect the feature.

But the doesn’t occupational if you want to obtain the ideal model for her Dodge Ram. It is why we desire to help you out with a straightforward and also super valuable guide.

Here are several of the many important determinants to consider prior to making your last choice:

01. Building & Longevity

First and also foremost: make certain the brake pads are made through the right material. Girlfriend won’t reap a deficient set that wears under in less than a year. For that, make certain it comes v a long-lasting build.

Here, friend will find several products worth considering. However two space the most usual – for this reason we’re concentrating on them.

The first would be semi-metallic. It is a traditional brake pad construct that often delivers superior results. And they’re additionally super cheap. However, lock don’t provide much trust – or not the very same as ceramic pads.

The 2nd ones space usually better overall. Yet, the is usual to discover them way more expensive.

A collection of ceramic pads can often be double as expensive together a semi-metallic one – so it is something come think about before buying.

Apart indigenous the main build, friend may additionally consider infusions and coatings. Carbon-fiber infused pads and Zinc Dichromate layers, because that example, usually boost the durability and also performance that pads. So they’re worth considering as well.

If you want an excellent set the pads, however, make sure they market designs that cool down automatically. Those will stop wear and last the most time.

02. Braking Performance

Choosing by considering braking performance is somewhat tricky. You typically don’t know just how well the pads will do until you usage them.

But still, the is feasible to discern by considering the building as well. Like we claimed before, semi-metallic pads are frequently cheaper 보다 ceramic people – however they’re way noisier & less effective.

That’s why it is for sure to say the if friend want excellent braking power – then walk for ceramic pads. The finest experience usually comes from those with extra coatings & layers the increase overall stopping power.

03. Dust Prevention

A set of brake pads native a Dodge lamb 1500 or 2500 requirements to be clean as well. And for that, there’s nothing an ext important 보다 dust prevention.

Here, you will also find the the pads material has actually a far-reaching say on just how much dust they produce. Ceramic pads, when again, success the race by a large advantage because they provide small to no dust.

In contrast, semi-metallic models tend to develop a lot of dust since of the metal-by-metal call of the pads through the rotors.

But you have the right to still stop dust by choosing different class and/or infusions. Those pads, either ceramic or semi-metallic, with unique constructions, may ultimately reduce dust exponentially. So walk for those if friend don’t desire to be continually act upkeep to the brakes since of dust.

04. Noise Reduction

Yet another factor the differentiates ceramic pads and also semi-metallic ones: the noise they produce.

Again, ceramic pads space the quietest. Many thanks to the ceramic construction, they have actually the top hand once it comes to reducing noise.

The product does no make the very same kind of call with the rotors, so that doesn’t reason as much friction, which translates right into annoying noise.

Semi-metallic pads space not necessarily noisy. However they are not together quiet as ceramic pads are. It is why girlfriend will most likely find much more semi-metallic models do noise than ceramic pads doing so.

This factor, however, is no only about the as whole construction the the pads. The is also about the shims.

The shims refer to a great of material between the pad and the rotor. This part ensures the the pads have the right to have direct call with the rotor without creating much friction – i m sorry often reasons extra noises.

For the finest experience, we recommend rubberized shims that reduce noise significantly when compared to metallic ones.

05. Lull of Installation

The all at once time & initiative it takes to download a collection of brake pads is additionally super important. That’s why we recommend models that are simple to install end those that room not.

This is daunting to know, though. Yet you can always figure the by just considering the hardware included in the brake pad kit and also the overall style of the piece.

Those models the come through no hardware items and also that don’t administer a standard architecture are frequently more an overwhelming to install than all others. Sometimes, girlfriend may also need to modify them before installing them so they deserve to fit.

To make sure that the brake pads you’re selecting can be set up in no time, us recommend going because that the most complete kit possible. That will certainly make it easier to for sure a quick installation process. And don’t overlook the architecture either – it should be as comparable to the original pads together possible.

06. Compatibility

Another vital factor to take into consideration is the compatibility that the brake pads through your dodge Ram.

While many of the brake pads the fit a Dodge ram may additionally fit all others, the is generally not the case. You may still find some brake pads that room not truly compatible with your truck depending upon the year and also exact model.

So be certain of picking the one the truly fits well v your evade Ram, focusing on the year and series. Otherwise, you may end up v a supposedly evade Ram version that doesn’t important fit your specific model & year.

07. Equipment & Extras

Finally, consider all those brake pad kit that come v extra accessories and also features.

Brake rotors room the best kind of equipment you can acquire with some brake pads. That will make the entirety kit much an ext valuable, as you won’t need to install the rotors later and also spend extra money top top them.

Apart from that, take into consideration those v hardware kit installation. Something that helps you obtain the brake pads on the van without getting anything else will be ideal.

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And sure enough, nothing overlook those v lubricants and/or extra fluids. This fluids can be used for clean or simply lubricate the pads prior to installing them. And that can both assist you get an ext of the brake pads but likewise enjoy them for longer.