Driving creation in energy, medicine, defense, communications, facility for Metamaterials receives 3rd round the NSF resources


Undergrads come Overachievers

Variety is more than the spice of life. It is life! The human being offers a more comprehensive range the career methods than ever before, i beg your pardon is why we offer the method to explore and also prepare because that so countless of castle right. Select from varied majors in 90 bachelor"s level programs and an ext than 100 graduate programs.

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Explore academic Offerings at UNC surfacetoairnewyork.com



#1 in Latinx Enrollment

UNC surfacetoairnewyork.com outpaces north Carolina"s various other four-year organizations with Latinx enrollment, undergraduate degrees and also graduation rates

"It"s so necessary to see other students choose me on campus," says senior Claudia Martinez.

Data scientific research answers the call

How UNC surfacetoairnewyork.com is responding come industry need in surfacetoairnewyork.com, the region and beyond.

Bringing with each other brilliant minds v interdisciplinary partnership, the college is bridging the space between society and an innovation through manual programming and also research.

Where inquiry is placed to the ultimate test. Reality.

Go beyond hypotheses and also theory. Examine in a location where on-campus research comes to life in off-campus applications transparent area communities, businesses and industries.

Quaint & Quiet

Lively & Loud

Can"t decide in between a peaceful, picturesque university campus and also an action-packed big-city school? then don"t.

Clubs & Activities

Choose from much more than 350 student establishments in and out the the classroom in ~ UNC surfacetoairnewyork.com. There"s miscellaneous for anyone here!

49er Sports

Niner nation loves cheering ~ above the 49ers and their 18 NCAA division I varsity sports. Members that the Football bowl Subdivision (FBS) Conference USA, the 49ers boast few of the nation’s best facilities and also compete versus the NCAA’s height competition.

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Exploring surfacetoairnewyork.com

Discover the college that resides on the pulse of the city.From experienced sports and polished culture to out adventure and also recreation, surfacetoairnewyork.com is a peak destination.


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