Attack top top Titan Season 4 illustration 14’s English dub (aka illustration 73 dubbed “Savagery”) is around to air. Specifically what time you deserve to see that is walking to count on which company you’re using to watch the brand-new episode. But whatever you’re using, you’re walking to want to watch ideal away. Below are all the details.

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As an exciting piece that trivia, episode 14 is the subtitled episode that was delayed a week due to the fact that of one earthquake in Japan. The subtitled episode aired on the same day as illustration 15, back-to-back. It to be a big event because that sub-watching fans.

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The illustration 73 Dub Premieres on Toonami late Saturday Night, April 17

Toonami broadcasts the English dub for attack on Titan approximately a day prior to Funimation articles each episode online. That’s why if you’re utilizing Funimation because that the English dubs, girlfriend might an alert some human being talking about them early. Yet you deserve to only access Toonami’s version if you have a cable or satellite subscription.

According to TV Guide’s listing, the Season 4 illustration 14 (aka episode 73) English dub will premiere in ~ 12:30 a.m. Eastern/2:30 a.m. Pacific top top Sunday, April 18 (11:30 p.m. Main on Saturday, April 17.) It will certainly air ~ above Adult Swim/Cartoon Network throughout the Toonami hours. The exact time could vary a bit depending upon the cable or satellite provider in your region, therefore you’ll definitely want to examine your local listings to it is in certain.

You have the right to likely additionally stream Toonami without a cable subscription ~ above Hulu Live TV, Sling TV, at&t Now, or YouTube TV. (Note that we’re talking about the Hulu v Live TV subscription, which costs more than a consistent Hulu subscription. None of the dubs room releasing on continual Hulu subscriptions yet.) However, Funimation would likely be a cheaper choice for streaming the English dubs quite than signing up v these services.

You deserve to see Toonami’s schedule here. If you have actually a cable login, then you can also watch the dubs ~ above Adult Swim’s website here. But you have the right to only accessibility them if your satellite or cable provider has The Cartoon Network.

The Season 4 episode 14 Dub publication on Funimation on Sunday, April 18

Funimation is the only source for streaming English dubs legally right now (unless you have can accessibility Toonami with a cable subscription in the U.S.) write-up Apocalyptic Media urges legal viewing so we can support the talented people bringing the collection to life!

Watch Season 4 illustration 14’s English dub (aka illustration 73) on Funimation via this link. (Available in U.S., Canada, UK, Ireland, Brazil, Mexico).

When the subs were new, they to be dropping ~ above Funimation Sundays at 4:45 p.m. Eastern. Because of Funimation’s setup with Toonami about the dubs, the English dubs tend to release afterwards Sundays 보다 the subs did. They’ll most likely be posted around 10 p.m. Or 11 p.m. East on Sunday night, April 18. (Of course, the doesn’t ache to check earlier simply in case!)

The new dubbed episode will appear on this link once it’s up. Readjust the dropdown menu to Season 4. When the dub is available, the illustration will have actually “English/Japanese” in ~ the episode title (and sometimes likewise Portuguese/Spanish), so friend can choose if you desire the below or the dub version. It will be detailed as episode 73.

You’ll need a payment account if you want to watch the episode on Funimation when it’s available, because free accounts frequently need come wait about a main after a brand-new episode drops. The paid accounts begin at simply $7.99/month, so it’s certainly worth the price. If girlfriend still like a complimentary plan, role to the bottom of the “sign up because that an account” web page until you check out where it says “Not ready to commit.”

Looking back at episode 13

Spoilers because that last week’s episode room below. 

Last week left us through a crazy cliffhanger. Eren proved up at Nicolo’s restaurant after the Jaegerists take it Hange and the remainder of she crew captive. Armin had complained come Gabi the Marley is all around killing one person or another, just like someone rather he to know (referring to Eren.) and at that moment, Eren casually strolled in, overhearing what Armin said, and also mentioned that he want to talk. He proved Armin and also Mikasa that his hand was reduced (which could have to be foreshadowed in the Season 3 opening.)

Before this, us learned the Nicolo believed the wine served to the high-ranking army officials could have to be spiked come turn civilization into Titans. This likewise cast doubt top top the story Zeke called Levi and also others about how he overtook Connie’s town and left anyone paralyzed ~ they to be poisoned with his serum.

We additionally saw Sasha’s father expand unprecedented forgiveness come Gabi, break a cycle of destruction and hate and hopefully influencing Gabi’s heart. Mikasa also stepped in to conserve Gabi’s life, in spite of Gabi killing her close friend. All of this can influence Gabi (hopefully faster than their friendship affected Reiner, that is quiet pushing because that Marley to strike Paradis immediately.)

We also saw the Pieck is already embedded in Paradis, and that is a negative sign.

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