This Assassin"s Creed origins walkthrough will help you out with the new Kid in town quest, i m sorry eventually requires searching because that the temple of a Million Years.

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Finding the holy place of a Million year in Assassin"s Creed Origins is among the coolest moments. To experience this you"ll have to pick increase a quest dubbed The new Kid in city quest, i beg your pardon is easily accessible in Letopolis, a city in Sapi-Res Nome, to the east of Lake Mareotis.

This walkthrough is part of our Assassin"s Creed beginnings guide. Inspect it our for various other tips, favor where to uncover silica and crystal carbon.


The new Kid in city quest

The brand-new Kid in town is a level 18 side pursuit you must spot on your map. Upon come in Letopolis, speak come Ramessu, the orator ~ above the platform west the the temple. He"ll direct you to Nehi, the titular brand-new kid.

Nehi sends you to fetch his ox cart. Usage Senu to spot it, then battle or evade the bandits before driving it back to Nehi"s house in Letopolis.

After speaking to Nehi, go inside his house and also examine the writing on the wall. This will grant a new objective to speak come Ramessu, who argues you talk to various other citizens.

Use Senu come spot three home owners. Strategy each subsequently and, after ~ speaking through them, walk inside their houses and examine the creating on the wall. This will give you the full text, and also grant girlfriend the target to uncover the temple of a Million Years.

Find the temple of a Million Years

The temple of a Million year is an unmarked location, however pretty easy to discover as it"s very close by. It"s a quick walk exterior Letopolis, heading west. Just stroll right into the dunes and fly about as Senu until you point out the rows the lion statues that note the entrance.

There are a number of bandits and a lion roaming roughly the holy place of a Million years area for this reason be mindful on approach. To gain inside, simply walk best up the center of the structure, in between the last two lion statues, and look because that a narrow crack in the rock wall to push through, right where you"d mean the door to be.

The temple has a pretty straight forward layout so the just thing you have to worry about are the snake in the amphorae about the area; if you smash something, be ready to struggle the hissing inhabitants.

Hold up on the D-pad to highlight some loot and four ideas to the mystery of the holy place of a Million years - a statue the Sekhmet, a jug, a prayer and also some skeletons.

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Having done every that, Bayek solves the secret of the temple of a Million years in a short cutscene, and also you"ll be command to go back to speak come Nehi one much more time to finish The brand-new Kid in town quest.