Your attention, please: 7mm-08 Remington is the right AR caliber. There room some other said chamberings that I’ve covered, however after thinking around it…I to be wrong. This is it.

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Why? due to the fact that 7mm-08 have the right to be supplied for every solitary thing you use a rifle for. Every. Single. Thing.

To date, very few AR-platform rifles are available in this chambering, i beg your pardon – to mine mind – is strange. Of every the AR rifle calibers that room around, this one ticks so plenty of boxes the it’s mystifying why much more people haven’t cottoned to it. Even Jeff Cooper went so far regarding say a reconnaissance Rifle need to be readily available in it and .308 Winchester.

7mm-08 FHP through Underwood Ammo. Credit:

For those who haven’t heard the it, 7mm-08 Remington began life together a wildcat load, which Remington eventually thought they’d legitimize. The cooking recipes isn’t complicated, together it’s a .308 Winchester necked down to expropriate a 7mm (.284 caliber) projectile. Basically similar to .280 Remington (necked-down .30-06) and also the 7mm Remington Magnum, a necked-down .300 H&H Magnum. In the vast strokes, it’s a modernized 7x57mm Mauser, as ballistics are nearly identical.

The situation length is simply long sufficient to accommodate the full breadth the 7mm projectiles, native varmint loads up come the 175-grain pills, and (naturally) fits in any kind of short-action platform. Obviously, that contains the AR-10 platform.

Since it’s a lighter charge than 7mm Remington Magnum, it’s easier on the shoulder together a result. Follow to the chuck Hawks recoil table, a 7.5-lb rifle shooting a 150-grain projectile at 2750 feet per 2nd (about what plenty of loadings are favor in the real world) will certainly generate 13.9 ft-lbs that recoil.

While that’s a lot compared to, say, .223, it’s still just ¾ that the recoil force generated through a 7mm Remington Magnum or .30-06.

Granted, some world are currently saying, “But dude…6.5 Creedmoor.” for the many part, ns agree. 6.5mm Creedmoor is astoundingly specific and an extremely easy ~ above the shooter. The just edge 7mm-08 has is being able to seat heavier-weight projectiles.

Plenty that meat is in freezers right now thanks to 6.5mm Creedmoor, so exactly how much does that matter?

I don’t understand that it does so lengthy as location is good. However, some folks perform prefer the greater sectional density and grain weight that 7mm projectiles offer, specifically for western hunting. Throughout a 50-yard bean field or through 40 yards the brush, that doesn’t issue too much, however some world would fairly a 160-grain or 175-grain bullet arrive after 400 yards of trip time rather of a 130-grain bullet. For such folks, 7mm-08 Remington is ideal.

This much you can controversy for yourselves. It’s simply that in one on-paper sense, 7mm-08 has the leaf in the regard, and some world feel it’s important.

Varmints to moose, the does the all. Granted, fewer world hunt this days, for this reason what around the shooting sports where friend compete versus other humans?

According to a 2014 survey NRA High strength Rifle shooters top top the Wayback Machine, the 7mm-08 to be the third-most renowned caliber, in reality ahead of .308. Therefore, it will slam silhouettes every day long.

So, it’s a really capable long-range target shoot caliber, and also a very capable searching caliber. It’s extensively available, and – since it provides 7mm projectiles – handloaders can go positively hog wild. The middle recoil makes it easier on the shooter than .308, and also the hunter that cares to deserve to load light because that varmints or coyotes, medium for pronghorn, whitetail or hogs, and heavy because that elk, moose, caribou or black color bear.

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As a result, a 7mm-08 AR can be provided for suturing near everything you can think of short of ultra long-range shooting, and truly huge critters. Those who want an ext lead for game-getting can acquire it. Those that want simpler recoil for target shooting contrasted to .308 get that, too.

But what carry out you think? way off base here? spot on? room you experiencing from the delusion the “boneless chicken wings” space anything yet rebranded chicken nuggets for this reason childish adults deserve to feel far better about themselves? Sound turn off in the comments!