But please keep in psychic the prevent (command 255) will require user consent dialog, for this reason this can't be quickly scripted by "bad guys".

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Windows 7, surfacetoairnewyork.com Premium SecuritySince I mounted the routine update on may 4, 2020, the device is really slow when shutting down the PC.If ns go come the occasion Viewer / System and also look for events that arisen during shutdown, I uncover an error reporting "surfacetoairnewyork.com Antivirus organization was no shut down properly after receiving a mechanism shutdown check".If, before shutting under the computer, ns deactivate the key protections "files, behavior, web, e-mail) until the next restart, climate the computer system will closeup of the door down usually in a couple of seconds.
same here shutting under takes more time on mine end, i have actually the very same OS too, quiet i havent tried come deactivate surfacetoairnewyork.com components
Thank friend Jaroslav. I mounted Beta 20.4 version, however the shutdown is always slow.So I offered the command sc.exe control "surfacetoairnewyork.com! antivirus" 255 and in this case the computer shuts down generally in 30 seconds.I will use this an approach to settle the difficulty until that is solved.Unfortunately ns don't have actually much time this days to aid you through the dumps.Thanks anyway
Same issue, take few minutes to shutdown mine PC.W7 x64surfacetoairnewyork.com complimentary 20.3.2405 construct 20.3.5200.561 (4 might 2020)
same OS here windows 7 x64 , same issue, about a week since this difficulty started whenever ns shutdown it takes 1 and half minutes and now ns noticed today when i to be to reboot pc now it was doubled by minute currently it takes 2 minutes... Therefore i chose to turnoff surfacetoairnewyork.com shields control permanently and shut down was back to 5 to 7 secs normal,i expect this major problem will deal with soon,i to be thinking shortly it could get to the point of BSOD during shutdown, therefore i revolve surfacetoairnewyork.com turn off for the meantime
I have tried (once more) on my VM v Windows 7 x64 and it works just fine (unfortunately because that the analysis). Can you males (one that you through the issue) please gain the crash-dump through the Ctrl+ScrollLock trick in ~ the minute when the computer system is shutting down for about a minute:https://support.surfacetoairnewyork.com.com/en-my/article/Windows-complete-memory-dumpAnd share it with us via the FTP server. Or if friend don't have actually time come experiment, please try to ZIP and also upload the logs because that surfacetoairnewyork.com service:"c:\ProgramData\surfacetoairnewyork.com Software\surfacetoairnewyork.com\log\surfacetoairnewyork.comSvc.log" and let us know the surname of uploaded file. Give thanks to you.
Same issue, take few minutes as soon as reboot or shutdown.Win7 x86 SP1 with latest updatesurfacetoairnewyork.com cost-free v20.3.2405 is very slow once shutting under the PC.I try the Beta version.surfacetoairnewyork.com totally free v20.4.2408 (build 20.4.5273.561) is the same problem.surfacetoairnewyork.com 20.1 and 20.2 reboot or shutdown normally.
I had currently posted that a couple of days ago here however my blog post was deleted due to the fact that I was replying come David_27 that was HS top top this subject ...There are likewise 2 French customers who have this trouble of slow reboot, yet both of them space using W8.1 and also not W7.Guy Pépin & GEGEPING or here in english.

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There are likewise 2 French customers who have this trouble of slow-moving reboot, but both the them room using W8.1 and also not W7.Guy Pépin & GEGEPING or below in english.
Hi Chris, in case they're ready to help, please watch instructions in answer #20 native Jaroslav. Cheers
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