Aaaand… it is a wrap, ladies and gentlemen.

Season 7 that Are friend the One is officially in the books, and also I heard top top the grapevine the Season 8 is currently casting. An ext importantly, Season 8 is in search of bisexual/gender-fluid people, so this must be interesting. Just how in the hell room those bad people walking to have the ability to find their complement when literally anyone in the house could be one option? ns guess fine just have to wait until following time to find out, and also I will be below to recap every one of the madness. However let’s not get ahead that ourselves. For now, let’s placed a quite bow top top this season.

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In situation you’re shouting in ~ the display right now, “Emily! You no recap illustration 13! where is it? I requirements my recaps!” Well, permit me explain. 13 is an unlucky number, and also much prefer high climb hotels and apartment buildings, i just determined to skip 13 to avoid any mysterious happenings that could be described by superstition. Yes no fine. The reality is, I believed episode 13 was boring and I didn’t have actually much to say around it. So here we are.


We finished the uneventful illustration 13 through Brett and also Nutsa ultimately heading to the reality Booth. ~ evading a expedition to the reality Booth with Nutsa double (!!!), Brett has finally given in top top the very last truth Booth. Of course they space a match. If i were among these other people in the house, I would certainly be pissed. They should have gone into the booth weeks AGO.

Sweet Nutsa doesn’t care though. She’s simply like, “Come here, you fox-faced male with fluffy hair.” good for them. I still hate Brett.

So anyway, currently the final enhance Up consciousness is top top the horizon, and also these idiots space like, fine crap, we’ve wasted a lot of time and we have actually to number this out. Enter the house mama Asia, that decides now is lastly the time to maybe carry out some rate dating and also get to know other people.


Here’s what we learn from the rate dating: Zak is still a major dick. Bria and also Cam can be a match since Bria doesn’t care about politics, which is the ideal Cam (an avid trump card supporter) deserve to hope for in this house.

Everyone in the residence decides the Sam and also Lewis should be a match, but Samantha is resistant due to the fact that she likes banging Danny. Lewis speak Sam that it renders sense the they’re a match because, “I like whatever that’s in your brain.” He’s fast to include that she’s got a nice booty too, simply in instance she was worried she wasn’t being objectified. This is Mtv, ~ all.

Still, Sam is whining around going v her heart and also picking Danny at the ceremony end going through strategy and picking Lewis. I simply don’t gain when this things space plot clues in Are you The One. You’re simply sitting v him because that a few hours, Samantha. It’s not like you have to marry the male or also touch his dick. Patience down.

So, girlfriend know, come make certain things go under the method she wants them to go, Asia decides to start a little rumor that Danny and Cali kissed. Kayla’s every like…


This is together a dumb idea. I hate Asia for this reason much. But she goes and also tells Kayla and Moe and acts prefer she saw every one of this walk down once IT IS A total FABRICATION. A LIE. Moe, gift the sweet angel of mine heart the he is, is like, “We’ll I’mma call Sam. This isn’t ok.”

Surprise. Nothing comes of it. Sam’s like, cool, i’m going come ask Danny about it. The end. Far better luck following time, Asia.

The Match-Up Ceremony

So now, the time for the final enhance Up Ceremony, apparently. And also I’m just like… what’s going on? There are still 40 minute of this illustration left. Just how are lock going come stretch this BS out for one more 40 minutes? This is yes, really insanity.


This above is actual footage of me sitting over there watching the start of the ceremony and also realizing we still had 40 minute of show left. Yes, ns was therefore shocked that ns turned right into Lewis.

Let’s obtain into that matched up.

Cali choose Andrew. Andrew claims he’s emotion Cali 100%. An excellent for them.

Kayla choose Moe. And this is once I shout at the display screen “OTP!” since they room both darling angels. Kayla says, “Moe has actually taught me there’s so much an ext to me 보다 other world see. I am confident. Ns am strong. I’m a boss bitch.”Well… no, honey. I don’t recognize that I’d contact you a ceo bitch just yet, but good for you. Infant steps.

Morgan choose Zak. Terrance asks if he feels bad around the things he put Morgan through, and Zak’s like, “For sure, bro.” therefore sincere. Morgan is no happy with Zak. She claims if they are a match, they’ll never know why since Zak no make an effort to obtain to recognize her. Therefore proud the Morgan for actually sticking up for herself.


Next up is Sam. There’s a whole huge back and also forth about whether she going to pick Lewis or Daniel. Anyone is like, “OMG SAM don’t FUCK THIS UP because that US.” Bria claims if Sam doesn’t pick Lewis she’s going to be throwing punches. Sam says, “There’s a hundred various strategies the we deserve to go with yet we only have one heart to follow.” Mtv takes united state to advertisement break since of course they do.

Sam picks Lewis. Lewis says this pairing renders sense to him because, “She comes off as unapproachable and I come off together ignorant and an asshole.” okay then.

Jasmine picks Daniel.

