I've downloaded a mode for minecraft turn off of this website https://www.curseforge.com/minecraft/mc-mods/xaeros-minimap a reasonably well known and also high traffic website for minecraft mods, however I i found it that alongside the url it mirrors this, "Your connection to this site is not totally secure, Attackers might be able to see the photos you're looking at on this site and also trick friend by editing and enhancing them", I perform see that the site has its certificate valid and is additionally running on HTTPS, for this reason why go it show up as not secure?

And another question I have is, perform I have to worry around downloading things off a non secure site? i mean, this site's website traffic is in the millions and is very popular so i can't imagine it being all the bad, but I'm supervisor paranoid around internet security.

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I do see that the site has actually its certificate valid and is also running on HTTPS, therefore why does it present up as no secure?

Mixed content; basicly the key site is encrypted yet some components of the page are not, regularly externally hosted images. Https://developers.google.com/web/fundamentals/security/prevent-mixed-content/what-is-mixed-content

And one more question I have actually is, execute I have to worry about downloading things off a non secure site?

Not usually but you should have the ability to use an expansion like https all over to block insecure requests if it's a concern.

There is a the majority of nuance that goes right into security favor the encryption just ensures the data hasn't been tampered with from suggest A to suggest B and that the data was given by the certificate holder.

Which works an excellent for protecting friend from anyone in in between but doesn't really aid if who sets up fake website choose totallyjustlikeamazon.com and they convince you they are an yes, really store.

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Which works an excellent for protecting you from anyone in between but doesn't really help if someone sets increase fake website like totallyjustlikeamazon.com and they to convince you they room an yes, really store.

So an ext or less, because this site is supplied by millions and also is relatively well known and definitely probably not a fake website I have the right to just... Not sweat it?

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