He lives in phibìc London and also drives a truck for a living, from where he defines the beautiful things he sees.

And he"s obtained a fast-growing army of fans thanks to several compilations of his Vines which have actually gone famous this week, spreading prefer wildfire on Facebook and also YouTube.

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some of Arthur's most renowned Vines lampoon british stereotypes. Here, he defines how British people shower.


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hash_tag_arthur friend are one of the funniest civilization around. Bro I"m precise dying your videos space so funny! that one around England traffic

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surfacetoairnewyork.com caught up v the guy behind the Vines to find out more. Us spoke ~ above the phone and also he was a lot calmer 보다 he is in most of his Vines.

"I started doing a couple of compilations and also since climate it"s gone viral. I've added about 70,000 pendant on the back of that. That's insane isn't it?" he tells surfacetoairnewyork.com.

His full name is Arthur Wallace, he's 29 and originally indigenous Luton. He's has had an ext than 500,000 followers on Vine because that the last year but is just breaking with to a broader audience many thanks to a handful of those video clip compilations on YouTube and Facebook.

His Facebook page is inching in the direction of 200,000 likes, increase from roughly 100,000 last week.

He's just made a grasp of Vines in the last year due to the fact that he's been busy through a newborn baby, who has actually featured in a couple of clips (as well as his Xbox).

check out this vine on Vine

He explains that he got into Vine and started acquiring popularity almost by accident.

My mate simply sent me this Vine and also I started messing around with it. Then human being started adhering to me, which to be weird. I wasn"t also doing anything, ns was simply being very random. A couple of large Viners spotted me and also did a few revines because that me, and it began from there really.

He claims that the web traffic Vines came around because he had "run the end ideas".

watch this vine ~ above Vine

He says: "It acquired to the allude where I’d used everything up in my life and lifestyle – I’d done everything I possibly can, ns resorted come the web traffic ones and they came to be the persons that have made me."

He yes, really does get an extremely angry about traffic.

view this vine ~ above Vine

and he can't quite figure out why we call it a "rush hour".

check out this vine ~ above Vine

since he's a London-based man who's famous for being funny ~ above Vine, he's naturally been contrasted to Dapper Laughs, who career finished in spectacular fashion this month.

Arthur even remade a couple of Dapper"s beforehand Vines last year, together is customary ~ above Vine (Viners are always remaking version of other people's Vines and tagging the originator in the description).

But Arthur says he was simply supporting Dapper, that was only beginning to gain popularity then.

"I done them remakes for him due to the fact that he only had a pair of hundred pendant at the time and I had a couple of hundred thousand. He offered to asking me for help quite regularly and I happily aided him," that says.

Arthur says he feels "a bit sorry" for Dapper, yet that's all he'll to speak on the matter.

Going v the months of Arthur's previous Vines, girlfriend will see the occasional post that will certainly raise eyebrows – things that could, because that example, leaving him open up to accusations of being sexist. Go he check out why some world would be offended by some things he posts?

"I deserve to see why a sensitive human being would find it offensive yet I don't think I've ever actually crossed a line. Ns think many of the offensive points I say are on pattern through the remainder of the Vine," that says.

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It is worth pointing out that the woman in his Vines is his girlfriend, Carly, whose understanding eye-rolling mirrors she is in top top the act. That does not, unlike Dapper Laughs, strategy women in the street as component of his Vines.