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In 2006, MTV premiered Rob & Big, i m sorry at the moment was their recent entry right into the budding reality television genre. It starred experienced skateboarder plunder Dyrdek and his homie Christopher Boykin, that was affectionately recognized as big Black (because, well, he was a big, black color guy). The display was ~ above some Odd Couple shit, v Rob's "pro skater with the money to bankroll his wildest ideas" mindset mixed v Black's hilariously charming vibe making lock the perfect men to chill with. There was never a dull minute in the three seasons of the series, and also throughout we got to view the duo carry out everything: breaking Guinness World Records, document insane rap songs, and also clown their homeboys. There was a the majority of love, and while plunder is a personality on his own, it was big Black who truly stand out together the finest homie you can have on your side.

For pan of the people of skateboarding, the world's an initial introduction come Rob and Big's dynamic was on 2004's The DC Video: luxurious Edition DVD, with huge Black explaining what he does because that "Dyrdek Security." Sure, the was essentially paid to it is in Rob's bodyguard against the security guards that would mess v Rob's skate sessions, yet that partnership turned right into the illest the friendships. Think about it: a plus-sized man has to feel some form of comfortable with you to take it on a hobby choose skateboarding, which huge Black does in this video. That's friendship objectives for her ass, specifically when you know huge Black to be going to autumn on his.

Big black is also the sort of friend who is under to aid you indulge in every little thing insane shit you're interested in in ~ the moment. During the season two Rob & Big episode "Time Travel," Rob's bought a "Hyper-Dimensional Resonator" the is accused a time travel device. Now that sounds like basic premise for a a damaging purchase while you're high ~ above shrooms, but Rob to be trying to go back in time, so big Black was on board, even though the wasted no time phone call the crazy dude ~ above the phone a "fake" and saying he to be "kooky." He even got top top the call (as "OG Mike indigenous Compton," no less) to try and gain some more answers indigenous the inventor around his device, v hilarious results.

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‘Rob & Big’ Star Christopher “Big Black” Boykin Dead at 45

You also have come imagine that Rob & huge had some secrets that castle kept between themselves. As soon as your circle is that tight, and you and your homie are with each other on the regular, there is just some shit you need to keep to every other...like Rob's an insect out come Enrique Iglesias' "Do girlfriend Know," which huge assured he'd keep quiet (although there to be cameras in the whip record the rotate up, so, you know). Extra point out for big actually jamming the end a tiny to this popular music smash.

One that the biggest things a friend have the right to do is help you obtain out your dreams. As soon as Rob was turning the white R&B emotion Bobby Light right into a reality, large had his back. Large not only obtained his young Bam Bam (a skilled bodyguard that was a great friend, 1/2 the the duo Chunky Boyz with large Black, and also co-owned the big Black clothes line) to spit a guest verse on "Dirty Girl," but large Black himself dropped some bars...while sitting on the john. Hell, huge Black's Uncle Jerry even added some pizazz to the hook. Bobby Light to be hilarious on its own, but you can't front: huge Black worked some magic to get the best team around Bobby Light for this banger.

The truest testimony of rob & Big's friendship was as soon as they took a pilgrimage to the examine cashing spot to get money for the ATM Rob had actually installed in his residence (yes, skateboarders acquire that bread). Because he is Rob's bodyguard, large Black certainly had to make certain no one to be trying come stick Rob because that his paper. While castle were waiting for the money, though, large Black took some time out to help Rob hone his boy band dance moves. Act work, having actually fun, and doing a little educating? That's one A-1 large homie to have actually in her corner.

With Christopher "Big Black" Boykin passing away at 45 years of age, I'm highkey heartbroken. I felt some form of means when Rob & Big ended throughout its 3rd season in 2008. In ~ the time, my kid was walk on 2 years old, and large was leaving Rob's crib because he was having a kid of his own. The news do Rob have actually some feeling (primarily due to the fact that of how large Black sprung that on him), and also from what Rob claimed in 2014, there was a battle "of wanting to not be linked to every other," however time heals every wounds once it concerns friends, with big Black returning because that a grasp of illustration of Fantasy Factory in 2011.

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While the town hall the antics huge Black got into on television, I saw the ideal friend i wish ns had. He would certainly be a little older, with wisdom to impart when required while taking the time out to turn up if necessary. He'd have my back to the nth degree, and also would it is in unafraid to get his hand dirty while doing so. He'd be the type of human who, even when we got into a disagreement and separated, ns knew ns could constantly fall back on. I think it to be Wendy Williams that popularized the idea of someone being a girlfriend in your head; big Black was my finest friend, in mine head anyways. He was everybody's finest friend, and with my friend gone, I'm looking for ways to execute nothing but remember my big homie the best way I know how: with the storage of my finest friend, huge Black, and the time he made me laugh via Rob & Big.