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Interested in evaluate of ASUS EeeBook X205TA gold? It gained 4.7 the end of 5 stars from our customers. Find details customer evaluate of ASUS EeeBook X205TA gold below. We will certainly appreciate if you likewise share her experiences with ASUS EeeBook X205TA yellow after purchasing.
For a notebook i decided, because I needed a malu, light and also highly portable different with good stamina ~ above a flashlight come my good pracovnemu laptop. Nelutujem selection and definitely odporucam to anyone that needs end up being similar. Back neprechovavam for this mark of good sympathy riskol it and also now I deserve to not i speak highly enough. Is really good :-) who will no impede the lack of the network LAN connector or SD card reader, and also can only recommend the!
Indeed, ultra lahko battery life is really over 12 hours! without relocating mechanical components - nevadia shocks the is finish silence (in fact it is no at all to hear) arousals indigenous sleep in less than a 2nd behind the price decent display vyborny touchpad (subjectively) very nice design (subjectively) is overheated (despite the lack of mechanically Fans ) key-board with a pitch an excellent and pleasantly responsive, well, the best Pisa top top both the lengthy texts of ms Office complimentary for a yearNEMA connector on the classic networked LAN cable only has micro HDMI output, both of these negatives have the right to be addressed by palliation to € par, the reward because that it yet it is very, very thin body Notebook
design battery lasts rapid start klavesnice mHDMI an excellent maneuverability touchpad absolute silence slot top top mSDHCPower connector - it must be plugged right into NTB an extremely careful not to damage
He to be purchased to work in multiple sclerosis Office and internet, and that's enough - yet really just about it. Small, lightweight and also easy to carry battery lasts only 12 hrs long v Office, 8 hs music permitted browser the end of memory can replace the micro SD card, USB or outside disc - if you work-related with onedrive, you do not have actually the memory to deal with overheating, no sounds nice keyboard, touchpad excellent shade (gold) price / performance proportion superif you have a web browser open v multiple tabs and work together in the Office, cuts once saving a record can not handle many tasks in ~ once negative display negative fragile power adapter, definitely recommend it to transmit + short cable v Windows bing
battery life, light yellow gold is not as bad as in the photograph (it is quite a silver)in one part of the touchpad where currently indicated crucial is not simply it behaves together if squeezed button louder speakers would be nice
This product ns bought because that the mobile office, greatly for travel and also training. Because that a woman, that is an extremely convenient size, lightness, slimness execute not have to pull a standard NTB. His silence and also battery life is another an excellent advantage. Due to the fact that every work is the office i appreciated the subscription ja the very least one year free. I am not a supporter of the tablet computer since nanich walk not job-related so well. This product is suited fine for browsing the web, email, chat, share pictures and other points for demanding users.

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Lightness size of battery life gentleness price package of office one year freeSmall storage (fortunately have the right to be solved)