Lauren picks Kwasi, explaining, “I’m bad, ns bossy, and I’m classy, so because I’m BBC, I need a male with a BBC, so I choose Kwasi.” ns really don’t recognize what she’s talking about, and also also, that is Lauren again? ns remember she falling turn off a horse back in episode 3 or something, but I seriously thought possibly she went home due to the fact that I have not seen her about since.

Kwasi’s like, “Well, my mother is a teacher, and Lauren is a teacher. So it provides sense that she’s mine match.” I’m simply going come leave that there for you males to unpack.

Asia picks Tomas.

Bria choose Cam.

Tevin and also Kenya are looking an extremely skeptical, due to the fact that apparently now that castle a perfect match they’re fucking love gurus or part shit. Sit down, girlfriend two. Nobody asked you.

And the result is…

11 beams. It is right. In which method they did it. However we still have thirty minutes of show left, so… what the hell is walking on? Is this not over?

No, currently Terrance announces that he’s walk to enable them to perform something that they’ve never ever done before in AYTO history. They obtain to go back to the house to cave out and get to know their matches. I hope they collection up extra eight Boom Rooms because that this.

But also… what’s taken place in previous seasons? execute they just have to leave immediately after this beam ceremony? ns somehow have trouble believing that.

Full disclosure: below in mine notes, I’ve composed “I wish human being would prevent letting Cali talk.” but I have no idea what ns was referring to, for this reason I’m simply going to usage this opportunity to to speak one critical time the Cali sucks.

She’s not the worst, though. Because that compensation still goes to Kwasi…

I assumption: v Lauren disappeared again come wherever she goes as soon as they’re actually filming this show due to the fact that Kwasi is hitting on Maria now. And also I acquire it. Maria is hot. Yet she’s likewise very clearly in a point with Shamoy and has been due to the fact that the beginning, so what’s going on? Is Maria just trying to obtain some last minute airtime in here?

Kwasi tells Maria, “shut up and kiss me.” i guess this line generally works because that him?

It doesn’t work-related on Maria though. She says, “I can’t carry out that due to the fact that my perfect complement is wait for me come sleep with him.” ns guess Shamoy doesn’t acquire a to speak in any kind of of this.

Meanwhile, in the sunken couch area the the home that has become Lewis and Asia’s hang the end spot, it appears as if Lewis has chose he is in truth sexually attractive to Asia. It’s tough to figure out what exactly is going on under the covers, but…


Lewis tells the cameras, “Just because that the record, us weren’t doing also much. We were simply pillow fighting and she was simply tickling me under the covers.” to be she tickling your dick with her vagina? due to the fact that that’s what that looks like. Simply saying.

Let’s relocate on to the following morning, candlestick we? I’ll also give the a title just to offer this illustration the framework it so no hope needs.

The next Morning

Hello. Welcome come the next morning.

So Zak decides to sit down v Morgan and have the “I understand I treated you like crap, however we’re cool, right?” conversation. Ladies, us all know how that one goes. This is the transcript from this certain exchange:

Zak: great morning.

Morgan: Don’t shot me v that please.

Zak: to be you shocked once we were a match?

Morgan: i was no shocked. You were shocked.

Zak: when we walk the strategy and you and also I were sitting next to each other, i was prefer oh, fuck. Ns fucked the up.

Morgan: How’d you fuck that up?

Zak: Fooling about with other civilization while you were my complement the entirety time. I apologize. You to be right. I took benefit of the reality that ns knew you preferred me, and also I just fooled around and I ruined it. So ns apologize.

Morgan laughs.

Zak: You don’t think that I’m sorry?

Morgan: ns think that you played the game fully wrong. We might have lost due to the fact that of you. Honestly.

Zak: us won. The only thing ns did wrong to be hurt your feelings.

Morgan: You… were wrong because that hurting my feelings? it is what she saying? Like, your actions to be fine? girlfriend thought whatever you did was cool? girlfriend think it is cool?

Zak: I’ll work-related on it.

Morgan: sure you will.

Zak: are we walk to cave out exterior of the residence or no?

Morgan: I just think she a disastrous person. (laughs)

Anyway. Together if to prove what a devastating human that is, the following scene is Zak kissing Bria goodbye. Bria says, “I always feel prefer Zak will certainly be mine if I desire him to be mine, yet the question is carry out I desire him to be mine?”

God, why? Why would you desire this piece of garbage human?

Cut to Kayla who is, the course, crying. Negative baby angel.

To end out the show, Nutsa (a fav) tells Kayla (another fav) miscellaneous that ns think is a good thing for all of us to remember and keep in ours hearts during the long, cold Are you the One off-season: “Listen,” Nutsa says. “Take care of yourself and remember what i fucking teach you. If you speak one much more bad thing about yourself, ns going to pertained to your dreams and also haunt you for the rest of your fucking life.”

Love yourselves, bitches. Check out you next week for the REUNION SHOW.

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