Yikes! The boil feud between ‘Love & i know good Hop’ stars Swift and Asia reached brand-new heightson Feb. 22, once he declared she almost infected him v an STD. He required to social media ~ the intensereunion show, informing herto ‘stop play victim!’

The Love & i know good Hop: brand-new York reunion was full of wild moments, andSwiftStar now claims there’s even much more drama walking on behind-the-scenes. After the display aired, he took to social media ~ above Feb. 22 and also saidthatAsia Coleallegedly almost infected him v an STD. “Yo, for this reason I recognize all my human being are walk to gain mad at me for making this video, yet I just gotta do ni**as recognize what’s up,” the declared.“So everything you observed on mine last article was true, it’s genuine – ain’t sh*t come lie about. Friend didn’t see it on the reunion, it was a conversation on the reunion, yet me personally, i begged VH1 not to put any of the up for she sake and also for HER image as a woman.”

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“I check out that she understood they didn’t placed it up and also now she’s running with a whole different story,” Swift continued, prior to implying that she cheated during their relationship. “ got recorded up in London you feeling me? She asked because that me to get tested. I obtained tested, acquired my results. I ain’t have sh*t. So when she found out ns didn’t have actually sh*t, she basically tried to switch up the story and also say the medical professionals made one error through her check results. Mine ni**a, it’s 2017, that don’t happen nowadays.”

Asia later on took come Instagram to share her side of the story, writing, “This pathetic man put me through hell and back…and you know what? ns still stayed…everytime I wanted to leave…you maintained begging me talking around ‘no girl will ever before understand me favor you do.’” She evenaccused him of hooking up v othersduring your three-year romance, while claiming she’s to be celibate for 7 months. “I have all the evidence of different women message me daily about you cheating.”

Swift additionally revealed he had feelings for Cardi B, 24, on L&HH, for this reason the Feb.

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20reunion one-of-a-kind was even more intense! Cardi took off herGucci heel and also chucked it in ~ Asia’s face since she was “sh-t talking.”Apparently Asia texted Swift and questioned him about flirting v the rapper. Cardi later responded come the newdrama, claiming Swift never cheated v her or any kind of other women!

surfacetoairnewyork.comrs, carry out you think Swift should have told the world?Leave your thoughts below!