If candid Sinatra had actually his insanely renowned “My Way,” Concert King boy name Nievera has actually his above “Be mine Lady,” videotaped in 1983 for his debut album, “Take One.”

“It’s the only song i sing where, after the an initial three words, world were already cheering,” Nievera proud told surfacetoairnewyork.com surfacetoairnewyork.com about “Be mine Lady.”

No doubt. Everywhere Nievera crooned the ballad, the audience will instantly let the end “oohhs” and “aahhs,” if not screams, complying with the very first three words. Always. They know the melody of the well-known song, if not familiar with the precise lyrics.

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The part where Nievera likewise whispers the first three words in ~ the begin of “Be my Lady,” is his favorite component of the ballad. “I gambling you have the right to never guess: v what mine favorite component of the tune is,” he mused. “It’s a feeling I cannot express. No in a few words, anyway.”

“Be mine Lady” is not Nievera’s original recording. The was likewise not the an initial singer who performed the tune, created by Vehnee Saturno. In the 6th Metropop song Festival hosted at the Araneta Coliseum, Nievera construed “Pain,” penned through Alvina Sy, who won the grand prize in the amateur division.

Meanwhile, that was another singer, Pedrito Montaire, an ivory Records artist, who sang “Be my Lady” at the Metropop. The song, unfortunately, did not win any kind of prize because that Saturno in the professional songwriters’ division.

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“Little did I understand that the song, ‘Be my Lady,’ the one i didn’t interpret, would certainly be the best blessing in my career,” Nievera said.

When Metropop to be over, everybody went their separate ways and also went back to their particular careers. “After that magical weekend, I checked out my recording agency and received the biggest surprise ever,” Nievera recalled.

“It was Chito Ilagan, who approached me together our large boss, Vic Del Rosario. Castle asked me if ns remember the song, ‘Be mine Lady.’ i said, ‘Of course. I loved that song and wished it to be mine.’

“Then, Chito said, ‘How would certainly you favor it to yes, really be yours?’ So, Vehnee Saturno was kind enough to provide me a possibility at record his beautiful song.”

However, record “Be my Lady” was no that basic for Nievera, that was perfect his debut album, “Take One,” at the time. Ironically, “Be mine Lady” was not a “take one” song for him.

“I remained in the studio almost the whole day,” he shared. “But v the orchestra in my ears and really dim lights, I remained in heaven loving every second. V the beautiful arrangement of Homer Flores, i stepped right into the record booth for the very first time in mine life.

“With a string ar behind me, I videotaped my version of ‘Be mine Lady.’ It to be the greatest song on my very very first long play vinyl record.”

“Be my Lady” ended up being a much-requested song on the radio and also n all of Nievera’s performances then and even now.

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Admittedly, it to be the “beautiful and also begging lyrics” that Saturno the attracted Nievera to document “Be mine Lady” at the time.

“Those are the words every guy wants come say come a woman,” Nievera explained. “But what really offered me the inspiration to document this track the method I did back then in ~ the age of 19, to be the beautiful arrangement of Homer Flores.

“Remember, i was just a young man who knew nothing about love, but when ns heard Homer’s beautiful arrangement, i knew that this was the song people sing in your hearts every time they fall in love.

“The text of Vehnee, to this day, make love come the setup of Homer, each time i sing that song. ‘Be my Lady’ stays the many requested song in all of my shows, huge and small, anywhere and also everywhere.”

Nievera's 10-track debut album yielded various other hits choose his composition, “Holiday,” his Metropop to win song, “Pain,” and also his variation of his favorite Kenny Loggins tune at that time, “Heart to Heart.”

In just six weeks, “Take One” to be a certified yellow album. Not too lengthy after, the album turned platinum. Embracing his early on success in the recording company at that time, Nievera to be only an extremely thankful about his fate.

“My very first album launch remained in Ali Mall and also to this day, i still fan them two doors,” Nievera shared. “Because once they opened the door, the civilization came crashing through breaking the two doors going right into the room where we had actually the launch. Ns was never invited back.”

“Take One” was extra special to Nievera. “It to be not just my first album,” he said. “It was also me realizing a childhood dream. I had actually some compositions there, too, prefer ‘Don’t leave Me Now,’ ‘Paradise’ and also my sister Gina Godinez created some like, ‘Song On my Mind’ and ‘Make a Smile.”

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Assessing the popular of a beautiful and also timeless ballad prefer “Be my Lady,” Nievera refuse to take it solo credit for it.

“I great I could take every the credit for the success of this song,” the said. “But it to be a team effort. The music and lyrics relocated me. The genius behind that song must get complete credit. I was simply the voice so it provides me a thrill. You can not imagine when human being asked if ns wrote, ‘Be mine Lady.’ ns wish. That course, i say, ‘Yes!’

“I think the timeless ballad will constantly be a favourite of many, most particularly for those in the karaoke who just don’t know exactly how to let walk of that microphone. Not till they sing, ‘Be mine Lady.”

Nievera admits he gets jealous as soon as others song his song. “I can’t lie,” that insisted. “I am really possessive when it involves my songs, especially ‘Be my Lady.’ Probably due to the fact that I’m afraid someone might sing it far better than me.

“But seriously, come hear various other singers and arrangers give my old hit new life, is the most profitable feeling any type of singer might feel.”Nievera recorded and also even composed other famous tunes ~ that. Understandably, he has his particular favorites among his songs that easily become top that mind, as soon as asked to surname a few.

“I love come sing, ‘Say the You Love Me,’ ‘You space My Song,’ ‘I’ll it is in There for You,’ ‘No method to act a Heart.’ my list deserve to go top top forever. But my greatest song? The greatest of lock all? The one world come from miles and miles come hear? that is and also will always be, ‘Be mine Lady.”

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“Be my Lady’ is not straightforward song,” Nievera sharp out. “One time, ns forgot the lyrics and also rewrote the song on the spot. An additional time, i was having sound issues and also my voice cracked during the large modulation.

“There was one time I saw a karaoke location in Makati trying come stretch my voice, to sing songs by Chicago and Air Supply, means out of my range. If in deep pain trying come sound prefer Peter Cetera, i heard someone in the next room serious struggling v the song, ‘Be my Lady.’

“It was too tempting a moment, so yup, girlfriend guessed it. I stormed right right into that room and stood there. The singer and his room complete of girlfriend all simply stopped. Castle froze. No one spoke . Not also a scream or whisper.

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“I said, ‘Wait a minute. This is no my room!’ and also I to walk out. The sound ~ the door closeup of the door behind me to be hilarious. They to be screaming, cheering and laughing. That was a minute I will certainly cherish forever.”

After 39 years in the music business, Nievera keeps the belief that he deserve to mount the stage and perform live again. He to be able to perform that recently at the Sycuan Casino resort in san Diego, California. Naturally, the is looking front to execute the same in Manila soon.

“We space all ~ above a momentary overly extended, ‘pause’,” the maintained. “We have actually so lot time to, ‘rewind,’ together we all look, ‘fast forward’ to far better and brighter days ahead. Like countless others, ns can’t wait till I have the right to go outside and also go on that stage again and finally, once again, ‘play’.”